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We work with you to grow your business. Like a trusted partner, your success,is our success.

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Want to market your tree service business like a pro? 

  • Would you like to get more new customers from your website, social media and other advertising methods?
  • Would you like to get more and better online reviews, that help sell your services?
  • How would you like getting more referrals from existing and past customers?

Well, you can!

By using our custom marketing services, marketing tools, plans and strategy. You can reach those business goals, profiting more, with less effort.

Sounds good right?

Let me explain. 

There are literally thousands of ways to market a tree service business. 


For the sake of keeping it real, we are not going to talk about specific marketing tools.  Do we build websites?  Yes.  Do we manage social media accounts?  Yes.  Do we handle website SEO?  Yes.

They are just tools used in marketing.  How each tree service business uses those tools, is different.

All marketing boils down to three things.

Awareness, Consideration and Decision.  Nothing more, nothing less.


Making people aware of YOUR business.  If they are not aware of your business, they can’t use your services.  Plain and simple.

Test this:  Go to any supermarket, ask 100 people of who they think of when it comes to removing their trees, grinding their stumps or trimming their trees.  The answers may surprise you.


Once someone is aware of your business, they need to consider if you fit the bill on solving their problem.  They need to consider if your tree service business is the right one. 

Test this:  Look up tree services in your town.  Look at your competitors, websites.  What do they say that makes them different?  Are they all pretty much the same?  If so, all of you are competing on price.


Once someone is aware of your business, and are considering using your tree service business, they need to make a decision. 

Test this:  Look at how many visitors came to your website last month.  Then look at how many phone calls, or emails for estimates you received.  If you aren’t getting 10-20% of those visitors calling for services, you have a conversion problem.

That’s it. 

Simple, yet very complex in executing. 

There are many parts of the marketing system and they all need to work together.

Websites, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email/newsletter marketing, Google My Business, listing and directory citations, direct mail, door hangers, Facebook & Google ads, networking with other businesses, getting referrals from past customers, etc.  They all need to work together, one helping the other achieve one common goal your business has. To prosper and profit.

Here is the problem most tree services businesses have. 

They have no real plan and strategy that they use. They don’t track the results to know what is working. There is no consistency in their marketing.    

They dabble in marketing. 

Only running ads or market themselves, when the work is slow.  Reaching out to past customers or people in their network when they NEED work.  Running into that familiar cycle of boom and bust, high and low, having money to damn near broke.

All that goes away, when you work with Contractor Marketing Network.  All your marketing is planned out, in advance.  All the marketing tools are put in place, have a purpose and are tracked, so you know the results. 

Contractor Marketing Network keeps your marketing efforts consistent.

As a tree service business owner, there are a ton of marketing things that you know would help your business. 


  • Getting your website to rank page one in the search engines.
  • Getting people to spread the word about your business on social media. 
  • Reaching out to past customers with a monthly newsletter, letting them know what you are up to, giving them valuable tree care information and if done right, getting more work or referrals in the process.
  • Posting pictures, making offers and posting updates to your Google My Business, so more people find your business when they need a tree removed, a stump ground or those limbs pruned away from the house.

Here is the catch. 

You don’t have the time or maybe you’re not too techy to do all these tasks.  These tasks you know have to be done to improve your business, make it grow and stay profitable.

Listen, digital marketing and marketing in general is moving at the speed of light.  What worked before may not be working for you anymore.

We get it.  

Contractor Marketing Network is vested in the business of marketing and we see how it changes on what seems a daily basis. 

You know there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to marketing your tree service business. 

You get the annoying calls, pestered by marketers who don’t know a stump grinder from a meat grinder.  You get the unsolicited emails from Daneesh, in India, who does SEO and can get your website to number one in 3 days. 

We get it.

Then there are the lead service giants like Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Thumbtack, etc.  All promising you leads.  Hey, they have a homeowner in your area that needs a tree removed.  It will cost you $50 for the contact info.  Meanwhile that same email or text message was sent to 5 of your competitors. 

Are the leads you just bought, even real?

Let me ask you this.  Is buying leads, building your business or theirs? 

The leads are like a drug.  They are the drug dealer.  We all know who profits from the drugs, in this case leads. 

Contractor Marketing Network doesn’t sell leads. 

RJ Cooper

Custom built marketing for you, from A to Z

What we do is plan, create, execute and manage a marketing system for you. From account based marketing (ABM) to Zapier automations.

Each tree service we work with is different. That is why we build a custom marketing plan and system for you and your business needs.


We may use an Account Based Marketing campaign for one tree service company, but doesn’t fit another tree service business goal. 

FYI, account-based marketing for instances would be targeting a solar panel install company, to get the tree pruning and removal contracts, so their panels produce more energy for the buyers of their solar panels. 

Contractor Marketing Network, builds marketing systems for your tree service business and works with you as your marketing department.  Marketing your business is very personal and we work close with you.

RJ Cooper

Your questions and concerns.

You have a lot of questions or concerns to ask and we have hurdles to over come to do business together. 

You may have been scammed.  We guarantee our services, and the results, in writing as part of the marketing plan. 

You may not have the budget.  We have baby step programs to get you started moving in the right direction. 

You may have been getting junk, time wasting, tire kicking leads.  We have a huge database and the marketing we do for you is highly targeted.  Sure, some tire kickers will slip in and call for an estimate.  Even though we build a qualifying system into your marketing.   

You may not be to techy.  We handle everything for you. Explaining to you, what and why we are doing the tasks we do.  In everyday terms.  So, you understand.

Your time is limited.  Again, we handle everything for you.  Our marketing system takes you about 15-20 minutes a week. Mostly, in the form of communication, either phone call, text message or an email. Plus, you can do it at a time that works for you.

You may be to confused, there’s to much misinformation out there.  We have the numbers to back up what we claim.

You may not understand how marketing or advertising works.  We explain it in simple terms and make sure you understand clearly, what we are doing and why.

You may not have any processes, plans or strategies to market your tree service business.  Together we work on this.  You give us ideas of where you want your business to go and we develop the processes, plans and strategy for you.  All we need is your approval to run the marketing campaigns.

Accountability issues in the past.  We take responsibility for your marketing.  Our results guarantee is written into the marketing plan.  No competitor of ours puts a guarantee in the plan and backs it up.

The next step is yours. 

Contact us, let’s talk to discover how Contractor Marketing Network can help guide your marketing in 2020, so you have a great year.

Don’t procrastinate, as this only prolongs your success.  It takes time to get things planned, created and working. 

The time is now. 

Get started today!