16 Free Places to Learn Facebook Ads

Mastering Facebook Ads for many contractors is hard. Add on the fact that many Facebook advertising gurus don’t specialize in the home service industry, makes learning social media advertising that much harder.

In this short article, I will give you 16 good places to learn more about Facebook Advertising. Plus, a bonus template with instructions on how to make your Facebook ads and use them on a local level.

I broke the places down into channel types. Some people learn better reading, others are visual and still others learn by listening. There are blogs & books, videos on Facebook ads and podcasts that are great for learning while doing other things.

Let’s jump right in.

Content Types:

Use Facebook to learn Facebook Ads

Facebook For Small Business

What better place to learn Facebook advertising then Facebook? This website has resources on how to use Facebook ads. Here, you have access to insights, which contain informative studies that inform your marketing strategy.

Facebook Newsroom

This is a great place to learn about Facebook Ads and how to use the platform. It also tells you where they are heading with marketing opportunities. For instance, I have placed each of my clients Facebook Messenger app on their websites. It is like a regular chatbot, but it connects with Facebook Messenger right from the website. So far, it has worked out well for them and it can work well for you too.

Facebook Blueprint

Here you can take FREE Facebook classes to get educated.

Explore self-paced and step-by-step tutorials that can help you build your digital marketing knowledge and bring your business online.

Starting in August you can learn Facebook Ads every Friday with our “Noontime Nuggets“. 

Blogs to Follow for Facebook Advertising Information.

There are not many blogs that tailor their posts to contractors and if there are, I have found them to parrot what these blogs are saying. So, cut out the middle man and go right to the sources. These 3 are the best, they have helped me and they can help you too. You only need to repurpose the information into a contracting or home service model.

Ad Espresso

Personally, I refer to this blog a lot to keep up with Facebook. The Ad Espresso blog has guides that will help you understand Facebook ads. They also have a great guide for Facebook advertising beginners. 

Jon Loomer

He is a Facebook only marketer.

Unlike many marketers. Jon is Facebook only. Which means he knows his stuff. Remember above I told you about the Facebook Messenger chat bot to place on your website? Well, Jon does it too. So, it must be a good thing. Have you thought about a chat bot?

Social Media Examiner

I have referred back to some of their great blog posts to fix technical issues in the past. Plus, they have other great social media marketing ideas, videos, and even a podcast so you can listen while you work. You can get a lot of Facebook advertising nuggets from them.

He has a Facebook Messenger bot his website and you can match the color to your brand and logos.

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Books for Facebook Marketing

I use books as references kind of like a lawyer would do. Have you every walking into a law office? They have books, upon books. All for good reason, to refer back too. That is how I use them and you should too.

Here are three that I have and use quite often. They are written so the are not dated, even though they may have a date on the cover. They are timeless and the information and tactics still work for Facebook marketing and advertising.

The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising

My go to book.

It explains everything one would want to know about Facebook Advertising. Every contractor that markets themselves on Facebook, should have this book on the shelf. Even if you don’t run ads for yourself and hire it out, it will give you the knowledge you need so you can keep your digital marketing agency honest. It comes as a standard onboarding gift when starting with a new client here at Contractor Marketing Network. I want them informed and educated. No, I am not worried they will do it themselves. They hire me for expertise and to save time. You should get this book for yourself.

Give: The Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook Advertising to Generate More Leads, More Clients, and Massive ROI

Facebook advertising isn’t the same as old advertising. Old methods no longer work. It’s time to create a new advertising plan. In this book, he focuses on Facebook marketing. You can no longer just advertising with “Hey, here I am call me for service.” It doesn’t work that way.

Facebook Advertising: Crack the Facebook Ad Code

This book promises to help you reach at least 43 percent of your potential clients, offering insights into reducing campaign costs, increasing conversions, and resolving account issues. You should have this book on the shelf if you do Facebook ads. I do and it’s a good one to have.

The Best Podcasts on Facebook Advertising

If you like to learn while doing other things, podcasts are great. I listen to podcasts while I work on a daily basis. There are only so many hours in a day and multitasking is the way to save time. So, if you put the ear buds in or plug in the speakers, while you do other things, these Facebook Advertising podcasts are the best out there.

See, I saved you time from searching already.


Modern Marketing Engine

Bernie Borges has guests who are experts on Facebook marketing. He discusses Facebook audience targeting, results-driven strategies for social media, and more. 


Marketing Made Easy

And who wouldn’t want to make marketing easier? If you have done any research about Facebook Advertising, I am sure you have seen her name. Amy Poerterfield, who talks about online marketing topics with industry experts. I started following her about 6 years ago, before the Facebook Advertising boom.  I though she was onto something then and she still is. Check here out if you like to listen while you work or workout.


The Duke of Digital Podcast

This is hosted by AdvertiseMint and Brian Meert.  Meert discusses topics related to digital advertising, online businesses, and marketing. If you need education on advertising this is a good podcast for you.

Learn Facebook Ads from Videos

If you are the type who learns best from video, then these Facebook Ads videos are for you.  Even if you learn from books, blogs or podcasts, take the time to learn from these education packed Facebook marketing videos.

Facebook Ads for Beginners 2020

What better place to start than with a beginner’s guide?

This hour-long video walks you through building your first Facebook ad campaign. The live tutorial allows you to follow along as you create your own campaign.

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2020

This video not only shows you how to create Facebook ads. It also breaks down the different levels of Ads Manager. If you run Facebook Ads, you know how difficult Ads Manager can be. Watch this video, you’ll be glad you did.

How to Write Facebook Ads That Convert Like Crazy

As a copy and content writer, I can tell you now. The ad copy is one of, if not the most important part of the ad as far as what people see. If the copy aligns with the adverting target, you will get better results.

This not a tutorial like the first two. this short 15-minute video gives you awesome tips on how to create ads that convert. Plus, insights into the three Facebook ads that perform well on the platform.

Wrapping it up and the BONUS.

Ok so now that you have seen these 16 places to learn about Facebook Ads, I have one more for you.

And, it is tailor made for contractors who Advertise on Facebook.

There is only one way to get the templates and instruction and that is to message me through Facebook Messenger. 

You can go to my Facebook Page or message me directly from the chat bot in the right-hand corner.

Looking forward to giving you this template. So, get it now, before you forget.

You can also tune into my Facebook Page on Friday’s at noon starting in August 2020, for Facebook Friday session of “Noontime Nuggets”. They are about 5 minutes long, so stop in check it out.

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