Our Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy

Identify your Target Market and Competitors. Defines your Unique Selling Position. Supports ROI on Marketing Spend.

Website Design

Develop an Online Presence. Target Local Customers. Establish business credibility. Accessibility 24/7.

Search Optimization

Get more customers through organic search. Improves brand awareness. Benefits other marketing. Done on a budget.

Social Media

Increase Brand Recognition. Improved brand loyalty. Higher conversion rates. Better Search Engine Rankings.

Newsletter Marketing

Deliver targeted messages. Reach an already engaged audience. Easy to measure. Drive revenue.


Stand out from competition. Increases brand awareness. Attract potential customers. Inform, persuade, remind.

92% of people will pull out their phones, ask Siri or type on their computer a basic search. When looking for a service provider.

If you are ready to stop the marketing and advertising madness?

Excavation Contractor Marketing Services

Contractor Marketing Network (CMN) is a full-service demolition,  excavation and site work contractor marketing company. We pride ourselves on knowing the excavation contractor’s business. Not only as an excavation contractor online marketing agency, but the in the field day-to-day business of running an excavation contracting company. It is an enormous advantage we have over other marketing services.

  • Lot Clearing
  • Grading
  • Excavation
  • Drainage
  • Site Work
  • Utility Trenching
  • And more

You have services to market and we know how to get your excavation company more clients and customers.

We are a marketing and advertising agency in New Jersey, serving the United States and Canada. 

The first step in marketing your excavation company is creating a marketing plan. 

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Consider this excavation company marketing scenario:

Excavation Contractor A and Excavation Contractor B offer the same quality work at about the same price. They have the same equipment and logistics.

Company A has always relied primarily on vehicle lettering, or simply word of mouth. Maybe they have a website.

Company B has expanded into online marketing. B owns a website with project photos, and a Google My Business account, sends out a monthly newsletter to general contractors/customers and uses Facebook and Instagram to stay in the public eye.  Plus, they target specific areas with Search Engine Optimization marketing campaigns on their website to get found in those locations.

Company A cannot hope to compete.  There is only so much work in a local marketing area. 

Company B will attract more of the work, leaving Company A with less work, fewer profits and more stress.

If you can’t be found with your digital marketing, you might as well be hiding from customers.

Do you know the value of your marketing area?

Are you struggling to produce customers for your excavation business? Are you looking to advertise your company more effectively? We are here to help.

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Digital marketing excavation company

We are here to guide your excavation business marketing efforts, so you don’t have a tragic ending like many contractors will face. 

Excavation Contractor Marketing System, All in One Package.

Websites – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

More people will see your website and convert to customers

Excavation company and contractor web designer

Google My Business Management – Google Maps Marketing

You’ll show up in more searches.  Get more phone calls and customers in the process.

Google My Business Services

Social Media Management

Helps you build relationships, trust and communicate with people/customers in your community

Social Media Marketing as a lead generation Strategy for Handyman

Excavation Company Advertising

Google Ads & Facebook Ads

You can harness the massive reach. When people have a question that needs answering their first stop is usually Google.  Google It!

Google Ads and Local service ads services for landscaping companies

Email & Newsletter Marketing

Keeps you top of mind with your customers.  We are all busy, newsletters act as reminders.  Newsletters also, inform, educate and entertain your customers.  Interactions make better company/customer relationships.

EDDM – Direct Mail – Direct Response Marketing

Direct marketing that is targeted to a specific audience can help you set realistic sales goals and improve sales results on a tight marketing budget.  We can make you the top company in specific areas using EDDM sales funnels.

Online Review – Reputation – Referral Management

Everyone has had a bad review.  We manage them for you.  While actively getting you more, positive reviews with our automated process.  No more pulling teeth, to get customers to give you that review.

Account Based Marketing - Database Marketing

Our marketing database has over 14 million businesses and a database of over 200 million consumers. We can target almost any type of person or business that could benefit your businesses marketing effort.

Primary benefit of working with Contractor Marketing Network

We do the marketing tasks, that you know will help your business. Like having an in-house marketing department, without the cost. We keep your marketing consistent.



We handle all these marketing services for you, plus more. All your business marketing in one package.  We are the engine, not parts of the motor. 

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