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Contractors, How Important Is Your Website To You?

How Important Is Your Website To You? Are you looking to start a website? Or redo an old one with a fresh web design for your business? If so, you must know what you need to do in 2020 to have a website that drives success for your business. You need to know how important […]

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11 Ways to Bring Old Marketing Back to Life.

How to bring old content and marketing ads back to life.

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3 Generations, 3 Different Marketing Methods

Target your market by age segmentation. Get better results from your websites, social media and ads, by understanding who your writing to.

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Good Advertising Techniques Using the 3 R’s

Target your customers with the right words. Good copywriting, combined with buyer personas, get higher conversions.

Social media

Today’s Tip : Social Media Engagement

Be social on social media. All sales start with a conversation. That in and of itself is why social media is big for small businesses.