Most Popular and Profitable Keywords for Tree Service SEO

To help with your Tree Service SEO your website should have a blog. Tree service blog posts with good titles and keywords will help your ranking in the SERPs. When writing a blog post, the first thing you must consider is what words will be used as keywords. You need to ensure that the main keywords for the blog are included within the content of each article. Also, make sure that the keywords are naturally placed throughout the piece.

As a tree service SEO agency, this is something we do for our clients. In this article we are going to give you some great tree service blog titles and the keywords to go with them.

Tree service blogs are a great way to bring more people to your website and get new customers, they should be a part of your marketing plan. Find out the right words to use to describe what you do. This will help you get found by people looking for a professional, affordable tree service in their local area.

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Tree Service Blog Topics for Better Search Rankings

If you own a tree care business, it is your job to guide your company ahead. One of the best ways to do that is through blogging. Blogging can be more effective when its topics are unique such as the focus on tree services in this article.  The term “tree service” is very broad and you will want to have this phrase in most of your blog posts, to capture as many impressions for your local area. For tree service local SEO it is vital you make a local connection in your articles. Writing in towns, business that are related, even neighborhoods or developments that are known in the area.

Below are some tree care blog post topics, with some keywords:

Tree service or landscaper. Who should care for your trees?

  • tree trimming vs arborist

tree service cost

  • tree trimming service prices
  • tree trimming cost New Jersey (your location)
  • tree trimming and removal cost
  • tree pruning average cost
  • how much should a tree trimming cost
  • what is the average price for tree trimming

tree service equipment

  • Bucket Truck
  • Chipper
  • Stump Grinder
  • Crane
  • Logging Truck

tree service job titles

  • Groundman
  • Arborist
  • Climber
  • Surgeon

tree service reviews

  • tree trimming before and after
  • tree trimming and removal policy
  • tree trimming and removal policy

When you add these types of keywords into blog posts on your website, you will get a lot more traffic to your website. Plus, it will show Google and the other search engines you are a local authority on tree care. Not only that, is will give your website readers something to become more engaged with your business, staying on the website longer, which shows the search engines your website has something to offer their customer the searcher. 

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Tree Removal Keywords You Should Have on Your Website

The search term “tree removal” was searched about 20 million times on Google in 2020. This single phrase can easily bring in over $1 million per year for a tree removal company. If you are a tree removal company and simply want to run a successful tree care business, then target the market with these highly searched tree removal SEO keywords.

Have you ever wondered why sites that are ranked in the top 10 of Google for keywords like “tree removal” only seem to have traffic that is a fraction of sites that rank in the top for long tail keywords such as “tree removal near me”?

I’m sure if you’re reading this post, you either own a tree removal company or are looking into starting one. Well, as a tree service SEO expert, I’m writing this post to share some of my experience in long tail keyword research and how it’s helped my clients tree removal company grow.

As you read the below topics and some tree removal SEO keywords, think about how you can use them for your website.

tree removal on property line

  • tree removal gone wrong
  • tree removal on private property
  • tree removal insurance

tree removal options

  • cabling, bolting or bracing
  • trimming & pruning

tree removal gear

  • safety gear
  • rope
  • zipline

tree removal for pool

  • Can you put a pool over a tree stump?
  • Can tree roots damage a pool?
  • How far does a pool need to be from a tree?
  • How do you prevent tree roots from damaging a pool?
  • Can tree roots damage pool?
  • tree removal for above ground pool

tree removal training

  • How dangerous is tree removal?
  • Can I remove my own tree?

tree removal power company

  • pseg tree removal (Public Service Energy and Gas Company)
  • dp&l tree removal (Delmarva Power & Light Company)
  • tree removal near power lines
  • Is it safe to remove a tree limb from a power line?
  • How do you get limbs off power lines?
  • How do you remove a tree from a power line?
  • tree removal near power lines

Power lines, property lines and pools OH MY!  Yes, these are all questions people type or say into their devices to search for tree services. Go look at your competitors website. If they don’t have content in the form of these topics on their website, guess what? It is a perfect opportunity to get the edge and outrank them in the SERPs

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Tree Trimming/Pruning Keywords and Blog Posts Ideas

Search phrases are the foundation for successful tree service SEO. If you use the right descriptive words, you nail it every time. Right? Keywords and search engine optimization have been around since the advent of the internet. People are performing thorough research in order to find the best company for tree trimming services, and they are turning to search engines such as Google to find the most qualified companies.

You need to show the search engines first, before they show you. Remember that.


The more content you have about the services you offer, the more Google and other search engines think you are the right choice to put in front of their customers, the searcher.

I do a lot of blogging to help promote my business. And as a tree service SEO company, do a lot of it for clients. One of the most difficult things I have found is to be able to match the topics I write about with what I or they do for the customers. When it comes to tree trimming and maintenance. Here are some keywords you may be able to use in your tree business.

See if these Tree Trimming Keywords Give You Some Ideas.

tree trimming before and after

  • tree trimming images
  • tree trimming drone
  • tree trimming disposal

tree trimming gone wrong

  • tree trimming in the rain
  • tree trimming insurance
  • tree trimming helicopter
  • tree trimming killer
  • tree trimming drop zone
  • tree trimming helicopter crash

tree trimming equipment

  • tree trimming extension saw
  • tree trimming face shield
  • tree trimming fall protection
  • tree trimming gloves
  • tree trimming harness
  • tree trimming hand saw
  • tree trimming helmet
  • tree trimming lift
  • tree trimming tools electric

tree trimming methods

  • tree trimming diagram
  • tree trimming lift
  • tree trimming bucket truck
  • tree trimming arborist

tree trimming policy by hoa

  • Who to talk to about HOA tree services
  • How HOA do tree trimming

Most tree care businesses think people only search tree trimming or pruning, but the fact is their searches are more long-tailed, with 3-5 words. If you have Google Search Console hooked up to your website (Which you should) check to see what happens after a month of the blog post being published. You will see that purple line go up. The more it goes up, the more your phone will ring. 

Stump Removal service leads

Long Tail Keywords for Tree Stump Removal Services

If you’re not building your marketing strategy around “long tail keywords,” it may be time to start. Much of the advice SEOs have been giving their clients for years has been to use shorter, more generic terms so as to capture the largest audience.

While this is still good advice, it may not be enough to get your content in front of the audience. Increasingly, Google is using the “long tail” to determine what content ranks well. Long tail keywords are long strings of words that search engines will parse and index – making them more important than ever for reaching a sizable user base.

Here are some tips, topics and keywords on how to use long-tail keywords with your stump removal services:

tree stump removal options

  • tree stump removal naturally
  • tree stump removal tractor
  • tree stump removal hacks
  • tree stump removal farm jack
  • tree stump removal backhoe
  • What is the cheapest way to get rid of a tree stump?

tree stump removal process

  • tree stump removal or grinding
  • tree stump removal axe
  • tree stump removal auger
  • tree stump removal burning
  • tree stump removal by hand

tree stump removal products

  • tree stump removal using potassium nitrate
  • tree stump removal treatment
  • tree stump removal using Epsom salt
  • tree stump removal fungus

After seeing these topics and keywords, how can you use them in your blog posts? Did any ideas pop up?

Use some or all of these topics and keywords above and your stump grinder won’t shut off all season.


If you want to increase your tree service websites traffic, get found by more customers, then start blogging. You won’t regret it and your SEO ranking will skyrocket in a few short months.

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