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How to Get More Landscaping Customers

5 Tools & Tactics to Get More Landscaping Customers.

Before you can market and advertise your landscaping services to your customers and community, you first you need to know who they are, where they are and what they want. This is vital and helps you standing out in the competitive industry landscaping is.

Taking the time to research and understand who you serve, helps craft the right marketing message. This addresses the prospects you want and help your company cut through the marketing noise and chaos. Understanding your customers, with the right marketing message, makes your company easy to remember. Which increase your odds of getting and keeping new landscaping customers this season.

Don’t be like your competition. If you do the same as them, you blend in… like blades of grass. However, by doing a buyer persona approach to marketing and advertising, you can stand out and reap better results.

Let’s dig in to these 5 digital marketing tips to grow your landscaping company.

Table of Simple Landscape Marketing Plans

  • Your Website (Content & SEO)
  • Your GMB (Posts & Pics)
  • Your Email/Newsletter (Capture & Nurture)
  • Your Ads (Attraction & Offers)
  • Your CRM (Workflow)

Don’t you envy those landscaping companies that always seem to be able to generate leads and get new customers consistently? And do it all through their online marketing systems. Imagine constant leads coming in and not having to prospect.

Having a plan, an online marketing strategy that is helping you generate new business 24/7. That is how they do it and you can too.

How to get more customers for a landscaping companies

Your #1 Sales Tool, Your Website

Your landscaping company website is your most valuable digital marketing asset. To put a value on it. Could be anywhere from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. If you don’t have a store or office, it is your digital storefront and office. How much does that save you? The benefits of having a valuable, well -structured, strategic website will transform your landscaping business. With the right strategy, a website will be your best salesperson, that sells 24/7. It is also the hub for all of your digital marketing activities.


A website is what ties together your entire digital marketing strategy.

A top performing website, is a necessity in today’s online world and if you don’t have a great one with a strategy for it, this should be your first priority.



Landscaping SEO Content

Advertisement for a landscape company with Google Ads

Help Local Customers Find You. Use Your Google My Business.

Google My Business is the Yellow Pages of today. We make it a priority to be consistent with our clients GMB’s and you should too. Posting weekly and sometimes daily. Uploading pictures, image search is big today. Placing online offers is easy with Google My Business.


Google My Business allows customers to:

Google My Business helps your landscaping company’s local SEO rankings. When customers in your area search for services that your business offers, you will have a better chance of ranking on the first page of Google by using this platform. Either in the Google Map pack, Google Maps, Google SERP or all three.

Encouraging your customers to leave you reviews. This helps you drive new business to your landscaping business.

Automate Your Sales Follow Ups, with Email Marketing.

Why use email marketing and what role can it play in your landscaping company’s marketing strategy?

Email is still one of the best return-on-investments your landscape business can make. Not only in return on your investment, but on time savings for follow-up on sales calls or to nurture those on the fence about using your landscape company.

You should put more effort in your email marketing. With it you can have more personal conversations with your prospects and customers. Tailoring messages that have meaning and are valuable to them.

We use MailChimp for our clients but there are a ton of other email marketing services out there.

We automate all inbound emails, this streamlines the sales process and it even does it a midnight or during the day, when you are busy. Always think of automations and making better use of technology.


If nothing else, have a Quarterly Newsletter for your Landscaping business.

Google Ads and Local service ads services for landscaping companies

Advertising your Landscaping Business to Get More Customers.

Google Ads is one of the best ways to advertise your landscaping company. If you don’t rank high in search engines like Google or Bing, they allow you to show up at the top of Google’s search results. This gives your business the ability to show up when people are looking for the services you want to sell.


The best thing about Google Ads is you can get sales before you have to pay for the ads. This makes it a very cost-effective marketing solution.


You can read more about advertising your landscape company here.

Service Autopilot App for landscape contractors

Make Sales and Workflows Easy with a CRM

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will help you easily manage all of your sales contacts, customers and prospects. You always know what you need to do to be closing new landscape customers. The days of managing everything by paper or remembering what to do are long gone.

There are many Landscaper Apps and software systems for landscapers out there. We have an article we wrote on this very subject with landscaping apps.

We  highly recommend all landscaping companies get organized and use a CRM.

Conclusion on getting more landscape customers for 2021.


Use these 5 simple, yet effective tools to max out your marketing potential.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make big differences in your business.  It all starts with a plan and tools to get the job done…sound familiar?  


As always, if you need any help along your journey, get in touch with us here.  We’d be glad to help.

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