Take the 5 Minute SEO Test...See Where You Stand.

This quick SEO test will tell you right away if you should start an SEO program for your business and website.

Save or bookmark this page.

Open another tab and get started with the test.


Type in the service you provide. Do not add any near me or location. Only the main service you provide.

Were you in the top 3 in the local map pack?

  • If so, give yourself 10 points.

When you scroll down the first page, is your website listed?

  • If so, give yourself 10 points.
  • If you are not in the map pack or listed on page one, give yourself 0 points.

Your Score: __________

What was your score?

Now type in your business name into the Google search bar. Not your website URL, but your business name only.

Is your website the first one listed?

Make sure it is your website and not a link to your website from another source such as Angie’s List, Home Advisor or Facebook. But your website.

  • If so give yourself 20 points. For one place rank
  • Give yourself 15 points for 2nd place
  • Give yourself 10 points for 3rd place
  • Give yourself zero points if your website is 4th place or lower.

Your Score: _______

What did you score?

Now type in your service and the main location you serve.

Is your website listed in the top 3 in the Google Map pack? 

  • If so, give yourself 10 points.

Is your website listed on the first page as you scroll down the page?

  • If so, give yourself 10 points.

Your Score: ______

How did you score?

Add up the three scores. 

Total Score:  _______

Hopefully you score this number.

If you did not score at least 50 points, you need SEO services.

This is exactly what your customers do. They won’t spend any more time then what this test took to find a service provider or contractor.

Now think about it. How much business are you losing, when 93% of people start the buying process with a Google Search?

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This is your number one service, in your location.  If you are not ranking well in this location and for your main service, you are losing out on a lot of business.


It is that simple, if you can’t dominate or get ranking in your back yard, how can you rank in your entire service area? The answer, you can’t.

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