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Marketing Strategy

Identify your Target Market and Competitors. Defines your Unique Selling Position. Supports ROI on Marketing Spend.

Website Design

Develop an Online Presence. Target Local Customers. Establish business credibility. Accessibility 24/7.

Search Optimization

Get more customers through organic search. Improves brand awareness. Benefits other marketing. Done on a budget.

Social Media

Increase Brand Recognition. Improved brand loyalty. Higher conversion rates. Better Search Engine Rankings.

Newsletter Marketing

Deliver targeted messages. Reach an already engaged audience. Easy to measure. Drive revenue.


Stand out from competition. Increases brand awareness. Attract potential customers. Inform, persuade, remind.

92% of people will pull out their phones, ask Siri or type on their computer a basic search. When looking for a service provider. 

Tree Service Marketing

Looking to grow your tree care service with online and digital marketing? Then welcome to Contractor Marketing Network, your tree service marketing agency, for arborists, tree sturgeons and tree services in the United States. Let’s look at what we can do for you.

We offer you the most complete digital marketing services, wrapped up into one affordable marketing service system. That saves you a ton of time, makes you a lot of money and works with you as a team member.

At no time in history is it more important to have a great, digital presence and a marketing plan for your tree care company. All resulting in more tree service leads, more customers and more repeat or referred business.

Our tree service marketing strategy, plans, tools and tactics are the best marketing services for tree care business owners.

We generate tree service leads. 

Let’s look at what they are.

But first, do you have a tree service business marketing plan?

If you don’t, you can grab our template below. And if you need assistance, we help you create one for FREE. 

FREE Tree Service Marketing Plan Template

Tree Service Web Design

We start at the hub of all your digital marketing assets, your tree service website. You need to have a well-designed website that does a few things right, and being pretty and cool is not one of them.


Tree Service Web Design Services:

With our tree service website designs your website has:

  • Easy to find information for the users.
  • Webpages for every service and every city, town or state you serve.
  • Several ways for customers to get in contact with you. Phone, Email, Contact Form and Messenger Chatbot.
  • A page with a long list of reviews and testimonials. Don’t rely on Google reviews, they can be removed and lost in an instant.
  • Good technical structure so the search engines can find, index and place your website higher on the Search Engine Results Page [SERP].
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Be secure with and SSL certificate. If your website is HTTP and not HTTPS you are not secure.

All our marketing service packages come with a WordPress website. So if you are looking for a website or website redesign, we handle it with the package. 

Don’t want one of the marketing packages?

We can still create a great website for your business.

Tree Service Web Design Checklist

Tree Service SEO

Now that you have a website it is time to optimize it so more customers can find it. You do this by monitoring, auditing and changing the website with Tree Service SEO. As a tree service SEO company, we handle this for you.

There are three main types of SEO services. On-page, Off-page and Technical SEO. All three are important and need to be performed and maintained to get your website to the top of the search page and keep it there.

SEO services take time, but in the long run are well worth the efforts. With thousands of searches a month for tree removals, tree trimming and other services you provide, getting found when someone Google searches for those keywords and search queries can skyrocket your income calls and leads.

You can find out more about our SEO service for tree service companies here.

SEO Marketing Strategy for Tree Care

FREE Tree Service Website SEO Audit

Local SEO for Tree Service

If you are not using your GMB (Google My Business) to get more customers, you are missing out on one of digital marketing’s best tools, Local SEO.

With our GMB optimization service, you can get found, interact and get calls from local customers right from the tool.

By optimizing and being consistent with your GMB your local ranking goes up, your chances of being in the Google 3 Pack goes up and your Google maps ranking shines.

You can learn more about how to use GMB for local marketing here.

Local SEO Services for Tree Services

Social Media Marketing for Tree Services

Every tree care company should use the big three social media marketing platforms to get more exposure for their business.

Each channel has a different social media marketing strategy, but when you use them in a holistic marketing way, they can explode the amount of people who see you, get to know and trust you. Which gets more people to call you for the services you provide.

If you don’t have a strategy or your postings on social media are not getting you any business, our marketing package is what you need.

Tree Service Advertising

In business, you have to pay to play if you really want to grow. This is where tree service PPC (pay per click) works.

There is no better way to reach more people that are actively searching for your services than Google Ads. Even if your website is not on the first page, Google ads gets your name right there on page one.

Our Google Ads Guide.

Our adverting campaigns for tree services Google Ads averages about $35 for a tree service pay per call and the PPC campaigns run about $4 per click.

When you run the numbers, paying for ads is a good marketing tactic. We tell every tree care client for every job you do, put $50 aside for advertising and you will never run out of work.

Don’t look at ads as an expense, look at it as an investment. What stock can you put in $50 and get a return of $500 or more in a day, week, or month? 


Facebook ads are great for getting the message out fast and cheap. When a storm blows through or an ice storm hits, you can get those emergency tree service calls fast. Our clients have had great results from Facebook Ads. You should give it a try too.

Google Ads for Tree Services

Newsletter Marketing for the Arborist

If you want to stay top of mind, get more reviews and referrals, then our newsletter marketing service is for you.

With the right newsletter marketing strategy people will welcome your emailed newsletter, open it and read it.  They will pass along the information to friends, refer you out to co-workers and call you for more services.

No customer likes to be forgotten newsletters make sure they see you haven’t forgotten them. It also builds your business as the local authority on everything tree related.

Plus, if you have a hard time getting reviews on Google, or other places online, our newsletter do the trick. Because we make it easy for your customers to leave reviews with one click.

Are you ready to start making some money with your tree service?

Get in touch and see what Contractor Marketing Network can do for you. Our tree service clients are happy with the results and you will be too.

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