Guide to Lead Generation for Handyman

How can you attract more handyman leads? When it comes to lead generation for handyman companies, it’s a challenging question to answer. Handyman services today, however, are finding success with the many digital marketing tools available to them. If you want to generate exclusive handyman leads, keep reading.


If you are a handyman business and you are reading this, you may have an immediate need to generate leads fast and get customers for your handyman service. So, I have listed the 5-lead generation methods in the order in which they will deliver results from fastest to slowest. Always remember Good, Fast and Cheap.

The first lead generation method will be “Good and Fast”, but it won’t be cheap. Yet, if done with the methods I will explain, the marketing tactics will make you money and get cash flowing fast.


Let’s dive in.

PPC Advertising for Handyman Businesses

When you want to get lead generation for your handyman company up and running fast, use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Either Facebook Ads or Google Ads or both. They can get your marketing message in front of your targeted customers fast.


For my clients I can have an ad up on either platform in less than an hour. We run these all the time when there is a storm that blows through or something that is a bit of an impulse or an emergency type of lead. However, these ads can and should be a planned lead gen strategy.


With Google PPC, your handyman company appears at the top of search results. This positioning can help your business grab traffic that has intent. This method is part of my “Now & Later” marketing strategy to generate leads and goes hand in hand with search engine optimization (SEO).


In this strategy, you run ads “Now” while you are working on your SEO tactics to your website for leads “Later” as the search engine optimization tactics start to rank your website.


With the right handyman ad, and PPC strategy you can generate handyman leads, carpentry leads, drywall leads and other exclusive targeted leads fast.

Google PPC Ad for Handyman Lead Generation
You need to target your audience for better handyman leads.

With PPC, however, you can hyper-target your audience. Plus, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad, making PPC one of the most cost-effective lead generation advertising strategies.


If you know your buyer persona’s and marketing demographics you will already know your market. For this example, we will use a handyman service for senior citizens.


With more seniors wanting to age in their homes there are plenty of handyman services you can offer them. You just have to put some thought into what you offer and why. Seniors have joint problems, so they may need lever door knobs instead of turn knobs. They may have stability issues and need grab bars in the bathroom or handrails in places they did not need before.


Targeting your PPC ads is a sure way to get better results for your lead generation efforts.

Email & Newsletter Marketing for Handyman Lead Generation

If you want to focus on lead generation for your handyman companies, email marketing is a great strategy.  Not sure how to make the most of email or newsletter marketing as a lead generation strategy?


Create monthly newsletters that offer helpful tips and information that demonstrate your company’s professionalism and products you install. Make sure to include calls-to-action (CTAs) to guide the reader to the next step in your newsletter sales funnel. It could be an offer or to learn more about a certain product or service.


For the best results, make sure you segment your email list. When you divide your newsletter readers into different groups, like by their location, age or customer/prospect, you can develop content specific to them. It could be questions they have or things that would of interest to them.


Newsletters are also a great way to get referrals and reviews as well. You can offer incentives to get more referrals and put a link right in your newsletters so you can get reviews in the places you want them. We like to send the reviews right to our clients Google My Business page, were it helps with local SEO and get’s seen by more people. Helping them make the decision to use the client’s handyman service.

Social Media Marketing as a lead generation Strategy for Handyman

Social Media Marketing for Handyman Companies

Social media marketing is a great tool when it comes to getting handyman leads. With Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, viewers can learn everything about a business. What they see on your social media pages can influence their purchase decision.

With a good social media sales funnel strategy, you can get a constant flow of leads for your handyman business.


Your content marketing strategy is supported with your social media. You want to share content, like blog posts on social media. Asking questions with your posts are a great way to get engagement. Respond to the comments and questions. Don’t forget to thank any reviews or recommendations.


With a strategic social media plan, your handyman company can get new handyman project leads. Plus, you can build brand awareness in your local area.


List of Handyman Social Media Post Ideas that can generate leads.

  • Before and After
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Product Reviews
  • Happy Customer Testimonials


The key with social media is consistency.

Lead Generation Services for Handyman businesses

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Content Marketing to Generate Leads for Handyman Services

With the ability to generate more leads than traditional offline marketing, content marketing is becoming a go-to online marketing tool for generating handyman customers


You use content to guide users through your sales funnel. With blog posts for the awareness stage and review pages or a gallery page for consideration moving them through the content sales funnel to your sales page for the decision phase of the buyer journey.


Here is why content marketing is such a good lead generating source.


When a person starts researching a product or service, they want information. With content, you can capture these customers early. This is the “Awareness Phase”.  Your content helps them learn about a product or service.


For example, if a user wants to install a new handrail, your content can address the different styles of handrails, the soundness of them structurally, etc. Your blog post, may outline the risks of a poor installation, persuading people to hire you, the professional handyman.


Content also helps a reader form an opinion such as trust in you. People do business with people they know, like and trust. Your blog posts help with all three of these things.


With good content, you can validate the quality of your company. Your content marketing shows your professionalism as well. This encourages the readers to contact your company for an estimate or schedule a handyman service.


From your service pages to your blog posts, you want to have a good flow and menus so everything is easy to find on your website. Including every way for them to contact you. Email, messenger, social media and of course phone or text message.


Content marketing is a time-consuming marketing tactic for handyman businesses. However, with a good content marketing specialist like Contractor Marketing Network, you can leap ahead of your competition. Because of the time involved, they probably are not performing any content marketing strategy.

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SEO for Handyman Businesses Lead Gen Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a proven lead generation strategy for handyman companies.


Do you know what SEO is?


SEO simply put is optimizing your website pages so they show up in search results.  You want to rank higher in the search engines, because NOBODY searches on page 2.


If you want to generate handyman leads from your website, then you need to appear on the first page of search results. With help of an experienced SEO agency, you can target keywords and phrases that your potential customers use on search engines.


A handyman business in Newark, Delaware, as an example, want their service page for the New Castle County, Delaware to show up when a person searches the words, “handyman company in Bear.” Or “handyman service in Greenville”


Local search engine optimization helps optimize those service pages for people searching, “handyman company in New Castle County.”


With SEO, you deliberately choose the keywords (including locations) that your audience searches, you maximize your chances of showing up in the search results. Once they land on your website, then you can start the conversion process, to turn them from reader, to opportunity to lead. And if everything goes right, a customer.

Stop Paying the Lead Selling Sites

Create your own lead generation assets. That way you never become dependent on Home Advisor, Thumbtack, Angie’s List or any other lead selling service. You are only paying them, to compete against you. Cut out the middleman once and for all.

Now that you know these 5 lead generation methods, that your handyman company can benefit from, are you ready to start getting your own leads?

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