How to Optimize Your Tree Service Google My Business for Local SEO

Do you want to get 10-100 more tree removal leads a month for your tree service company? In this GMB optimization article we will show you in 5 steps how to do just that with your Google Business Listing. As Google My Business expert, we have helped our clients average 30-40 extra tree leads per month using only their Google profile.

Now it will not be a five minute fix, nor is it going to happen overnight. But if you follow these Google business management best practices, you too can reap the rewards.

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Get your custom copy of the tree care market in your service area.

Google Business Categories

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Your tree service GMB category that you pick as your primary one is very important to getting ranked in the Google Map Pack. In the image above, you can see four that we have for one of our clients. Your primary category should match what the tree service that is currently in the number one spot in the GMB 3 pack in your area if you want to rank for that category. 

For a tree care company, you may be an arborist, a tree surgeon or offer other services, but if you want to rank for tree services, make that your primary category for your Google profile. 

With our Google My Business Optimization Service, we do a complete competitive research study. By using software, we can see who the players are and how best to out position them.

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Grab your marketing plan template for your tree service. 

Fill out the form. Develop a plan for your business’s success. 

GMB Description

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Your business description should be short, but complete.  You want to sprinkle some keywords in there, but don’t load it down. Three or four is all you need. 

The big thing to do here is write about what makes you different from your competitors. Are you the oldest business in the area? How about the only one with a crane or other special piece of equipment?

Write your GMB profile description from a benefit to the customer standpoint. 


Read more about writing a great Google My Business Description. 

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Google Posts

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When you perform, Google My Business post optimization the one thing you need to keep in mind, consistency. As a GMB expert, nothing works better than being consistent. We use a Google posts scheduler. It helps us upload a month’s worth of posts at one time for our clients. It also makes sure they keep a regular schedule.

Now for posting to the GMB’s, we look at the Google Analytics and see what day or days that they get the most impressions or searches. Every business has an optimal time to post and we like to post the day before to make sure the GMB post is fresh.

You can also put a few hashtags in there if you have them, but don’t go overboard. One to no more than 3 is enough. 

If you look at the image above, Google even tells you to reach more customers through posts. It works!

Now don’t expect to make a post and the leads and calls come in. It normally takes about 3-4 weeks to see some results and after a few months and some more optimization to your Google profile, you will have a steady stream of calls and contacts coming in.


Learn More About Google My Business Posts.

Uploading GMB Images

There are a lot of Google My Business image optimization tips floating around the internet. Some are good, others not so good and a waste of time. 

What I will tell you is this. Post images often and if you have the GMB app, you have no reason not to upload right from your phone.

Your phone will have important GPS data saved to the file such as location data. So know worries there. What is important is having a lot of images. We have found that our clients start to really get image views when then get up to around 70-100 images uploaded. 

We make it mandatory for our clients to send us at least 3 images per week. We do a little more optimization to the images before posting. 


If you need to really optimize your Google My Business, click here.

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Here is one of our branded GMB images. You don't need to get fancy like we did here.

Link Your Website To Google My Business

Now your Google My Business is how you optimize for local SEO and if you want it to help your website SEO you will want to link them. Sure you link to your website from your Google profile, but there is other ways to link to your GMB to your website.

One way is the GMB appointment link. You can also take your posts and instead of making it a “Call Now” call to action, you can use the “Learn More” feature to link back to your landing pages that fit the post topic.

If you have a city specific landing page on your website (which you should), you can write a post about tree services in that city and link back to your website.



Give these five Google My Business optimization tips a shot for a few months. Monitor the insights and track your calls. In no time you will reap the Local SEO benefits of optimizing your GMB.

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