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Contractor Marketing Network (CMN) is a full-service Home Improvement contractor marketing company.  We pride ourselves on knowing the business of marketing for Home Improvement Contractors.  Not only as a contractor digital marketing agency, but in the field day to day business of a Home Improvement Contractor.  It is a big advantage we have over other contractor marketing services.

Consider this scenario:

Home Improvement Contractor A and Home Improvement Contractor B offer the same quality work at about the same price.


  • Company A has always relied primarily on newspaper advertising, or simply on word of mouth.
  • Company B has expanded into online marketing. B owns a website with project photos, specific landing pages for services and areas.  They have an active Google My Business account, sends out a monthly newsletter and uses Facebook and Instagram to stay in the public eye.  Plus, they add articles or blog posts to their website and target specific areas with a Google Ads, when they see the schedule getting thin.

Company A cannot hope to compete.  There is only so much work in a local marketing area.  Company B will attract more of the available work, leaving Company A with less work, less profits and more stress.

We are here to guide your Home Improvement business marketing efforts, so you don’t have a tragic ending like many contractor’s will face. 

Because of the interdependent nature of construction, construction companies have a higher failure rate than many other types of companies.

According to the U.S. Census: Very small firms (1 to 4 employees) have the highest failure rate


Two of the main reasons why contracting business fail, are cash flow and innovation.  Both, of which marketing helps.


You attract customers (cash flow) by using marketing innovations. Customers look for services in many different ways these days Search, Social and other internet marketing medias.

Contractor Marketing Network has your Home Improvement company marketing and advertising, all in one place.

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How do I market my home improvement business?

6 of the best home improvement marketing strategies

  1. Web design. A well-designed website has the power to convert visitors into customers for your business 24/7. …
  2. Local Search engine optimization (SEO) 
  3. Google My Business
  4. Content marketing. …
  5. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. …
  6. Email marketing

How do I advertise my renovation business?

Here are 8 tips you can use to propel your home improvement advertising, and effectively.

  1. Focus on local. 
  2. Build your brand. 
  3. Make use of digital ads.
  4. Have a company website, with landing pages for specific services and areas.
  5. Invest in SEO for contractors. 
  6. Get more business listings
  7. Social media marketing. 
  8. Have a detailed marketing plan and track it. 

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