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Late, Lazy and Lies: How to Hire the Right Employee

Don’t let employees run your business. You are the BOSS, be a leader.

Marketing Research

Understanding Buyer Personas for Contractors

What The Hell Is A Buyer Persona and Why Do I Need To Know What It Is?

Social media

Social Media Management

Get more bang out of your social media in 2018.

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How Big is Your Marketing Area?

This is the heavy lifting that the successful businesses do

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Protected: Number 1 Reason Your Business Don’t Make The Money You Want.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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7 Steps To Building Your Facebook Business Page

  My role as a marketing guy for contractors and service business is 70% research.  While doing this research I view roughly 30-50 Facebook Business Pages per day.  I see who, what and how the successful pages are doing, but more often, I see failures or abandoned pages.  So for those that are not my […]

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Direct Marketing Thoughts for Contractors

Understanding Direct Marketing in 2017. It’s not dead in the age of Internet.

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Yo Dick! Stop Hiding From Your Customers!

 Is your business is one of the 73% that consumers lose trust in because the listings are incomplete or inaccurate?       Ok, here is the way I have found it to be.  Check and see if it fits into what you have done.  Companies hear from everyone, get a website and your business […]

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The Numbers Game of Marketing

Numbers game, play to WIN!

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Why Facebook to Market Your Business. Plus Facebook Page Success Strategies.

Service Business Excel With Facebook.