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The stigma over what is search engine optimization (SEO) is apparent, no matter where you look for advice or information.

It is no voodoo tech stuff. SEO is not a cure-all for businesses. But, it can fit into a company’s overall business strategy in several ways.

What SEO is: (Besides long hours)

  • Data Science (Being able to not only read data, but interpret its meaning)
  • Web Development (Understanding how search engines read websites)
  • Web Design (designing to make the website viewer have a better experience with the website)
  • Copywriting (Conveying a message that is understood and leans toward making a sale or desired action for the business)
  • Content Marketing (Having content for the three stages of a buyer’s journey. Awareness, Consideration and Decision)
  • Competitive Analysis (Understand the website that rank before yours and how to develop website pages that get better rankings)
  • Keywords (Know which search questions mean the most return on your SEO investment)

These are some of the things needed to execute a professional and strategic SEO marketing campaign.

Today’s environment is highly competitive, and you need great SEO to ensure targeted, high-quality traffic to your site. Of course, a business that engages with many of its customers using offline channels can tell them to visit their website. This is how they can drive traffic. But the SEO practitioner fills the different, more critical role, of bringing new prospects to your website. They bring in new audience, different from your regular customers.

Contractor Marketing Network, offers several SEO Marketing Packages. These SEO campaigns are designed to fit any budget and as with all our marketing services, pay for their self.

Data shows, organic SEO is considered one of the very highest ROI activities for businesses. In addition, a growing number of businesses operate purely online.

Two examples of these are Amazon and Zappos.

SEO Service features and benefits.  Contractor Marketing Network a New Jersey Marketing Company
Features & Benefits

Pricing our SEO Services

Our SEO services are based on two lead generation cost factors. What it cost to buy a click to your website using paid ads and what an industry lead costs you.


SEO Services for Contractors, Contractor Marketing Network a New Jersey Based Marketing Company.  Affordable SEO Services
Keyword Data for Interior House Painting

We can see that the cost per click (CPC) for Interior House Painting is $6 per click. So an SEO marketing package of $300 a month, would need to have 50 website clicks to for that search term, to break even.

We can also see from the SEO data above, that the SEO Difficulty is fairly low, yet the Paid Difficulty is high. (100 being the most difficult)

Our SEO service package are created to beat the industry norms in terms of traffic to your website, converting that traffic into business opportunities and move them through your marketing funnels to become a customer.

SEO Tools We Use

Having over 25 years experience in the field of construction projects, we are no strangers to how certain tools can make your project more efficient, go smoother and with better quality results.

With SEO and online marketing it is no different. Many of the tools we use overlap one another in checking the data. The is sort of a checks and balances system for us to monitor your digital footprint.

As you can see there are a few tools we use to create a strategic SEO plan, monitor it and make adjustments to increase your website ranks.

If you were a do it yourself kind of company, it would cost you more in monthly software as a service fees, than what we charge to handle you website for you.

SEO for Website Conversions

One thing we stress to our clients is it is not only important to rank well for the search terms that make you money, but converting those visitors into leads and ultimately customers is the goal of any marketing campaign.

Our SEO service packages do more than rank your webpages. Unlike other SEO service providers, we use tools to assist in converting more visitors into paying customers.

By using heatmaps, Google Search Console, Google Analytics and other Webmaster tools, we not only track what your customers are searching for, but where they are searching from, and also what they are doing once on your website.

Our SEO services are not only about ranking. Google doesn’t give you a trophy for ranking #1, they give you more traffic. It is our job to convert that traffic into cash (the Trophy) for your business. We do that through conversion methods on your pages. We get that conversion based on what we see customers doing on your pages with heatmaps.

Heat maps for website conversion optimization.  Contractor Marketing Network Website Conversion Rate Optimization

Our SEO services, create content to convert the traffic you get now and convert more in the future as your web-pages start to rank in search results.

We would love to talk with you about your goals, our local SEO strategies and how we can work together to get measured and reportable results for your website and business.

SEO Services Pricing

We know when business owners view this page to shop for an SEO or marketing company. They want pricing to see if it fits their budgets.

Our pricing for SEO varies per client. Our lowest monthly service fee is $300. With most of our clients in the $400-600 range per month.

For budgeting purposes, figure 2% of your gross annual revenue and divide by 12.

  • $300-400 under $200,000 gross yearly income
  • $400-500 for $200-300,000 gross yearly income
  • $500-600 for $300-400,000 gross yearly income
  • $600-700 for $400-500,000 gross yearly income
  • Over $500,000 gross yearly income (prices upon request)

Getting Started with SEO Services

This may be all new to you, so we would like to explain our process.

  1. Before anything can start, we need to get to know each other to see if we can be a good team working together. This is important for both of us.
  2. We are going to need some basic information, so we can do a basic audit.
  3. By using software, a FREE report will be generated.
  4. We will send you the audit report and schedule a call to explain. We do this in layman’s terms for you. Not everyone knows the jargon, we understand.
  5. Along with this report, we will give you, basic strategy and SEO advice.
  6. NO we are not going to rank you #1 in a month. But, we will give you estimated results based on the report.
  7. We will give you some options to choice from. We understand this is a big choice for you.
  8. When you decide on an option and if we are a good fit to work together. A formal strategy, service agreement and expectations sheet will be made.

The benefits of our marketing service is, not only are we working on SEO, which takes time. we are also, working on conversion methods to get more business from the traffic you have now.

So in essessense you are getting SEO service, Content Marketing Services and Conversion Optimization services in one package.

This is a great deal for any contractor and one that was develops more ROI (Return on Investment).

FAQ about our SEO services

  1. What types of SEO do you do? Both On-Page and Off-Page
  2. What SEO tools do you use? The answer is above and we use about 20 total tools.
  3. What type of Meta-Data do you do? Title Meta tag- 60 characters, Description Meta tag- 150 characters, Keyword Meta tag- 200 characters
  4. What is your strategic process, so I know what you are doing? Defining objectives, Knowing the target audience, Categorizing keywords, Tracking data and results. From the very beginning you know what we are focusing on and working on.
  5. Do you do Black hat SEO? NO! The long term risk is not worth the short term reward.
  6. How long before I see results? You will see results in as little as one month, but to see a return on investment 3-6 months for older websites and 4-8 months for new websites.
  7. How much does it cost to get started? We have an onboarding fee of $300, the first months service fee is due 30 days after onboarding. In this time we are working on the SEO campaign. We like to show you some results before your first invoice.
  8. Do you have contracts? Although SEO takes time to develop to see any results, we do not have a long term contract. What we have is service agreements for 30 days, that can be cancelled in writing with-in 7 days of service agreement terms. No cancellation fees.
  9. What website platforms do you work with? We will start working with any platform, but we do suggest switching over to WordPress with in the first month. The change over costs around $100-150. It is well worth it for reaching your website marketing goals. As WordPress is a more search engine friendly website builder and more plug-ins and integration can be applied.
  10. Do you perform backlink services? Yes, both in outreach to other local or industry specific websites and through out continuous citation/listing building system.

Need to ask a few more questions?

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