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How to Get More Landscaping Customers

5 Tools & Tactics to Get More Landscaping Customers. Before you can market and advertise your landscaping services to your customers and community, you first you need to know who they are, where they are and what they want. This is vital and helps you standing out in the competitive industry landscaping is. Taking the […]

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What is a Good Cost Per Lead for Contractors?

What is a Good Cost Per Lead? What is a good cost per lead for contractors? This is a valid question, but a hard one to nail down. Have you ever run a lead generation marketing campaign, spent a little money, got a couple leads, and at the end of your day wondered if it […]


Local Keyword Research for Contractors

Local Keyword Research for Contractors Local keyword research is the first step in the local SEO content writing process. It is an important part of your local SEO strategy. Before you create your website’s content, you have to find out the local search terms your audience uses. Their search terms are the keywords you will […]

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Landscaping Business Plans: Don’t Get Left Behind In 2021.

Landscaping Business Planning: What is trending in 2021 Where are we headed in 2021 in the landscape industry?  From technology to man-power to market trends this article is a primer for you to see how any or all of these current topics and stats can help improve you and your business. You will also see […]

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7 Apps and Software for the Landscape Industry

7 Apps and Software Services for Landscaping Businesses If you are not using at least one or more software or apps to help run your landscaping business, it’s not that you are living in the stone age, but you are going to be left behind as they evolve. From billing, design, tracking and project management […]

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Landscape Company Website Content That Works.

Guide to Landscaping Company Website Content Here’s why Contractor Marketing Network loves website content and you should too. It is money in the bank, over and over again. If any of these things are on your mind. Not getting any or enough customers from your website? You feel, you haven’t got your money’s worth out […]

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EDDM Advertising Tips for Landscapers and Lawn-Care Business

EDDM Advertising Tips for Landscapers and Lawn-Care Business Maybe, you’ve been trying to get more customers for your, landscaping or lawn care company with EDDM direct mail advertising for a while now. Or are just starting out with an Every Door Direct Mail advertising campaign. You’ve seen other lawn care businesses do it. And it […]