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About Contractor Marketing Network


I am guessing you are here looking to make your phone ring, get more customers and grow your business.  If I am right, please read on.


My name is RJ Cooper and I am a marketing consultant/manager for small contracting and home service businesses and I do things a lot different than most other marketing services.

One difference is I don’t use just one marketing tool or tactic to market your business.  I take a more holistic approach and use many tools/tactics that help or support other marketing tactics.  This makes a complete marketing system that gets better results for each dollar spent to acquire a customer.


A system I named “The Plus+ One Marketing System”.


Three reasons to work with me.


I save you time. In your busy work schedule and for those doing DIY marketing, I save you a ton of time learning who, what, where, when and how of marketing your business,so you can actually run your business.


I have been in the construction industry since 1986 and the marketing end of construction/service business since 2009.


I keep score.  In business that score is measured in profits, growth and/or reaching a goal. We set dates and goals.  This way we can measure our results.


Who I serve:

Most of my clients are small 1-5 man companies in the $100-500K annual sales range.  I have some larger and some part-timers doing less.

Why I serve these clients:

Having found that this group of business owners needs the most help getting their marketing in order, reaching that next level in business and have the most to gain from growth.

How I serve my clients:

I work closely with my clients because, each and everyone wants different things in life.  So their marketing be geared toward those life/business goals.  Together we make a marketing system that is custom made to fit their business, using marketing tools, tactics and methods that fits their budgets, gets results and is strategically planned out.



Check out my services to see if what I do can help your business.




About my life outside of marketing.

In all the business and marketing classes I have had the pleasure of attending they all say to show how you are different.  From how you provide your services, to who you are and why you do it.

Then when it is time to write about it, all editors and mentors tell you don’t write down your personal life or beliefs, that don’t pertain to business.

I feel this is wrong, people buy from people and people they relate with.  I like doing business with people that have somewhat the same life qualities as myself.

So here is me outside of business, even though it may put off some clients.



I have a loving wife, four adult children and two granddaughters. Plus, Duke the family pet.

Politics and Beliefs:

I am a right leaning constitutional libertarian.  I believe in God and am a Christian.


Fishing, hunting, trapping, gardening, canoe/kayaking, hiking, fly tying and workshop tinkering (wood, steel and concrete).


Look around the blog, you can always check out my social accounts or even join my private group on Facebook.  Learn more about me and learn some things about marketing your business in the process.


Look forward to meeting with you.


Until our trails cross,

RJ Cooper







Call 800-771-9671 Today




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