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Local Marketing Management

We take your local marketing and expose it to more local directories, websites and people of influence.

How many people if asked to recommend the service you provide would know you exist or come to the top of their mind?

Local SEO

SEO is a mystery to everyone, even SEO experts.  Google, Facebook, Bing, etc. are always changing the game.  To keep your website working as it should, you need someone pulling maintenance on your site, adding to it, monitoring it and always improving it.

Researching keywords, applying them to posts and pages.

You never know when a customer will look for your service.  You don’t know how they will search for it.  Do they type in Google “Tree Service, Tree Removal, Arborist, etc.”  You need to have your keywords and long tailed keywords covered.

Are your website images optimized with meta and alt data to make them show up in search results?

Are you listed in all the directories you can be?  All pointing to your website and is the information fresh and correct?

Websites and Website Management

Websites are a great thing for your business, but they are nothing without visitors.  You need traffic to make your website produce the results all the hype is about.  If you build it, they still won’t come.  Trust me, it is not that easy or we would all be checking items off our bucket list.

We build and maintain WordPress websites.

How much business is your website producing for you?

Social Media Management

We manage social media accounts for our clients.  From Facebook and Instagram ads, to making posts to keep you consistent and top of mind.  Who knows when someone will see it at the time they are looking for your service.

Our job is to keep you consistent, drive traffic to your website, get your phone to ring or your message notifications alerting you.

How many messages for estimates or quotes have you received in the last month from your social media?

Have you tracked how many website visits have come from your social media?

1 on 1 Marketing Consulting

We offer 1 on 1 coaching, consulting with a few select clients.  This is for the clients to learn the who, what, where and when to market their own businesses with help from us.

Everyone need help, no man is an island.  This includes us.  We are marketers, not legal, not accounting, so we ask for or hire out to learn these aspects of our business.  So, don’t think you should go it alone.

We work close with you to help you understand how and why to reach your goals.


This is my opinion on copywriting.  It is the most important part of marketing.  Your marketing message has to be written to your audience.

Copywriting is not just writing for writing sake, it is research, gaining a deep understanding of what your customers are looking for, what triggers them to pick up the phone, visit your website and get them to take the action you want out of your advertising.

Here is an example of poorly written copy.  Look in your everyday life how many times you see this tagline for a contractor.  “For All Your Home Improvement Needs”  or some variation of it.  It really says everything and nothing at all.  Redundant and over used.

Dare to be rare and dare to be different.  It pays big and it starts with copywriting.

We use tried and true formulas based on what you want your advertisement, website or post to do.

EXAMPLE: Problem, Agitate and Solution

Your customers or prospects have a “Problem”.  You identify it.

COPY:  “Does that big limb hanging over your driveway scare you when the wind blows?”

Now you “Agitate” that problem, that they have.

COPY: “Do you park out on the street when the wind blows?  Or do you pray your homeowners insurance will cover ALL the damage and removal expenses?  How much is your deductible?”

Then you provide the “Solution”.  Which is your service.

COPY: “ABC Tree Service has been providing expert tree service in Anytown, USA since 1995, We have saved many homes and cars from falling branches and limbs.  All while saving the tree.”

That is better in you posts, ads or website,  then “We cut trees!”  Wouldn’t you say?

Ad Development

The most important thing in ad development is the goal.  What goal do you want you ad to achieve?  Who do you want to see it?  When you want them to take the action?

Here is a questions,  would you rather save $100 and run your own ad, spending $50 to get one or two calls.  Or…would you be willing to plan with us, produce an ad that has a mission, test it, monitor it, invest $200 to get 6-8 or more of the right kind of calls?


Market Research

There is more to research then demographics.

Promotion helps you reach your target market, but first you must know who they are. We gather statistical information regarding your target market’s demographics, market segment, needs and buying decisions. Use your research to clarify which media will best promote your service, whether print, online or broadcast.

How old are they? Are they male or female? What is their job? What salary bracket are they in? What do they do for fun? What car do they own? Do they have kids? Such details will help you clearly define pricing, promotion and place.

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competition.

Collect data on how your competition promotes their services. What is their price point? What do you like and what don’t you like about their marketing campaign?


Develop a pricing strategy grounded in market research

Small businesses can set a price for their services based on popular profit margins, competitors’ prices, financing options, or the price a customer is willing to pay. A popular profit margin examines the profit of similar services also in your market.


Research similar services

When you sell a service, it is important to know what is currently on the market, and what the competition is offering. You can improve your service based on findings about what your customers really want and need. Focus on things like scheduling, products offered, customer service and warranties.

Identify the best placement or location for your services

This information will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises when starting, maintaining and growing your business. Regular market research will ensure that your business is aware of market trends, demographic shifts and changes to the economy. Your business can then evolve accordingly, growing steadily and increasing profits.

Develop Complete Marketing Systems

I have said time and time again to several businesses to think about your business, like a table.  Your business is the table top, your marketing methods are the legs.

A table can stand with one leg, but that leg better have a big base.  A table can stand with three legs but is more stable with 4 or more.  These legs (marketing methods) are what we develop for your business.

IF you get most of your business from Angie’s List, Facebook or Google Adwords, that is good, but as I have found these platforms tend to grow stagnant or pricey.

With a more holistic marketing system, the lead you get from one method can be nurtured through email, traditional mail, text touch points, redirects or retargeting.

With Contractor Marketing Networks complete marketing system, you can be sure to know we use data to maximize each potential customer and each customer to get as much life time revenue from them.

Whether that is retargeting to get them as customers or contact points to get reviews, referrals or repeat business.

We keep you top of mind before, during and after the initial service.

How many times has your plumber, roofer or tree service sent you a birthday wish, a happy holiday email or a coupon for referring them?  Touch points after the service is provided pay off big in the long term for your business, our complete system takes care of all your marketing methods, tools and tactics.


What is your marketing plans, questions or concerns?  What is your goals?  We would like to hear them and discuss them with you.

We work with all budgets and business sizes.  We understand not all businesses want to grow, some want to stay at a steady annual revenue.  With our marketing we give you options, choices to do what meets your goals.


We are easy to contact and communicate with.  We can be reached three ways to suit your needs.

Text 856-812-3180 Put “Need Marketing Help” in the text body.  Simple


Phone 800-771-9671

We look forward to hearing from you.