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Location Targeted Lead Generation, for your Contracting Business

Dominate your marketing location, with this marketing campaign strategy by Contractor Marketing Network. Location Specific Marketing made Simple

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Are You Guilty of Abandoning Your Customers?

Newsletter Marketing for Contractors: More Referrals, Repeat Business and Better Review Management Let me ask you. Are you guilty of abandoning your customers? You go in change out the hot water heater (Plumbers), you replaced a roof (Roofers) or you cut down the last tree in the yard (Tree Services) got the invoice paid and […]

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The Value of a Piece of Paper

It’s only a nickel, what could it be worth?

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8 Copywriting Tips for Contractors

    8 Copywriting Tips for Contractors   What are “Customer Gains” Customer gains are what they get by doing business with you.  This is how you write your website pages, your posts captions and any other marketing messages you use. They should go hand and hand with your companies unique value proposition. Gains describe […]

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How to use Google Earth for Marketing your Contracting Business

Google should be your marketing friend.

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Why Search Trends Are Important To Contractors

  Call Now 856-812-3180 Why Search Trends Are Important To Contractors   How great would it be if you knew not only what ads to run, but when?  No more wasted money placing ads, handing out fliers, etc. when potential customers are not in the market for your services. When it comes to online marketing […]

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22 Benefits of Email Marketing for Contractors

Find out why email marketing is important to your business. We have seen a 20-30% increase in new business, just from a monthly newsletter.

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Digital Marketing Results for Painting Contractors

Painting Contractors get better marketing results with these tips. Find out how to get better digital marketing results for your painting company.

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25 Psychographics for Market Research

25 ways to understand your marketing better.

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What About Bob?

What About Bob, He’s Your Customer