Marketing Services for Contractors

Contractor Marketing Network is a full service digital marketing company for contractors.

We offer individual marketing services, such as Websites, Google My Business, Copywriting, Google & Facebook Ads and Social Media Management.

We also have the most affordable marketing management service for contractors. Covering everything from advertising to web design and website management. 

COntractor Marketing System

Marketing Package

Our complete digital marketing service for contractors and home service companies covers the 8 assets every contractor should have and use to thrive and succeed.

  1. WordPress Website
  2. SEO
  3. Social Media
  4. Google Ads & Facebook Ads
  5. Google My Business
  6. Copywriting & Content
  7. Email & Newsletters
  8. Sales Funnels

The benefits of having Contractor Marketing Network manage your marketing are many. But the top reasons are:

  • Keeps you consistent
  • Saves your time
  • Saves your money
  • Better results
  • Grows as you grow
  • Affordable

With us, you never have to worry about neglecting your digital marketing assets again. No more long gaps in between social media posts. (We set up a content calendar).  

Gets better result and save time.

A focused, strategic and consistent marketing system. 

Website development for Contractors

Web Design & SEO

Every business should have a good website, it is the “HUB” of all your marketing efforts.  We use WordPress for all our website developments.  With WordPress we have the tools, plug-ins and ability to design a website, that is user friendly and has conversion tools to get more visitors to become leads and customers.

The websites we build for you are:

  • Mobile Friendly
  • Fast Loading
  • Built to Sell Your Services

Our approach to local SEO has made an enormous difference for our clients. Not only do they rank well, but their rate of searchers clicking to their websites is above industry standards. We achieve this for you because we don’t write for the search engines only; we write for humans… the ones who use your services. We speak human in a digital world.

Your website, gathers more information about the people who contact you, making your job of pre-qualifying them easier. We design your website to be interactive, so visitors can use all of your digital assets, from social media (Facebook Chatbot & Links on Website) to being able to leave you a review on Google all from one place.  For visitors who are not ready to contact you, we add lead magnets that keep them engaged with your business. So, when they are ready, you will stand a better chance of being the one they choose.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Manager

Everyone is on their mobile phones. Mostly on social media.

Social media for a contractor can be a big significant change when done properly. What we see is most contractors on social media are one of two things. All promotional or abandoned/not frequent.

People don’t want to be sold to, but they will take an interest in things that are informational, community based or of some type of entertainment.

Good social media is word-of-mouth marketing on steroids when done with a strategic plan.

Word to the wise, just about every prospect or customer checks out your social media to see what kind of business you are.  

With our social media marketing services, together we make a strategic plan, based on your company goals.  Between good content, posted at the right time (timing is everything) and getting it in front of the right people (paid posts).  Your business will increase and the community’s word of mouth will grow.

Your business grows in the community based on these three factors:

  • More awareness
  • Meaningful content
  • Consistency

Properly managed social media, gets your community talking to you through your pages. When this happens, your response is there for the public to see. Helping people, answering questions grows your business. It also makes you the local authority on your service. 

The biggest hurdles you have with doing it yourself:

  • Time
  • Strategy
  • Content creation
  • Understanding social media marketing

We handle this for you, but with you. 

There is gold in your social media platforms, it takes digging (work) to extract it. 

Social media isn’t a fad or going anywhere. 

Digital marketing services Contractors

Advertising for Contractors

Two of the biggest marketing tools a contractor has in their arsenal to grow a business, are Google and Facebook ads.. The catch is, if done wrong, you will waste a lot of money, and think they do not work. Causing you to miss out on an excellent opportunity.


With Contractor Marketing Network, you get a proven track record we have used for other contractors. Knowing before we create an ad, what keyword to focus your ads on, the demographic of people to target and what a lead, call or customer should cost.


Benefits of working together:

  • Ads experience. We have been in the ads business since 2009 with contractors only.
  • Cost controls. Making sure your ads are producing profitable customers at a cost, that makes sense.
  • Metrics reports and recommendations to meet your goals, not industry goals.

With our sales funnel building experience, we also know where to send those leads to nurture them into customers. Not all ads viewers are ready to call you right then. Having a good landing page that meets the expectations of the person clicking your ads is paramount in the success of your ads.  Many contractor ads are sent to the wrong type of page.


We are here to help you get the best results from your ads. If you want to try ads, we even have a 30 days paid trial that lowers the risk and let us show what we can do for you. No hype, no chest pounding on our end, just results.

80% of our clients tell us to throttle back the ads, because they can’t keep up. When needed, like a light switch, we turn the ads back on and they get more business. 

We save you 50-70% over buying leads from lead brokers like Home Advisor, Next Door, and Angie’s List.

Our clients save money and get more leads for the same money. The leads they get are exclusive leads. They do not share them with 2, 3 or 5 other competitors.  


You have four choices.

  • Do nothing and miss out on the customers that these ads produce.
  • Do them yourself and risk losing money until you learn how to do it properly.
  • Pay lead buyers like Home Advisor and Angie’s List, paying more, plus sharing those leads.
  • You can work with us, get lower cost leads, own those leads and save a lot of time in the process.


Let’s Talk About Your Marketing Plans

Google My Business Services

Google My Business

Have you ever searched for a company or service on Google?

Sure, you have and so do your prospects and customers.

The place you want your business is in the Google map pack.  That is the three local businesses that are in the square box on the search results page. Even if your website is on page two, if your business gets in one of those three spots, your business will get more calls.

You get there by optimizing your Google My Business (GMB).

The location of the three pack is above all those lead brokers like Home Advisor, Yelp and Thumbtack. They can’t be there because it is for local businesses only.

In today’s world people want fast, instant results.  They are less likely to scroll down to find someone to do their service if they can get the information right there at the top.

Your reviews are displaced right there as well, along with a link to your website and phone number. Just about all you need for customers to call you.

Getting in the Google map pack is done through your Google My Business account.  If you don’t have one, you should.  If you do have one, you should actively use it to stay at the top, get in more search results.  You should be uploading images, video and making posts and offers on a consistent basis.

You should also fill in as much information or descriptions about your business.


The benefits of using our Google My Business services is this:

  • You get results faster.
  • We save you time and from making errors.
  • You don’t need to learn how to do it.
  • You get more leads.


How we do it for you:

  • Strategic Planning. We focus on one service, get it ranking and move on to the next one, while maintaining the keywords.
  • Google loves consistency. We know contractors have no time, so when they get around to it. They dump images or posts, then nothing for weeks, months or if ever again. Not with us.
  • All of our clients are in the map pack for their most valuable keywords. It is so important to the success of our services we make it a priority. These clients are in very competitive markets like New York City, Detroit, Dallas and Montgomery.

With Google nothing is instant. It normally takes us 30-90 days to get you in the Google map pack. The time is well worth it.  Once there, you are almost guaranteed to get business from this digital marketing asset.


We also perform directory and citation building along with our Google My Business service. This reinforces your listings and makes your business stand out from the other business you compete against.


If you have a GMB and have errors, duplicates or suspensions, we offer a GMB repair service. Don’t bang your head to get it fixed, let us do it for you.   

Website Copy and Content writing service

Copywriting & Content Marketing

Copywriting is one of the most important parts of marketing and advertising. Yet, it is the most over looked part… it is just words. Right!?

You are reading words right now. When you look something up to buy it, you read words. An ad may have an image or video to catch your eye, but it is the words that make you take action

Have you ever stopped to think about how many words you have read to make a purchasing decision?

Copywriting is about knowing who you are writing to, and communicating in an emotional way. An emotional way that makes sense to their logical mind.



Do you have a list of reasons people buy your services?  

  • People don’t buy fencing, they buy privacy or security. 
  • People don’t buy new water heaters, they buy hot water on demand
  • New roofing, to protect their investment.

Knowing your customers and what moves them. It helps you write the words on your website, in your social media posts and describing your business on every piece of marketing material you have from advertising to invoices. Good copywriting gets you more reviews too.


Let’s say you get 100 visitors to your website a month. Let’s say you get 5 calls from those 100 visitors.

Now take a well-written webpage that gets just 3 more of those visitors to call you a month.


What are 36 more customers worth to you over the course of a year? 
  • 36 more hot water heaters, 36 more fencing projects,
  • 36 more homes to paint.
  • 36 whatever it is your sell.


What is 36 more customers worth to you? How would that help you meet the vision you have in your mind of where you want your business to go?


Our copywriting and conversion formatting methods have on average increased conversion from visitor to prospect to customer by 100 percent. If you are getting 5% we can get you 10%. If you are getting 10%, we can get you 20%. If you are getting 50%, give us a call, we will hire your writer.  Seriously!


Your words need to guide people that see your posts, read your webpages and view your emails to the next step. They find you, now what? Your words are your way to guide them.  You are not there in person, right?

So, what you say, how you communicate is what gets them to move in the direction to make a call, email for more information or fill out a contact form.  Marketing is a process that leads to sales. Your words are the guide.


Let us be your wordsmiths.  We have spent years looking at customer profiles, known as buyer personas. We know that a roof to a 50 year old couple means something different than it does to a young 30 years old couple. Our messages or words get you better results.

If you want better results from your words, your website, your social media posts, you owe it to yourself to get a professional copywriter to write those pages, posts and emails. 

You can sit back and answer more calls, get more business and make more money.

Newsletter marketing for contractors

Email & Newsletter Marketing

Have you ever received a birthday card from your plumber? If you did would you remember that plumber? Would you call that plumber again if your hot water heater needed replaced or a sink faucet leaked?

Most likely you would, they would be “Your” plumber. 

What do you do to keep top of mind with your past customers and prospects? What is your follow up system after you give an estimate?

How many touches does it take to make a sale? The simple answer is: more than most people think!

According to our Top Performance in Sales Prospecting research, it takes an average of 8 touches to make a sale. Most of these touch points can be done with automation. Which saves you time, plus you don’t forget to make that call or write that email.

We help contractors with follow-ups with marketing emails and monthly customer newsletters. They are a sure-fire way to increase sales, get more leads, plus profit more from the prospects and customers you already have. Saving you money on advertising to get new leads. You get more revenue from what you have.  


Reason to use email and newsletters for marketing:

  • Your customers want to hear from you.
  • Email newsletters spark sales.
  • Newsletters reconnect or keep you connected to your customers.
  • Newsletters build your credibility.
  • It’s a cheap way to test marketing ideas.
  • It’s a way to get people when they’re on their phones.
  • You can give your customers things of value and trigger their desire to reciprocate.
  • You can segment your market as narrowly as you wish.
  • It’s a warmup pen for your leads.
  • You can start two-way conversations.

Every marketing expert tells you the same thing: your business needs to have an email newsletter that you send out to subscribers. When there’s that kind of unanimity from your advice-givers, that usually means they’re right.

An email newsletter is reasonably easy to put together, inexpensive to send out, and highly effective.

Let us help you get more profit from existing customers, and guide more prospects into become your customers.

Plumbing Contractor marketing services

Sales Funnels Creation

Sales funnels are important because it takes your customers on the journey of the buying process. Proper sales funnels will turn website visitors into prospects, and prospects into customers.

A sales funnel represents the ideal path companies hope buyers take to become customers. Most companies use the funnel concept as a method to track prospects as they move through sales stages.

Here is the problem.  Most contracting companies don’t have a system or a process that move those high-cost Google Ads clicks or their website visitors to the next step in the buying process.

Most contractors have an ad or a webpage and hope a visitor calls the number or fills out a form or emails them.

What a waste of a marketing asset and it is cost contractors thousands of dollars or more every month.

Depending on what you’re selling, your sales funnel might be a longer process than others. Products and services that are larger in price might need a longer sales funnel and points of contact than cheap ones.


The contractor sales funnel has five stages:

  • lead
  • prospect
  • qualified prospect
  • committed
  • customer


Toward the bottom of the funnel, time to closing decreases and the probability of the sale occurring increases.


May I ask you these three questions?

  • What are you doing to get your website visitors that are not ready to use your services or are in the planning stage to move from looker to lead?
  • What are you doing if you are lucky enough to have someone join your newsletter?
  • How are you going about getting all those lost visitors to join your newsletter or download a checklist or other lead capture method?

Sales funnels are a way to make your marketing more efficient and profitable. Stop bleeding leads today.

If you want to have a sales funnel created for your service, so you stop losing customers, contact us for more information.

Fill out the form below to get more information.