Are you getting clicks but no conversions on your website?

If you are looking for ways to optimize your business website? Or want to convert more website visitors into customers? These 14  Website Conversion Tips will surely help you do just that. Convert website visitors into leads should be a priority for any small business that is getting traffic, but not customers. 

Conversion Rate Optimization Tips

  1. Pay attention to site speed
  2. Simplify your page
  3. Shorten your landing page
  4. Increase the size of product pages
  5. Make copy action orientated
  6. Have a prominent call to action
  7. Focus your CTA
  8. Test what color works for you
  9. Tell price upfront
  10. Don’t hide perks
  11. Add a guarantee
  12. Add a security seal
  13. Provide social proof
  14. Speed up registration
SalesForce Website Conversion Rate Optimization Tips
Infographic by SalesForce and National Community Media Alliance

Website Conversion Rate Hack Conclusion.

Try a few or all of these 14 CRO tips. Make sure you keep track of what changes you made and when.  That way you have clear data and know what changes made the biggest changes in results.

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