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Contractor Marketing Network (CMN) is a full-service digital marketing company for flooring contractors.  We pride ourselves on knowing the flooring business and how to sell the services.  Not only as a contractor marketing agency, but the in the field day to day business of a Flooring Contractor company. 

It is a big advantage we have over other contractor marketing services.


Consider this scenario:


Flooring Company A and Company B offer the same quality work at about the same price.


Flooring Company A has always relied primarily on newspaper advertising, or simply on word of mouth.


Flooring Company B has expanded into online marketing. B owns a website with flooring project photos, and a Google My Business account, sends out a monthly newsletter and uses Facebook and Instagram to stay in the public eye.  Plus, they add articles or blog posts to their website and target specific areas with landing pages.  They also do targeted EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) marketing campaign.


Company A cannot hope to compete.  There is only so much work in a local marketing area.  Company B will attract more of the available work, leaving Company A with less work, less profits and more stress.


We are here to guide your Flooring Contracting business marketing efforts, so you don’t have a tragic ending like many contractor’s will face. 


Because of the interdependent nature of construction, construction companies have a higher failure rate than many other types of companies.

According to the U.S. Census: Very small firms (1 to 4 employees) have the highest failure rate

Residential Flooring contractors marketing.  Local marketing service for Flooring Contractor companies.  Contractor Marketing Network, Pennsville, New Jersey  A contractor marketing company.
How will you market your flooring company?

Two of the main reasons why contracting business fail, are cash flow and innovation.  


Both, of which marketing helps.


You attract customers (cash flow) by using marketing innovations.


Customers look for services in many different ways these days Search, Social and other internet marketing medias.


You need to be visible on Google and you need to stay in front of people on social media. 

Your Marketing Services All in One Package

Contractor Marketing Network has your Flooring company marketing system, all in one package.

Here is a list of the contractor marketing tools we use for your business.

Websites – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Website Heat Mapping

More people will see your website and convert to customers.

Google My Business Management

Google Maps Marketing

You’ll show up in more searches.  Get more leads, more phone calls and customers in the process.

Social Media Management

(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube)

Helping you build relationships, trust and communicate with people/customers in your community

Google Ads & Facebook Ads

You can harness the massive reach. When people have a question that needs answering their first stop is usually Google.  They Google It!

[Take the 5 Minute SEO Test. See if you need Search Engine Optimization.]

Email & Newsletter Marketing

Keeps you top of mind with your customers.  We are all busy, newsletters act as reminders.  Newsletters also, inform, educate and entertain your customers.  Interactions make better company/customer relationships.

EDDM – Direct Mail – Direct Response Marketing

Direct marketing that is targeted to a specific audience can help you set realistic sales goals and improve sales results on a tight marketing budget.  We can make you the top company in specific areas using EDDM sales funnels.

Review – Reputation – Referral Management

Everyone has had a bad review.  We manage them for you.  While actively getting you more, positive reviews with our automated process.  No more pulling teeth, to get customers to give you that review.

Database Marketing

Our marketing database has over 14 million businesses and a database of over 200 million consumers. We can target almost any type of person or business that could benefit your businesses marketing effort.

Primary benefit of working with

Contractor Marketing Network

  • We save you time
  • We make you more money
  • We keep your marketing consistent
  • We work from a marketing plan and strategy.
  •  We have processes, checklists and follow-ups
  • We do the research that is needed
  • We get you found by more customers

We do the marketing tasks, that you know will help your business.

Like having an in-house marketing department, without the cost. We keep your marketing consistent and with a plan.

We handle all these marketing services for you, plus more. All your business marketing in one package. 

We are your marketing engine, not parts of the motor.

  • Could your marketing efforts use some help?
  • Could you benefit from having a better marketing program for your business?
  • Do you want to grow your business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then get in touch with us today.  

Don’t put it off.

Procrastination is successes, assassin.

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The process starts with reaching out and getting to know one another.

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