3 Marketing Tips for Pennsville Small Businesses

For the last few days, I have been sitting here thinking of marketing tips to help Pennsville businesses. And it got me thinking. With all the construction up around the Delaware bridge. How the bridge traffic can help Pennsville businesses that are further away from the NJ Turnpike.


I thought, how many cars pass on the Delaware Memorial Bridge in a day? And in my research, it was 80,000 cars a day. Now we all know that in the summer and/or holiday season, the bridge gets backed up. So, people will sit in their cars and they may want to stretch their legs if they are on a long trip. Maybe get something to eat or the cars overheating or needs a tire, something of that nature.


I did more research using some methods that I use for other clients around the country.


Read more about these 3 tips to help Pennsville small businesses get more business from the traffic that just flies by.

Pennsville Marketing Tip #1

First digital marketing tip is, use your Google My Business listing. If you do not have one, you need to get one and you need to start using it.

Everybody is on their cell phones these days. (Mobile marketing is great for your business.) This includes the co-pilots in the cars passing by on the bridge and turnpike. So, use your Google My Business profile to get found by them online.


Take some images of the bridge or the Turnpike going over the bridge. Or snapshots of the first exit or last exit, according to whether you are going to or from New Jersey. These images will all be geotagged by your device, both phone and camera. When posting on your Google My Business, Google reads these geo tags and will give it location proximity.


So as people are crossing over the bridge or coming up to the bridge. Your images and your business will stand out.

Marketing Tip #2 for Pennsville Businesses

Geofence Ads

The second marketing tip. Its geofencing.

Geofencing is a way of making your ads visible on apps when people are at a certain location. For Pennsville business ads, it would be a good idea to have the Wawa’s location as a geofence. People are coming over the bridge, they are getting fuel or stopping to get a coffee, or something to eat or drink.

These travelers may also stop at the McDonald’s so you can geofence that area as well. When travelers are at the Wawa or in the McDonald’s. Your ads will pop up, when they are on the weather app, a gaming app, or any other apps they use while they are traveling. Many people look for things close by on Google Maps. Your ads will show up there as well. If they need other products or services that McDonalds or Wawa does not have, they can find it all from your geofence ad.

By having your geofence ads around the Route 295 truck stops and the local hotels your business stands out to these strangers. Often as a local business in Pennsville, we do not think about 80,000 travelers a day that pass us by.

Think about people sitting at Applebee’s eating lunch that is from Woodstown. They may go no deeper into Pennsville than the Applebee’s. With a geofenced ad, you can target them and say “Hey, here’s a cool little store!” that they can visit.

Geofencing is a great way to market your business. 

The Last Marketing Tip

Local Website Content

The last tip to market your business and get found online, is your business website.

Your business website needs content on it for key phrases that people search when they are in the area. Now Salem County really does not have a lot of hardware stores. Businesses like the Community Hardware can save people a lot of time from Woodstown for instance. Instead of crossing over the bridge to go to Lowe’s to get a box of screws. They could go to the hardware store in Pennsville. Some other Pennsville businesses should focus on a county level as much as a Pennsville community level.

There are a few other businesses that can tap into county level website content as well.  

You need to have content just like this article for instance. It is focused on Pennsville, talking about the local areas. Mentioned in it, and this is going to help this website when business owners in Pennsville search.

Think about these types of things for your business and use them to your advantage. Do not create your website and think that is it. It is done. Your website is never done. You should be adding content to it at least once a week.

Research keywords and buyer intent. It will help your business.

Try out the above mentioned tips, it will add more revenue to your business. I have thought of several ways this could help local businesses here in Salem County.

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