My Top 3 Blog Posts to Rank a Painting Contractor Website

When writing website blog posts for painting contractors, look no further than what customers ask. In order to rank your website higher in Google and other search engines. You need to write relevant, yet pinpoint articles that potential customers are actually asking.

Yes, your painting contractor website needs blog posts and they should be on a consistent basis.

Now some of these may make you feel uncomfortable to write and publish. Yet, they get your website in front of more people. Plus, they help with the three things a person has to have in order to do business with you. Those three things are, know, like and trust.

So, let’s dive in and see how you can put these 3 blog posts to use on your website and watch your rankings trend up.

Paint Contractor Pricing Blog Post

Create a blog post or posts (based on the services you provide) which describe how you estimate pricing for different kinds of painting projects.

What does this, answers?

When you type in “House Painting” into your Google search bar, the auto-suggest lists “House Painting Costs” right below “Near Me”. So that puts this type of blog post high on the list of search terms.


The keywords or phrases I would put in the post would be.
  • How much does painting a house cost?
  • How much does it cost to paint a 3 bedroom house interior?
  • How much does it cost to get your walls painted?

You also want to put some type of location specific to your marketing area in the post to make it more relevant to your customers and prospects.


Link it to one of your “Money Page”, which is a service page.

You can easily out rank HomeAdvisor, you have local rank factors. So make it as local focused as you can with keywords and links out to local paint stores.

Blog posts to rank higher in SERP

Best Painting Contractors in (Your Area) Blog Post

I told you was going to list an uncomfortable post.


This one is powerful and it builds trust.


Simply go look up painting contractors in your area. Go to the Google Reviews and list the top 5 or 10 painting contractors in your area, based on the number of and quality of the reviews.

What this does is makes you transparent. If the best is you, all the better. However, do not be afraid to make this website blog post if you don’t make the list.

It helps you rank higher, is trust worthy and pushes prospects to your “Money Pages”. They may never find you otherwise.   


Your competition is not going to write this type of blog post, so you gain the upper hand even though you might mention them.



Link to them, as well. It sends signals to Google that your website is in this location and does this type of service. I normally hide the links in an image. That way people can see it, but very few click off your website and actually visit the competitor’s website.

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Compare Paints Pros & Cons Blog Post

Take the top 4 or 5 brands paints in your area and write about the pros and cons of using them. Make sure you are giving the facts, but add your professional opinion at the end of the article. Tell them why you feel this way.

This blog article is a good one for those at the front end of the house painting process. Yes, some will be DIYers, but some may not be. It is good to get in front of web searchers at this point.


It is part of the awareness stage in the house painting journey, and you get in on the front end.


It builds trust and gets people to know you or about you.

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10 More Good Painting Contractor Blog Posts for your Website to Rank Higher.

  1. Write a “what not to do” post.
  2. Provide a free home painting checklist, that is useful to your readers.
  3. 10 reasons to hire your painting services
  4. Compare old vs. new painting techniques
  5. Answer a common problem your customers run into
  6. Highlight customer stories to humanize your brand
  7. Write a list of all the places to buy paint in your area.
  8. I Have Lead Paint in My Home, in ‘Your City’, Should I Be Worried?
  9. How to Find Out If You Have Lead Paint in Your Home, in ‘Your City’, and What to Do
  10. How to Estimate the Amount of Paint You Will Need for Room, House, etc.

Every painting contractor wants to rank higher, get more leads and customers from their websites. Having a good content marketing calendar and consistent schedule to post those articles/blog posts is how you get ranked higher in Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.


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