How-To Write GMB Descriptions

Your business description, as it appears on Google Search and Google Maps, can influence a consumer’s impression of your business. Plus, it helps them decide to call you or visit your website. Your GMB business description is what separates your business from competitors. It helps consumers better understand what your business is all about. Your Google My Business description field is where you can share relevant, useful information about your business with consumers. In this article you will learn how to write a Google My Business description that ranks above the competition.


How you describe your business is quite important to convert customers who read it, and it also helps you rank higher in Google search.


It is a good way to optimize your GMB.


So, let’s learn more about how to describe your business to consumers, Google and other search

The Importance of Explaining Your Business To Google.

Your business description has one job. It should help customers determine whether your business can solve their problem. You do not want them to draw their own conclusions about your business based on your business name, what GMB categories you picked, or your choice of uploaded images to your Google profile.

The second thing you want your description to do is help Google decide if you are the right fit for the search query. Though not proven, it helps with CTR and user experience and they help with rankings.

Therefore Google my business is so attractive to local businesses. It helps your customers, period.

Google My Business Description Character Limit.

Google gives you 750 characters to explain your business. Which is more than enough to write a killer GMB description, to tell your customers, who you are, what you do and why you are the perfect business to contact.

Things Your Google Maps Description Should Have

Now that you know you have 750 characters to work with, make them work. Think of what makes you unique. Maybe your company mission statement. As a Google My Business Manager and Optimization Expert, we here like to use the who, what, where, when, why and how formula. Since the who is done with your company name, and when is your business hours, we tend to stick with what you do in a different way. Where you serve, why they should take-action and how to get in touch with you.

Example: (285 characters of the 750 max.)

“ABC Plumbing offers written guarantees on all plumbing and drain repairs. If you live in the Greater Philadelphia area, we can be at your home in about an one hour for emergency repairs. 24 hour dispatched plumbers are ready to serve you. Visit our website or call for faster service.”


Simple Description Formula:

  • Clearly State What You Do.
  • Explain What Makes You Unique.
  • Use a Few Relevant Keywords.
  • Lead Them To How To Get In Touch With You.


Don’t Spam or Be Rude in Your GMB Description.

A description is not a place to sell, so tell, don’t sell. Plus, if it is written like spam, Google my reject it. Don’t give misleading or false claims. Don’t insert any website URL links. Don’t write hate speech, use profanity, etc.  If you do any of these things, Google will reject it and most likely suspend your profile, until a review is made. So, follow the formula of what to write from the above section.

Power Words to Use in Your Google My Business Profile

As a copywriting service, we like to use descriptive words that have power and meaning. Meaning to the customer or reader, not you.


  • Experienced, trusted, friendly, affordable, high-end, dependable, reliable, local favorite, top pick, full range


Your business description on Google can influence a consumer’s impression of your business, so think of what they want. If your customer base is looking for an affordable plumber, use “affordable”. If you find people have trust issues with your line of business, use “trusted”. If you have read any comments or reviews about competitors and see that most bad reviews say they never showed up, use “dependable”.


Crafting a winning GMB description isn’t hard, but does take some though and a little research.


Writing Tips:

  • Keyword Research
  • Customer Centric Emotional Words
  • Look at Competitors Bad Reviews and Counter or Eliminate Those Problems


Here is how you describe your business on Google in 7 easy steps.

  1. Who [business name]
  2. What [products or services]
  3. Where [location or areas you serve]
  4. When [hours or days of operation]
  5. Why [what makes you different from your competitors]
  6. How [how to contact your] NOTE: No links, emails or phone numbers.
  7. Value [what do they get or don’t get using your business]

Examples of Good Google My Business Descriptions

Example Tree Service GMB Description (405 characters of 750 max)

Andy’s Tree Service, serving Atlanta Metro area, since 1995. We are a full-service tree care company and trained arborists. Our approach to customer service is simple, be fair and leave the yard better than when we came to do the job. Our insurance company loves us, because of our safety record, you will too. Check out our website to meet the team of arborist, who will safely remove or trim your trees.


Example Painting Service Google Maps Description (525 characters of 750 max)

No-Drips Painting Company is a family run, second generation painting contractor, serving the Harrisburg, PA area. We specialize in cabinet painting, trim, and door painting. But it is our attention to details in our wall and ceiling painting that makes repeat customers. Plus, they refer us to friends, family and/or co-workers. We have a 10-point checklist, we walk our customers through to make sure they are satisfied with every job before we leave. Visit our website portfolio page to see some of our complete projects.


Example Plumbing Service Google Business Profile Description (713 characters of 750 max)

AAA Plumbing Company, serving all of Delaware and Southeast PA, since 1954. We have a team of plumbing mechanics that are trained yearly on new technology in the residential and commercial plumbing industry. From new methods of working with old pipes to modern green energy saving water systems. Our technicians on call should you have a pipe leak, clogged drain, or hot water heater emergency. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on holidays. We are here to serve you. Our call center is always available to take your call, there is no need to leave a message, you will talk to a human and we will take care of your plumbing problem. Visit our website to meet the background checked and trained staff.

So, Where Do People See Your GMB and Google Maps Business Description?

In search and on maps on all devices. From mobile maps to desktop search results the way you describe your business matters, to the search engine and to customers.


Here is an example of one of our client’s Google profiles.

On Mobile Device

Tree Service Google Business Description Example on Mobile device

Direct Search on Computer or Laptop

Example of a Tree Service Google My Business Description


Take the time to follow the steps explained here and your business description on your Google profile will help you convert more customers and help in your ranking. 

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