Content Marketing and Copywriting Services

We offer businesses a wide range of content marketing and copywriting services.  At Contractor Marketing Network, our experienced content writing experts produces quality content. As a small business marketing agency, we ensure that we use the best content marketing practices in our content creation process, to speak to your customers.

Since 2009, we have experience in content creation, we do the research to writing on several niches, topics, and formats. We provide a wide range of content marketing and copywriting services for both B2B and B2C businesses.

We don’t outsource, spin articles, or plagiarize. We are US based company, with real people writing great content for your business. We offer the affordable rate, that any business can afford, without sacrificing quality. All our content is 100% original, guaranteed.

Our expert copy writing team, becomes your expert team of content writers

Contractor Marketing Network, can help create the following types of content on various topics and niches:


  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • eBooks
  • Press Releases
  • Product & Service Reviews
  • Video Voice Scripts and Descriptions
  • Website Content and Landing Pages
  • White Papers, Product, Service Copywriting

We specialize in helping small local businesses get what they need to grow, and be successful. We are ready to help your business too.

Website Copywriting Services

Is your website copy as good as your actual work, products and services?

Whatever you’re selling your website is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, marketing and sales machine.

Good website copy is hard to create and not anyone can do it. That is why you need a copywriting specialist to write the words that turn website visitors into paying customers. Word by word, we have a strategy for our website writing service, that we offer you.

Leading your website visitors to the next steps in your sales funnel. No matter if that is to get them to call you, email your business, fill out a contact form or download a lead magnet, so you can continue to market to them over time.

We write website copy, that matches all three of the buying stages, Awareness, Consideration and Decision.

SEO Copywriting Services

Writing title tags, headlines, and meta data is a specialized writing skill all its own.

Recognizing how to improve copy for search engines is also a strength many business don’t have internally. SEO copywriting is one of the most sought-after types of writing.

Contractor Marketing Network offers expert SEO copywriting services to businesses in need of better web rankings.

Website designer in Salem County New Jersey

Blog & Articles Writing Service

Get high-quality one of a kind blog articles written for your business by writers who care about your success.


Our unique copywriting service uses algorithms and software, that pick the best SEO content for each article request based on the topic.


Fully written content pieces land in your inbox in no more than 5 -7 business days.


Did you know:

Businesses who have a blog on their website see an increase of 70% more visitors to turn into customers.

Content and copywriting service

Landing Page Copy Writing Services

Understanding and researching buyer’s personas and target different markets by producing a wide range of different landing pages.

Let Contractor Marketing Network take care of high-converting copy for your landing and website sales pages.

We have several landing pages templates, long form or short snappy copy, we have you covered, so no worries. We only need some basic information about your business, product/service and goals, we’ll do the rest.

Newsletters & Email Marketing Services

Email marketing deliver amazing ROI. – Our writers do it right. Let Contractor Marketing Network write emails people will open and take the desired action your business needs from its email marketing campaigns.

Newsletter marketing should be on every businesses list of marketing tasks. It drives high returns, more referrals and a higher lifetime value from your past customers.

We’ll take care of all your newsletter and email marketing needs. From set-up to writing email copy to monitoring the results. We deliver customers to you, with our newsletter writing service.

Social Media Copy & Content Writing Services

Become a leader in your local area and offer unique content through your social media marketing channels. Let Contractor Marketing Network be your copy & ghostwriter so you can focus on running your business and selling to your new customers.

Our copy & content writers will take your unique “voice” and social media strategy, craft engaging posts designed to get eyes, get clicks and, most importantly, get more business for your business.

Small Business Copywriters and Content Writers

Hopefully, you know the value of effectively communicating with your customers and clients. It is those relationships that make your business grow.


Ask yourself this question.  


Does your company’s writing convey that value and encourage those connections with customers or does it hold you back?

As a business owner, you routinely take on tasks outside of your profession and job description.


Copywriting and content writing shouldn’t be one of them.


The content and copy on your website, social media and emails is simply too important.


For small businesses, your website copy, emails, and blog posts can be great lead generators.

When they’re created with a strategy, crafted with care, and written by experts. The first impression of your company comes from your content, most of the time. These words are very important to whether a visitor takes the next step in the buyer’s journey or simple clicks away…never to return.


Is your content focused, captivating, concise and human?


Amateurish, unclear, and out of order copy, puts your prospects in a frame of mind. You do not want the reader thinking your business is the same way.


Let our content strategists and copy writers listen to you. Become familiar with your business and your customers. Plus, understand your values and your business goals

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