Lead Generation Blueprint

This blueprint is not a simple here is a list or E-book you will never use. It is a system we have been successful with for our clients and in our own business since 2009. Once these systems and processes are running, leads will follow.


We are giving you the keys to the castle, it is up to you to walk to the door, install the key and turn the knob.

You don't build your empire on shaky foundations.

There are 14 steps and they have to be in the EXACT order we provide. Overlooking them or doing them out of order is why most businesses fail at marketing. It would be like building a house in the wrong order.


Each step has a template, instructions and checklist. As a pilot or a ship’s captain would have before taking off in a plane or setting sail on a ship.


Each step should take you about 30 minutes. But take as much time as you need to get it right, follow the instructions we give you. If you have any questions along the way, we are here with email support or by a phone call during business hours.


Each of these 14 steps MUST be in order. We will send you the instructions, templates and checklists one per day. We will also ask for feedback, any questions you have before we send the next step.


We are doing this because we want you to succeed and build a lead generation system for your business.  So, you never have to buy leads again from any lead broker.


In 14 days from now, you will have the foundations built. Plus, an understanding of who, what, where, why, when and most important, how to get customers.


Once this system is running (10-15 hours), you can manage it in as little as 2 hours a week. Perfect for the small business owner. Yet scalable for larger businesses or ones that want to grow.

Leads + Blueprint = Customers

Below is the list of steps in the EXACT order. 


If you don’t understand or know how or what we mean, we are here with you over the next 14 days to help you along.


  • Buyer Personas [Last 5 Customers]
  • Digital Foundations [Website, Google My Business, (2) Social Media Platforms, Email Service]
  • Marketing Budget [Time and/or Funds]
  • Marketing Plan [One Page]
  • Set-up Tracking [Google Analytics & Google Search Console]
  • Buyer Research [Local Numbers Breakdown]
  • Copywriting [Simple Formulas and Fill in the Blank]
  • Lead Magnet [What do your customers want?]
  • Content Creation [Small piece of content that has multi-purposes]
  • Social Media Marketing Plan [30 steps to actually win the social media game]
  • Email Marketing Plan [How to turn visitors into life-long customers]
  • Ads Creation [Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads]
  • Local SEO [Getting found online in the search engines]
  • Measuring Results [Adjusting your tools to meet your marketing objectives]
From frustrated with Lead Gen, to happy with your results.

You should print the materials, templates and checklists we give you. Put them in a file, folder or make a binder book if you need to for future reference.

This Lead Generation Blueprint has a market value of over $1,000, but is yours FREE. It is a do-it-yourself program. With mentoring, coaching and support thrown in for your success.

All we ask… is when you are complete, you do 2 things, that cost you nothing but 5 minutes of your time.

  • Mention and Tag us in a social media post.
  • Leave us an honest review at the link we provide at the end of the 14 days.


Does that sound fair enough?

If so, great!

Let’s get started.

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