The Most Important and Simple Article to Understand Marketing Every

Three Marketing Strategies in Under Three Minutes.

Here are 3 of the best marketing strategies for contractors. No matter if it is digital marketing, traditional marketing, or whatever name you put on your marketing strategy.

These three things are so simple, yet nearly every business I work with does not understand them, because no one has ever explained it to them. Yes, there are complex systems in each of these three important marketing types, but before you get complex, you need to understand the basics of marketing.

I promise to make this short and of great value to you.

Let us dive in.

The three ways your business gets customers, traffic or leads for your business. For the sake of this article; customers, leads, prospects, etc. we will call traffic. Like traffic in your store, or traffic to your website, or traffic to your social media pages, etc.

The only three ways you get business.

  • Traffic you buy.
  • Traffic that finds you.
  • Traffic you own.
Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Advertising Agency, Digital Ads Service
Example of a Google Ad on a mobile phone.

Traffic You Buy.

Traffic you buy can come in many forms. From Google Ads, Facebook Ads, to any other paid media source where you use that platform or businesses audience to guide traffic from their place to your website or other asset.

If you did not pay for the ads, you would never get this traffic. It is as simple as that.

Example: if you didn’t pay to run a Google or Facebook ad, these people (traffic) would never know of you, your business or anything you offer.


This is as simple as I can explain it. You are simply buying customers’ attention. You have a low or no audience and you are renting their audience.

If you are just starting your digital marketing efforts, or need new customers, you need to pay to be found. By more people. 

SEO as a lead generation system
Search Engine Optimization is a long term marketing strategy, yet has a higher and longer lasting Return on Investment.

Traffic That Finds You.

Traffic that finds you is often the cheapest marketing strategy and in the long run has the best return on investment. In the digital marketing age, this would be things like SEO (search engine optimization) and posting organically on social media.

The people find you based on their search or land on one of your digital assets.

Example: A tree service company creates content on “Stump Removal” and publishes these articles, AKA blog posts to their website.

When the search engines rank these pages and a potential customer searches for “Stump Removal” they FIND your website and read the article, fill out your contact form or call your phone number directly.

Social media marketing strategy for contractors
Every business should nurture and interact with their fans or followers. No matter how many they have. 1 or 1,000 you need to interact. Most businesses don't, other than being salesy.

Traffic You Own.

This is the cheapest and one of the best marketing strategy, yet so many contractors and small business don’t use it. They all say they do, and some may, but I have found limitedly.

Note: if you are a new business, you may not have many customers, but don’t let that stop you. You know people, friends, and family. This is all traffic you own.

Traffic you own is your past customers, your network, people in your life. These are all people you can and should use to drive traffic to your marketing assets. Be it website, social media, or your Google My Business for a review.

The fastest and cheapest way to use this method of getting leads for your business is through email.


Use your email list.


Every business owner loves word of mouth. The key to word of mouth, other than doing excellent work or having a wonderful product, is to stay top of mind.


Here is a question.

When was the last time your plumber contacted you?

How about your roofing contractor or painting contractor?

Probably after the first 30 days, they didn’t contact you ever again. What a wasted opportunity. They went on the hunt for new customers, forgetting about the valuable relationship they built with you.

What a waste of a perfect marketing method. The more you use the traffic you own, the less you have too, use the first two methods of getting traffic for your business.


I am going to drop some marketing strategy gold right here.


What is the fastest, cheapest way to double your business in one year?

Get every customer to refer you, just one time.

But in order to do that, you have to have a plan of using the traffic you own. Email newsletters are the best way to do it.

Now each customer may not refer you after each newsletter, but over a year’s time, I bet they refer you at least once. If for nothing else, you stayed consistent and were there the moment that the opportunity to refer you arose.

You stayed top of mind.

3 Marketing Tactics for Contractors
There are only these three strategies to get more business for your business. You either buy business, people find your business or you sell your business to people that know you.

3 Simple Marketing Strategy Conclusion

Once you understand the 3 simple, yet all important marketing strategies or methods, only then will your marketing take off and be the business builder you had hoped.

There are 7 examples of each below to get you headed in the right direction. 

 Traffic You Buy Examples:

  1. Google Ads
  2. Facebook, Instagram, or Social Media Ads
  3. Billboards
  4. Radio Ads
  5. Paid Listings in Directories
  6. Paid Influencer Posts or Ads
  7. Paid Direct Marketing (Postcards, Sales Letters, EDDM, etc.)

Traffic That Finds You Examples:

  1. Website Blog Articles
  2. Website Service Pages
  3. Google My Business Optimization (Posts, Pictures, Offers)
  4. Generic Social Media Posts
  5. Yard Signs, Vehicle Signage, Company Logo shirts/hats
  6. Organization memberships
  7. Guest posting, commenting or other non-spammy interactions online or in-person (business cards)


Traffic That You Own:

  1. Every customer gets a monthly updated company newsletter.
  2. Every prospect gets a follow-up email series after the initial sales or estimate call/meeting.
  3. Every other small business vendor or associate you deal with frequently.
  4. All family, friends, or followers/fans
  5. Cold outreach to highly targeted lists to non-customers or non-prospects.
  6. Your opt-in, lead magnet or free information list.
  7. Outreach to organizations, associations, and memberships you belong to.
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