About Us

The dreaded “About Us” website page.

Here goes.

Company Description

Contractor Marketing Network centers around our marketing slogan:

“We do the marketing tasks you know you need to succeed!”

We understand how busy you are from customers, vendors and oh yes, the employees. That is where we help you the most. You have marketing and advertising tasks that need to be done, on time, budget and get the results to keep the ship afloat.

Our marketing service makes sure your marketing is focused, consistent and above all profitable. We track everything, report it, and discuss with you in a weekly marketing meeting.

We are not a quantity-based marketing company where you are a number or take a ticket. Our service is a business relationship, but we treat you like a person. Over time, we have made personal relationships with our clients, we call them friends now.

Our primary marketing service is managing all your marketing channels from advertising to website management and everything in between. With you, we plan, create, distribute, manage, track and report all your marketing efforts.

About the Founder

My name is RJ Cooper, founder, and marketing misfit here at Contractor Marketing Network.

I have been in the construction industry since 1986. Yep, an old guy. Starting as a carpenter’s apprentice and working my way up to carpenter general foreman running projects as big a high-rise in Philadelphia to the Eagles stadium and power houses along the Delaware Valley and nationwide.

After a nasty accident in 2005, a shift started from the field to the office. In 2009, I started this company as I saw the importance of marketing and advertising for contractors. Many had a lack of digital knowledge about all things marketing and its importance in their businesses. Marketing and advertising was an afterthought for many coming after the day-in-day out grind. Only becoming important when the well is running dry.


Almost forgot, I like hunting, fishing and anything outdoors. I also like technology, marketing and advertising, just a little.

Working With Us

If you are here, looking for a marketing agency who has your best interest in mind, you have come to the right place. If you are looking for a quick fix or for a bailout for lack of work next week, I am not your guy; we are not your company. We are here to help solve your marketing problems, not take a hand off and take the blame for bad marketing.


We build, manage and optimize marketing systems for your business.


That being said, if you are looking for a focused marketing system, one that is planned, tracked and improved over time, you found your marketing company.


We are like having an in-house marketing department, without the expense.

Contact Us

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(856) 812-3180

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After hours Call or Text

‪(856) 214-2710‬

Kind Words from Clients/Friends

Great guy to work with give him a chance you won’t be sorry ! Gene B
Eugene Brennan
Business owner, Tree Service, client since 2016
RJ is a class act. He’s single handedly raised my business to the next level. He’s very responsive and mindful of time sensitive issues. He cares about your business as if it was his own. You are in great hands with RJ.
Shane Quinlan
Business Owner, Tree Service, client since 2018
After leaving Angie's List, RJ has reduced our monthly marketing expenses, but raised our monthly revenue, by a lot. I love I can text him (I am deaf). He responds fast, and his knowledge about the business from a field perspective is a plus.
Ron B.
Business Owner, Painting Company, client since 2017
I have never sold so many kitchen remodeling projects in my life, and I have been in business 22 years.
M. Morse
Business Owner, Remodeling & Renovations Co., client since 2018
His Google Ads service kicks ass. We' re flooded with work and expanding our area.
Matt Rylie
Business Owner, Excavating Co., client since 2020
His marketing rocks! The local focused marketing is a game changer. You need his website content on your website. Makes a big difference on Google.
Brian Murphy
Business Owner, Concrete Company, client since 2016

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