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The dreaded “About Us” website page. Here goes.

My name is RJ Cooper.


Here is the boilerplate “About Me” resume’. (Read the entire page to get a real idea)


About Me/Us

I am a marketing consultant/manager for small contracting and home service businesses.  I have been in the construction field since 1986.


Spending 25 of those years in the field as a carpenter/general foreman, so I understand the day to day that many contractors deal with.


Contractor Marketing Network was started as a career transition in 2009. I had a bad fall in 2005 and realized I was getting or going to get old.


Since then I have worked with many contractors and service businesses in some marketing aspect. Helping them take their business ideas, dreams, goals and putting it down on paper (screen). Then building the marketing system around those budgets, dreams, wants and needs.


I do one off “`A la Carte” type services like design & develop websites, Local SEO or consulting on getting a new service idea off the ground. But my bread and butter service is working with companies to manage their day in, day out marketing tasks. This also get you the best results. Too many cooks spoil the soup.


I do the things you don’t have time or knowledge to do. You know they have to be done to reach your goals. Even if you have them in your mind or down on paper.


Things like adding content to your websites for SEO, user experience and conversion optimization, posting to social media. Plus, optimizing your Google My Business, create a monthly newsletter and do all sales writing.  And I get you more referrals and reviews. I set up and manage all the Google Ads and Facebook/Instagram Ads for my clients as well.  


There is so much that needs to be done correctly, consistently and tracked to see what is working, what isn’t and how to improve on the tasks, the marketing campaigns.

My Holistic Approach to Marketing

One difference is I don’t use one marketing tool or tactic to market your business.  I take a holistic approach. Using many tools/tactics that help or support other marketing tools/tactics. This makes a complete holistic marketing system.

Your social media should work to support your website. Your website should support what you are advertising. They all have a job. Thinking one marketing tool can do all the heavy lifting is a fools dream.

The marketing tools have jobs to do. One may make people aware of you (Social media, ads, SEO, Newsletters) the other is to convince the viewer/visitor to do business with your company. The tools need to work together with a strategic plan.

You get better results when tools and tasks are working in the same direction and not treated as stand-alone marketing tools.

My Marketing System

The system is simple.

Get the foundations built well.

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Google My Business
  • Newsletter
  • Ads

Build them, consistently improve on them. Then add on the extra marketing tools as needed.

The three types of business I work with.


Contractors who are not happy with their current marketing companies.

There are many.

I am not making any promises of success.


Nope, not doing it.


What I am going to say is, you will be better than you were, after working with me.

Plus, growing.

There is no marketing company that can promise X amount of customer or business. It is a patronization on their part.  


Contractors who are new to digital marketing.


You are the businesses preyed upon by HomeAdvisor, Angie’s List and the other lead brokers. I feel your pain and frustration. Even wrote several articles about it.

You are their product and paying for it.


Contractors who are DIY marketing their businesses. Yet not getting the results they need or want.


I understand the learning curves, the need for consistency.

Doing this day in and day out, I have more experience over more industries to assist you from what I know. Having a plan and working the plan, with what we know works and building off that is key. No magic formula or tool. Smart, hard, consistent work is what makes for success.

If you fit into one or more of these categories, keep reading.

Why should we work together?


I save you time in your busy work schedule. Time from learning who, what, where, when and how in marketing your business. So, you can actually run your business.



I have been in the construction industry since 1986. And the marketing end of construction/service business since 2009. I have seen my share of success and failure. I know why people buy each type of service we market. Where those people are online and offline to get you in front of them. Also, knowing what they are looking for before, during and after the sale.

Crafting the right marketing message at the right time in their buying stage is very important. For most contractors, I feel it is the missing key to guiding buyer from finding you to buying from you.



I keep score.  What is measured gets improved. Think of a diet or a road trip of X number of miles. It is how you know you are losing weight or getting closer to your destination.

In business the score is in profits, growth and/or reaching a goal. We set dates, deadlines and goals.  This way we can measure our results in increments to make sure we are headed, where we want to go.


My ideal client is one who understands how important marketing is to their business. But either doesn’t have the time and/or knowledge. Clients that want more business, more customers and realize a complete holistic marketing system is the answer.


Along the way you will be educated on how and why.


Who I Mostly Work With

Who I serve

Most of my clients are small 3-10 men companies in the $250-800K annual sales range.  I have some clients that are larger and some part-timers doing less.



Why I serve these clients

I found that you are the business owners needing the most help getting their marketing in order. You are doing well, but cannot justify hiring any one full-time or even part-time to do the marketing tasks you need.




How I serve my clients

First, good, honest communication skills.

It is the age of communication and it is easy. I get back to my clients with answers to their questions and solutions to their problems quick, even on nights and weekends. You don’t work 9 to 5, neither do I.

I am a business owner too.

I work close with my clients because, each and everyone wants different things in life.  Your marketing must work toward those life/business goals. Some businesses want growth, some to maintain where they are at. Understandable.

Together, we build a marketing system that is custom made to fit your business. By using marketing tools, tactics and methods that fit your budget.

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If you read this far, thanks. It means a lot. Either you are interested in my services, or my copywriting was good enough to get you to read to the bottom.

Either way, Thank you.

Until our trails cross,

RJ Cooper

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This is me, working at the dining room table on a Sunday morning.

This is what marketing really looks like.

Yeah, I love what I do.

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