What is it that you do?

I’m a small marketing consultant firm.  I help small contracting and home service businesses with all aspects of their marketing.  From coming up with a plan to managing the plans.  I have a network of specialist in all areas of marketing that I work with.  From web designers, SEO experts, copy writers, video experts and more.

I help save time/money, make my clients more money, grow and reach their individual goals.

Most contracting companies don’t have the time or expertise to market themselves properly.  They think they don’t have a budget to do marketing on scale.  So they either do nothing or try everything, with little results.

I free up their time by doing the marketing for them, the correct way with results we can physically look at on paper or computer screen.  We establish a budget, even if its a pay as we grow budget.  Most marketing campaigns can be started for around $500 and that money is returned pretty quickly from the new work it generates.


Check out my case studies here.

  • A landscape company wants to expand on their service of paver installation.  Together we develop a plan, I research the best ways to meet their goals, then we execute the plan.  It can be anything from canvassing a neighborhood with door hangers to a Facebook or Google Adwords campaign.  The goal/budget is what dictates the methods.
  •  A plumber wants more water heater installs.  We come up with a goal of X amount of water heater installs by a certain date or per week or month.  I do the research, look at the data and make a plan to reach that goal.
  • A roofing contractor wants to beat out the low ball contractors in his market.  We come up with a goal, make a plan together and repostion the roofing contractor as the one with more value to the customer and/or we generate more leads so the contractor has more opportunities than the low ball competition.  Note: Low bidding competition has to do volume.  If you take a bite out of the volume, they will keep lowering their price to get projects and soon be out of business.  Opening up the market. 


What are your rates?

I don’t charge hourly, I charge by the project.  My pricing is based on keeping clients and to do that I have to show results.

I do have cookie cutter systems for certain types of marketing programs that are flat fee, pay as you go, no contract systems.  The 6 Figure Solo Program is one.  The Social Media Manager is another.


  • A contractor is running Craigslist ads.  Not getting the results they want, competing with so many other ads on Craigslist.  I look at what they are doing, I look at the competition, I look at who their clients are.  Then make up a series of Headlines and Ad body copy to increase their contacts/calls for services.  My charge is normally between $150-300.  The contractor can use the Ads forever.  It’s a one time project.
  • A client may want to get more out of their Facebook business page (most business pages suck that is putting it mildly).  I look at their page, make the needed changes, add calls to action, either booking, call now or whatever action is needed to meet the goal of the page.  The charge is normally between $100-300 according to what the goal is.  If the client wants to manage and maintain the page themselves, I give them my Facebook Page WorkSheet to help them.  If they want to have me manage it, the fee is $99 per month.  Most underestimate the power of Facebook for getting clients or they are plain old doing it wrong.
  • A client wants me to manage all their marketing.  Starting with a marketing plan, website, email marketing, social media marketing, traditional marketing, writing all the ads, keeping track of the data, doing follow-up and referral marketing, SEO, Google/Facebook Ads, etc.  This service starts at $399 a month and most clients pay around $499.  $100 to $125 a week to have someone market them full time is well worth it to be consistent.


How do I start working with you?

First, it all starts with a FREE phone call.

We need to find out what your goals are.  It can’t be vague like to make more money or get more clients.  We need to really come up with a goal.  Either a dollar amount you want to get in return for the services or a certain number of calls, clients, etc.  That way we can measure what we are aiming to do.

We then come up with a plan, based on a budget to meet that goal.  We get all our marketing tactics ready and start.

I am very easy to work with.  I am a problem solver and creative in the ways I market you.

Note: All my clients are put in a project management program, so they can track what is being done, what is being worked on at their leisure.  You will always know and can check online at any time to see.

Have any questions you need answered?  Feel free to call or email me.

Call 800-771-9671

Email:  RJCooper@ContractorMarketingNetwork.com