Does SEO for Home Improvement Contractors Really Work?

Do you wonder if your local remodeling company should invest in SEO? You’re not alone. There is more than one remodeler who has the same question. This article will help you understand why proven home remodeling SEO strategies are essential for remodeling contractor marketing success and how the results can pay back tenfold.

SEO is every home remodeler’s marketing best friend. One of the biggest challenges for home improvement internet marketing is to get their website as high in the search engine ranking as possible. A higher ranking in the search engine result means more traffic and most likely more clients. In this article I will provide some proof that SEO can help you rank high in Google and improve your business. Buyer’s guides are one of the simplest ways to get free traffic from search engines like Google. People use prominent sources such as HGTV, DIY Network, and many other websites to find information about home repair, improvement, renovations, and remodeling projects.

SEO may be a tricky field, but for contractor marketing, it’s a proven game changer.

Pick the Right SEO Keywords

Choosing the right SEO keywords for your home improvement company blog can be difficult. Your competitors will have already set their website up and are following popular search trends. It’s hard to stand out when everyone is trying to gain an SEO advantage. SO, to stand out, you need to find keywords that consumers type in when searching for general information about your business or products.

These can be very general terms such as “how much does a bathroom remodel cost” or “bathroom flooring” that relate closely to the renovation industry and will lead to higher website traffic. This is like the strategy used by Contractor Marketing Network when setting up ad accounts for our clients that include search terms related to their products or services in order to generate more traffic.

Here are some Bathroom Remodeling Keywords as an Example:

  • bathroom remodeling average cost
  • bathroom remodeling before and after
  • bathroom remodeling budget
  • bathroom remodeling checklist
  • bathroom remodeling cost calculator
  • bathroom remodeling designs
  • bathroom remodeling design tool
  • bathroom remodeling estimate
  • bathroom remodeling experts
  • bathroom remodeling financing
  • bathroom remodeling ideas 2021
  • bathroom remodeling ideas for small bathrooms
  • bathroom remodeling ideas pictures
  • bathroom remodeling ideas on a budget
  • bathroom remodeling mistakes to avoid
  • bathroom remodeling materials list
  • bathroom remodeling on a budget
  • bathroom remodeling pictures and ideas
  • bathroom remodeling plans
  • bathroom remodeling trends
  • bathroom remodeling tips
  • bathroom remodeling trends 2021
  • bathroom remodeling trends to avoid
  • bathroom remodeling with financing

Each of these keywords can be a seed keyword to add to one blog post, but I would use them in the theme form. Like the keywords financing/budget as one blog and ideas/plans for another.

You should also take a product and analyze more keywords for your blog or blog themes. They really help with your Home Renovation business search engine optimization results.

Remodeling Product Keyword Examples:

  • bathroom tile ideas
  • bathroom tile wall
  • bathroom tiles designs
  • bathroom tile trends 2021
  • bathroom tile accent wall
  • bathroom tile alternative
  • bathroom tile border
  • bathroom tile cost
  • bathroom tile ceramic or porcelain
  • bathroom tile designs 2021
  • bathroom tile estimate
  • bathroom tile for small bathroom
  • bathroom tile half wall
  • bathroom tile halfway up wall
  • bathroom tile large
  • bathroom tile non slip
  • bathroom tile options
  • bathroom tile patterns
  • bathroom tile thickness
  • bathroom tile under vanity
  • bathroom tile vs vinyl
  • bathroom tile wainscoting ideas
  • bathroom tile 12 x 12
  • bathroom tile 24 x 24

The more you have of these keywords or keyword themes on your website, the more traffic you will generate and that traffic leads to opportunity and home improvement leads.

The days of throwing a bunch of keywords into a web page of 300 words or so and calling it good are gone forever. You can try it—but it doesn’t work anymore.

With good keyword planning, your target audience will know what you do and where you do it from the search engines. Keyword research helps you identify key phrases that are searched for frequently by people seeking information related to the products or services you offer. This will enable you to tailor your content to these keywords, phrases and long-tailed keywords and better target your prospects.

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Local Competitive SEO Research

There are several ways you can measure the strength of your online presence. The first and most popular is Google Analytics, which allows you to track your search engine ranking using historical data gathered from your website you have linked to. While this is an excellent starting place, there are several additional tools that can provide even better insight into your online reputation and competitive research.

You don’t have to be the best in the nation, just the best locally. It starts with looking at where your competitors outrank you and for what keywords.

There are other things you should look at as well.


Competitive SEO items to look for:

Improving Your Home Improvement Website Search Rankings.

Use a spreadsheet and make a list for you and each of your competitors. See how well you stack up. Make SEO improvements to your remodeling company website. Where you see you are lacking in terms of competitiveness.

Search engine optimization requires a bit of digging. It’s difficult to figure out exactly what you want to find out about your competition. Competitive research is an important part of SEO and will help give you important information on what type of keywords your competitors use and how they’re ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

What’s better than a well-targeted internet ad campaign? A well-targeted local competitive SEO campaign. Of course, there are other options too like paid ads, social media and so on, but this blog post isn’t about those other options. This is about how you can practice targeted internet marketing in order to improve your local SEO campaign.

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Optimize The Existing Web Pages That Are on Your Website

Make sure each page has a Title Tag and Meta Description that includes your keywords. Optimize those images, make sure you have schema mark up on each page. Make sure each page addresses each page’s subject. Give it to a friend to read, see if they still have any questions. If they do add those.

Your goal is to be the first click and last click a person has when they do a search on Google for the search word or phrase. For you to get the most bang for your SEO buck, make sure your web pages answer what the topic is about in full.

As an example of the keywords above, if a person searches for “Bathroom Remodeling Budget”, you want to answer that completely.


Here are some ideas and don’t forget to put location modifiers in there as well. (in Bold and Underlined)

  • bathroom remodeling on a budget pictures
  • how to renovate bathroom on a budget
  • remodeling bathroom cabinets on a budget
  • how to remodel small bathroom on a budget in New Jersey
  • how to renovate a bathroom on a budget
  • bathroom remodel budget breakdown
  • budget for remodeling bathroom
  • how much should I budget for a bathroom renovation
  • how to remodel bathrooms on a budget
  • bathroom remodeling low cost
  • bathroom remodeling NJ cost
  • how much does a bathroom renovation cost NJ
  • bathroom remodeling cost per square foot
  • bathroom renovation budget planner
  • how much should a bathroom remodel cost per square foot in New Jersey
  • what is the cost of bathroom remodeling in New Jersey
  • what is the average cost per square foot for a bathroom remodel
  • remodeling bathroom on a small budget
  • bathroom remodel budget worksheet

Go back over the web pages you have and optimize them. Then check out the results of your optimization efforts in Google Search Console or other FREE SEO tools you can use.

Another tip is to type you your keyword and look for the “People also ask” and “Searches related to” sections of the SERP page. Answer those questions people also asked. Include as much information on searches related to your main key phrase. This way your old web pages will be up to date, improved and value added.

You also want your own pages to link to each other. Internal linking is very important, as it helps the Google crawl bots or spiders learn more about your site, how it is structured and get a better understanding of who, what and where you are all about.

Off Page Optimization

Don’t forget to amend and perfect your other digital marketing assets, like your social media and most importantly your Google My Business and Google Maps. While you are at it, it would hurt one bit to get a Bing My Business and Maps profile. Each of my clients has one now and I have seen a rise in Bing search traffic.

Get back links if you can from local businesses or vendors. These always help with local search engine enhancements.  Do a search and get those missing directory listings, or find new ones you didn’t know existed.

Get those reviews on Google My Business, they send good juice to your website and help with building trust. Not just in your business name, but in your digital properties.

Blog content is your key to website success.

Measure, Track and Adjust Your Web Results

Measure the changes you make to your website with GSC (Google Search Console) and GA (Google Analytics). Track pages and blog posts to see what traffic they bring your website and what your click through rate is. As you work inside your GSC you will see other search queries or terms you didn’t know people were searching. Your tracking software is a great tool to give you ideas for more posts and web pages for you site, to rank better or reach new markets you didn’t know you even were in.

Here is a list of web tracking tools:

Remodeling Contractor SEO Conclusion

Use the SEO tips and tactics I mention here in this article and you very well may be leaps and bounds above most of your competition. SEO is ever changing and is a vast part of your overall marketing plan and strategy.

I’ve built my business on the back of search engine optimization (SEO), and it’s time for the Remodeling Industry to take SEO seriously. I challenge you to put SEO to the test. It might be your best contractor marketing decision yet.


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