Lead Generation for Contractors

As a contractor you need a lead generation system to keep a steady flow of new customers coming in to your business. You also need a lead nurturing process to take, not so ready leads and guide them to become a customer. Contractors also need a lead generation system to get referrals from past customers or get more work from existing customers.

Our contractor lead generation services work to get you the best contractor leads using several different marketing tactics.

Contractor Marketing Network is proud to specialize in home service, home improvement and contractor lead generation, and the approach that we take is custom and one of a kind. We are committed to provide you the best exclusive, contractor leads. Our lead generation service model is built on trust, transparency and accountability.

We’re not like other lead generation services which simply charge you per lead, not matter the quality of the lead. Contractor Marketing Network is committed to your company’s growth and goals. We take opportunities and turn them into good contractor leads. Paying customers with names and faces, not pay for a name, email address and/or a phone number.

Lead Generation Strategy

We need to put some time in the beginning to understand your target customer, location details and to identify where those customers are starting their buying journey. Most lead generation service companies for contractors will only get you so far. If you want to really generate leads, then you need to consider the entire process from cradle to grave, before you get started.


Customer lead strategy always comes first.


After we explain what a lead generation strategy is, the light will go on in your head. I has for many other contractors.  We put marketing strategy into perspective. 


There is no winging it or throwing something on the wall to see what sticks. Battles are won with plans and adjusting those plans as need to win.

Lead Generation Tools and Tactics

There are literally hundreds of ways we can generate leads for your contracting business, but we focus on 7 methods.

  1. Website SEO
  2. Google My Business (Local SEO)
  3. Google Ads
  4. Facebook & Instagram Ads
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Email/Newsletter Marketing
  7. Local Branding

These lead generation tools each have a purpose and a goal to achieve for you.  We manage these tools in getting you new customers, leading prospects and getting more of those word-of-mouth referrals from past customers.

Each of these lead generation methods has a price tag on them. Some more expensive than others. But they are all critical to having a consistent lead generation flow.

Stop buying bad leads, our marketing is designed to convert online leads into the right customers for you.

Stop Renting Your Leads, Build Your Business, With Our Marketing Services.

Exclusive Contractor Leads

The leads we produce for your contracting business all will be exclusive. We only work with one client per area. Our contractor marketing services, is not just about getting leads, it is about building your contracting business, building a local brand and making you the one that people think of when they think of your services.

The leads are better, more qualified and more profitable, when you have a sound marketing plan and strategy in place. When you marketing and advertising are consistent, so is the lead you generate.

Get your marketing system in order and start generating leads and building a local brand.

Here is our 3-Steps process and it takes about 30 minutes of your time.

  1. Fill out the form below or call us direct. We need to get to know one another.
  2. We’ll discuss what marketing assets you have. Which ones you have used and the outcomes of those marketing tools.
  3. Together we will discuss your future goals, your budget to reach those goals and as always, we give you no B.S. answers and realistic outcomes of what you can expect.

We have been in this industry since 1986 and Contractor Marketing Network was founded in 2009, we have seen and heard it all. When you are ready to stop playing with start-ups, parrots and companies who don’t understand your customers reasons for call on a contractor.


Then fill out the form or call us today!

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