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My name is RJ Cooper.
I am a marketing consultant/manager for small contracting and home service businesses.  I have been in the construction field since 1986. I have worked on over $3 billion dollars worth of projects. 
I do things a lot different than most other marketing services.
One difference is I don’t use one marketing tool or tactic to market your business.  I take a more holistic approach. Using many tools/tactics that help or support other marketing tools/tactics. This makes a complete holistic marketing system. You get better results for each dollar invested.
The system is:
The Plus One Marketing System”.
There are three types of business we work with.
  • Contractors who are not happy with their current marketing companies.
  • Contractors who are new to digital marketing.
  • Contractors who are DIY marketing their businesses. Yet not getting the results they need or want.
If you fit into one or more of these categories, keep reading.

Three reasons to work with me.

I save you time in your busy work schedule. I save you time learning who, what, where, when and how of marketing your business. so you can actually run your business.
I have been in the construction industry since 1986. And the marketing end of construction/service business since 2009. I have seen my share of success and failure.
I keep score.  In business the score is in profits, growth and/or reaching a goal. We set dates and goals.  This way we can measure our results.
Our ideal client is one who understands how important marketing is to their business. But, either doesn’t have the time and/or knowledge. Clients that want a complete holositic marketing system. We educate as well as execute, a marketing plan. Based on your goals, budget and the company mission statement.
Who I serve:
Most of my clients are small 1-5 man companies in the $100-500K annual sales range.  I have some larger and some part-timers doing less.
Why I serve these clients:
I found that this segment of business owners need the most help getting their marketing in order. Getting started right or reaching that next level in business. You have the most to gain from controlled growth.
How I serve my clients:
I work close with my clients because, each and everyone wants different things in life.  Your marketing must work toward those life/business goals.
Together, we build a marketing system that is custom made to fit your business. By using marketing tools, tactics and methods that fit your budget. We get results.
Check out my services to see if what I do can help your business.
Look around the blog, you can always check out my social accounts or even join my private group on Facebook. 
Learn more about me and learn some things about marketing your business in the process.
Look forward to hearing from you.
Until our trails cross,
RJ Cooper
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