Contractor Marketing Service Pricing

I had a simple mindset when I started Contractor Marketing Network back in 2009. It was to make marketing effective, simple and affordable for contractors and service businesses, as we came into the digital age.


That mindset is still with me to this day.


Technology moves fast. Long gone are the days of a phone book ad, a truck magnet and a yard sign. (Yes, I am that old)


Today, contractors get slammed with spam emails, annoying phone calls and even text messages from would be marketers.


Marketers ruin everything. 


Just like everyone is a carpenter, plumber, tree service, landscaper… everyone is a marketer these days.


Now that, that is out of the way, let’s jump into my pricing.

Name "Your Price" Marketing Service

Every business is different. Every area of the country is different and has rates for what they can charge for their services.

This is one reason I made the Name Your Price”, marketing service.

I let you put the value on what marketing is worth to you. 

Insane, I know.

But, here is the thing. It allows you to get the marketing services you need, at an affordable, no risk price and the services grow as you grow.

Not every business needs an expensive marketing service to sustain or grow their business, but you do need to be marketing your business.


Our marketing service does these things for you:

  • Saves you time. (learning, creating and managing)
  • Saves you money. (pay as you go, paid on performance, no contracts)
  • Makes you money. (better results, everything is tracked, results you can measure and see)

Over the years, I have seen HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List and an onslaught of internet marketers take advantage of contractors of all types.

Big on promises, low on results.

It is told to me by EVERY contractor I have talked to.

So I listened.

With the “Name Your Price” marketing service, your risk is eliminated.


I want to build trust and a relationship. So, I take the risk.

Building trust, getting results and creating long-lasting client relationships. That is exactly what I have done with my clients and is my business model.

There is very little churn with my business. Meaning once you are a client, you won’t want to use anyone else.

I do the right marketing tasks for you, that gets you the results you are looking for.

Not send you a monthly marketing bill and you have no clue what the hell was done.

Contractor Marketing Network vs. The Competition

Will they plan, create, manage and optimize your:


Design, develop & manage a website, that actually ranks better, has consistent content published and gets you more visitors, converting them to leads. (If you have a website, we will optimize is and add content, consistently.)

Google My Business

Create, manage & optimize your Google My Business, to get you ranked on Google Maps and get calls from customers.


Create & publish a monthly newsletter, that keeps you top of mind, gets referrals and more reviews from customers.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Perform Local SEO tasks, so they can find you when people search online.

Content Marketing

Create & manage a content plan, that makes you the local go to business for answers and service needs in your area.

Social Media

Create, manage, and grow your Social Media pages.

Digital Advertising

Create & manage, Google and Facebook Ads, that make you money, not spend your money.

Sales Funnels

Create & manage, Sales Funnels for your services, so that you have an automated process to move prospects to customers and customers to referring advocates for your business.


Will they build the foundations, the strategy and marketing plans for you in the first 30 days?

And will they start doing it for $199.00?

  • Never any hidden fees.
  • No surprises.
  • No upsells.


You get to “Name Your Price” for the budget and monthly marketing service fees.


To give you an idea of what my clients pay a month.

They range from as low as $200 per month up to $1,000.

But they name the price!

Our marketing service grows as you do. You control your budget, we do the tasks to make the plan, strategy and budget work.

RJ is a class act. He’s single handedly raised my business to the next level. He’s very responsive and mindful of time sensitive issues. He cares about your business as if it was his own. You are in great hands with RJ.
Shane Quinlan
Tree Service Company
I have been working with RJ since 2018. At that time I was with Angie's List and it was costing me $2,500 a month to do about $30K a month in projects. With RJ, my marketing expenses have been cut in half, monthly revenue is up to $40K. He cares, he communicates and gets results.
Ron Bledsoe
Painting Contractor

Here is my guarantee to you.

Contractor Marketing Network does the marketing tasks you need, gets you leads that match your budget and grows your business at your pace.

If you are a new business (less than a year old) Contractor Marketing Network sets up your marketing foundations and grows you fast.


Anyone who guarantees you page one ranking, X amount of leads per month or makes extremely bold claims.

They are lying, period.


Although, there is no proper way for me to track your gross revenue, nor do I want to. You will be the judge. 

What I know and can see is the amount of incoming leads, the website traffic, the social media metrics and your digital growth. 

I will grow them for you.

Doing the marketing tasks you know you need to succeed. 


Get started Today for $199.00. Name your budget and start getting more business for your business.

I am confident that my services will meet your needs and goals, contact me today!