Digital Marketing Services for Interior Designers

Contractor Marketing Network (CMN) is a full-service digital marketing company for Interior Designer.  We pride ourselves on knowing the Interior Designer business.  Not only as an Interior Designer marketing agency, but the in the field day to day business of an Interior Designer company.  It is a big advantage we have over other internet marketing services.


We are here to guide your Interior Designer business marketing efforts, so you don’t have a tragic ending like many designer’s will face.  Because of the interdependent nature of independent contracting, design companies have a higher failure rate than many other types of companies.

According to the U.S. Census: Very small firms (1 to 4 employees) have the highest failure rate.

Two of the main reasons why Interior Designer businesses fail, are cash flow and innovation.  Both, of which marketing helps.

You attract customers (cash flow) by using marketing innovations. Customers look for services in many different ways these days Search, Social and other internet marketing medias.

How to market and advertise an interor design business

Your Interior Designer Marketing Services All in One Package

Contractor Marketing Network has your Interior Design company marketing strategy and system, all in one package. Here is a list of the contractor marketing tools we use for your design business.

Web Design for Interior Designers

Want more interior design clients?

Getting more clients can be one of the biggest struggles for interior designers.

Whether that is driving traffic to your site, converting a lead into a client or becoming more known within your area – there is a lot to consider when trying to grow your business.

It all centers around your website.  With a well planned web design, your interior design business can standout and actual do its job of informing, educating and selling your services.

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] for Designers

SEO can put lead generation on autopilot for your interior design business and can easily drive a consistent 10, 20 or more new leads each month once the SEO tasks are put to work.

There is a lot of bad information around SEO and thousands of articles on many different parts of SEO. Which can make it seem extremely difficult for non-SEO specialists.

A quick note to start, in terms of the best platform for SEO to build your site – WordPress is the best way to go. Squarespace and Wix are great website building tools. But if you are serious about getting more clients (from SEO) you really need to be on WordPress.


As of January of 2020, we won’t even work on any website, unless it is built on WordPress. 

It is just not worth our efforts, the clients budget only to have it not perform as well as it could, if were a WordPress CMS website.

In terms of SEO, you need to be found when people search for the keywords and search queries that generate you opportunities, leads and clients.

Google My Business & Google Maps Management for Design Companies

Because your business is mostly geographically located, you need to create, maintain and optimize your GMB and Google Maps. 

The local SEO power these two marketing tools have for your business is well worth the efforts.

We create, maintain and manage your Google My Business to get you found locally online.

Social Media Management for Interior Designers

With the high end home market booming, interior designers’ businesses should be booming too. But sadly most are not. For established designers their client base is aging and they are having a hard time bringing in new clients to take up the slack.


For up-and-coming designers, selling their services is even more of a challenge as young people new to affluence have little experience with or understanding of the value of interior design services.


Social media is a platform that has allowed many unknown designers reach new clients.  

A recent study showed that only 10% of the top earners use an interior design service. 

And according to another study, finding clients is the number 1 challenge a design company faces. 


We do things a lot different here. We plan out our social media for clients so that it works with all the other marketing tasks, tools and strategies. Too many interior designers think their marketing revolves around social media. 

That is why social media has failed so many designers.



8 out of 10 designers social media over-promises and under-delivers.

If you are looking to work together with a marketing agency that truly cares about your success, you are here.

As part of our marketing package, a social media plan and content schedule will be made in a holistic way that not only attracts more clients, but guides them from the first time they see you, until they are clients that refer you to more clients. It is a journey, not a destination.


Digital Marketing Services for Interior Designers

Google Ads & Facebook Ads for Designers

Appearing at the top of Google is easy if you pay them. But it needn’t cost you a lot of money.

The cost is dependent on how competitive the keyword is, in terms of how many people are trying to appear for the same keyword.

With our PPC ads management together we can work on a plan that doesn’t put a burden on your marketing budget.

Most of the time, with our present clients we use paid ads as a way to supplement our other marketing efforts.


Fill in those project gaps and entire those new marketing areas.


If you are experiencing project gaps or want to get your foot in a certain location, let’s talk. We can work together on getting those gaps filled and new areas added to your portfolio. 

With our Google Ads and Facebook Ads targeting the right clients becomes easier and more predictable.

Email & Newsletter Marketing for Interior Designers

Word of mouth and complete follow-up are essential to the success of any business, but more so with interior designers. 

You need to stay top of mind with past clients and the nurturing of new leads is vital to your success.

With our newsletter marketing services, you will stay top of mind, get those much need reviews and referrals. And with our email marketing sequences, that are segmented as well as automated, your email marketing has a much better chance of guiding opportunities into a steady flow of clients.

Copywriting as a marketing strategy for interior designers

EDDM – Direct Mail – Direct Response Marketing for Design Firms

Direct mail and postcard marketing with a compelling offer are a very good marketing strategy for interior designers. With the internet and social media so crowded, something to relax and read, without disruptions, plus having something to save for later use is a powerful marketing strategy for interior designers.


You don’t need to swing for the fence, a foot in the door intro offer works best. Maybe a one day room redo or another small offer.  Any business that wants to be around for the long run, thinks long-term. 


Our direct marketing plans help you get your foot in the door, open up conversation and transactional relationships, to build a lasting stream of income all from well planned small targeted offers, sent directly to the right locations, with a sense of urgency.


A great way to build your email/newsletter marketing as well. We are all about holistic marketing. 


Account Based Marketing for Interior Design Businesses

Have you ever want to market your company to a specific business, person or organization?

Well, account based marketing may be the marketing strategy to do it. When we work together, we not only find the right players in your location for the goals you have, but we work on making the connections. With a well planned strategy, account based marketing can lead to large projects or a steady flow of smaller projects. 

They key is finding the best clients to serve, building rapport over time, making the right offers and being there when they are ready.

Many times our clients have been the go to company, when the prospect has a problem.  Simply because of the time in building a relationship, educating the prospective client and building trust.


If you are in the market to get all your marketing working in harmony or simple want to try out one of our services, simply fill out the form below and we would be more than happy to chat with you about where you are at, what your plans are and how we can work together to reach your goals.