10 Reason Delaware Small Businesses Need a Copywriter.

If you ask any Delaware small business owner to give a presentation in public, you will see beads of sweat forming immediately. Now, I am not sure if it is the thought of being in front of people or knowing what to say to the group, that makes them so nervous.

While public speaking is a known fear, for many people, writing is a different kind of fear. Accepting the task is easy.  Yet when it comes to stringing words together, many business owners get writers block really fast.

Just as the best singers have song writers, and politicians have speechwriters, business owners need copywriters and content writers. As a marketing agency for small businesses in Delaware, here are a few areas where most small businesses could use a wordsmith:

Website Writer in Delaware

Web Page Copywriter:

There are plenty of small business web pages filled with mangled text, like a dumped-out puzzle and pasted from multiple sources, not always from their own pages or company.


Or they have a cookie cutter web designer put together their website and hope for the best. If you are looking at your website data on Google Analytics or Google Search Console, you may see you are getting views, but no conversion. That is a problem and a waste of a potential customer.

Have you looked at your website’s words lately?

Press Release Writer

Press Releases Copy:

Some business owners don’t even think of press releases. In small Delaware cities and towns, well written press releases can mean local media coverage. Look at the business that get put in the public view on DelawareBusinessOnline.com or the News Journal and State News. Plus, there are plenty of local blogs, news agency or even vendor partnerships that can use your press release.

Website designer in Salem County New Jersey

Blog Copywriting

Blog Copy:

This type of writing is the mud where many businesses get stuck. Providing conversational copy, relevant to a targeted audience, with a clear call-to-action, often means bigger profits in less time. Content writing on a consistent basis is a money making, search engine dominating tactic. A good content writer, publishing consistent content to your website pays off many times over.

How many blog posts are on your website?

Business Article Writer in Delaware

Article Writing:

Most business owners are not familiar with the terms; article marketing, advertorials, or native advertising. These are the basics in content marketing and one that every business should be conducting to increase their business. With a good copywriter onboard, these marketing tasks can get competed and your business can reap the rewards.


Hint: This blog post is article marketing.

Sales Pages and Landing Pages Copywriting:

Most small business owners are familiar with the concept of sales or landing pages. Few are able at putting the formatted copy down, the callouts, trigger pains or gains and the calls-to-action together. All of them are important elements to a high converting landing or sales page.

Service or Product Description Copy:

Small blurbs like product descriptions, service copy and menu items are often difficult for a small business owner. A good copywriter can flesh out the words that can make a bland service, seem electrifying.

Email and Newsletter Writing:

Template responses are big time savers. Template sales emails or inquiry emails can also save time and increase outreach. When written clear and concise, a small business can send these emails with confidence.

Read these article to see the 22 ways email marketing is good for your business or the benefits of newsletter marketing.

ppc for painting companies

Pay Per Click Ad Writer

Advertisement Copywriting:

From taglines to company brochures, business listings to Google and Facebook Ads, some small businesses haven’t changed their ad copy in years. Which is fine, if it has worked.

If you are paying for ads with PPC marketing  you need good copy, words that convert or you can waste a boatload of your marketing budget.

Ever run a Facebook Ads or Google Ad?  How were your results? For these advertisements, it comes down to copy writing… for success.

Copywriting Profiles and Bios:

A lot of business owners have difficulty writing about themselves. Bio pages on the web, in print or media kits, and social media profiles can all use the touch of a professional copywriter.

SEO Copywriting:

Writing title tags, headlines, and meta data is a specialized writing skill all its own. Recognizing how to improve copy for search engines is also a strength many businesses don’t have internally. SEO copywriting is one of the most sought-after types of writing. Today keyword stuffing a page, blog post or article won’t work.


A lot of Delaware small business owners will avoid writing at all costs.  Most of the time passing it to someone within their company or a family member. Not every business will use all of the writing types listed above. But writing is an important role in business. So, important are the words, they can make a company profitable. Think about how much more revenue your business would have with an increase of 20% on website conversions. That is only one in five. An easy win for a good copywriter.

I work with small business owners daily. Writing is obviously one of their weakest areas in business. As a copywriter, I try to reach out to as many small businesses in Delaware and all over the United States, to help them with the written words on their websites, emails, social media and advertisements.

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