What is it that you do?

I’m a small marketing agency.  I help small contracting and home service businesses with all aspects of their marketing.  Some services are, market research, plan development, website development, SEO, ads creation,  sales & lead generation funnels, social media management, Facebook/Instagram/Google/Bing Ads,  copywriting/design, plus PPC Google/Bing marketing.

My services saves you time and money.

Time savings:

  • How many hats do you have time to wear?  You are the scheduler, the deliver guy, the doer, the salesman, the human resources, etc.  Marketing doesn’t have to be one of them.  We work together as your marketing department, I do all the tech work.  Saving you hours a week.
  • I get results faster, making you money quicker.  I save you time from the trial and errors of testing this or that idea.  We develop a plan around your budget and goals.

Most contracting companies don’t have the time or expertise to market themselves using the latest technology or have the data.  So they either do nothing or try everything, with little results.

You have one bucket, don’t try to get 10,000 people wet, get 10 soaked is much better for small businesses.


Housing Targeting


I free up your time by doing the marketing for you, the correct way with the results.


Check out my case studies here.

  • A landscape company wanted to expand on their paver installation services. Together we develop a 60 day plan, I researched the market demographics, then we develop a strategy and execute the plan.  We canvassed several neighborhoods with door hangers, ran a targeted Facebook Ad campaign and automated email marketing in place. The goal/budget is what dictated the methods.
  • A roofing contractor wanted to beat out the low ball contractors in his market.  Together we came up with a 90 day goal, made a strategic plan and repositioned the roofing contractor as the local contractor that was more capable, that added the most value to his customers.  We generated more leads in the pipeline using a combination of social media and email.  Note: Low bidding competition has to do volume.  If you take a bite out of the volume, they will keep lowering their price to get projects and soon be out of business. Opening up the market. 


Not seeing the results you’d like with your marketing efforts?  Spending money, but not getting anything in return?  Fill out the form and help is on the way.



What are your rates?

My pricing is based on keeping clients and to do that I have to show results.  I need to be seen as an asset.

Some of the services on the PLUS ONE System start at $150 per month.

A great way to start is with our Plus One Social Media Management Service or our Plus One Web Development Service.

How do I start working with you?

It all starts with an email.  RJCooper@ContractorMarketingNetwork.com


We need to find out what your goals are.  It can’t be vague like to make more money or get more clients.  We need to really come up with a goal.  Either a dollar amount you want to get in return for the services or a certain number of calls, clients, etc.  That way we can measure what we are aiming to do.

We then come up with a plan, based on a budget to meet that goal.  We get all our marketing tactics ready and start.

I am very easy to work with.  I am a problem solver and creative in the ways I market you.



Have any questions you need answered?  Feel free to call or email me.

Call 800-771-9671

Text 856-812-3180

Email:  RJCooper@ContractorMarketingNetwork.com