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In this article, we are going to solve one question almost every contractor has had. How do I do location targeted lead generation on a budget.

We have all drove down the road and seen areas we would love to position our businesses in.  To be the that areas go to company when they think of our services.  Location based, targeted, lead generation is the answer.

A remodeler may want to tap into an area’s aging up-scale homes.  A plumber may want the hot water heater replacement business in these 15-20 years old homes.  Or a tree service may drive through a neighborhood, where they are removing a tree and think, “Man, look at all the tree work needed in this community.”

So how do we go about location targeted lead generation? You know without hanging door hangers, knocking on doors or planting a yard sign, that won’t last but a few days and most people won’t see it anyway?

The answer. 

The three places where most people spent their time and are receptive to our messages.  EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail), Google and Facebook, great tools for your location targeted lead generation campaigns.

You can call it the jab, jab, right-hook approach or as I call it, “1-2-3, look at Me.”  Here is process of how I do it for my clients.

The example for this article is a Tree Service company.  There are other ways very similar for other services.

The Conversation with a Client

Client:  Hey RJ, I have a neighbor we are working in and it looks to be a good neighborhood to target.

Me:  What’s the address?

Client:  123 Main Street, Anytown, New Jersey

Me:  Got it.  What are you looking to do?

Client:  Well, there are a lot of mature trees in these small yards.  Most are touching the homes or really close.

Me:  Ok, tree trimming as a primary and removals as a secondary or upsell.  Let me do some research.  I will get back with you tonight.

The Market Research

The First Step in Location Targeted Lead Generation

The first thing I do is pull up Google Earth.  I want to take a fly over, the mile-high view.  What this does, it gives me a that birds-eye view of the neighborhood.  I can see from the view, how the trees are located on the properties.  I can even do history and see it through the seasons.  If you do this and the trees have no leaves, adjust the history to spring, summer or a fall date. 

Local targeted lead generation research
The red circles, show homes with tree canopy over-shadowing the home. We tailor our offers with this information.

This really shows how much canopy overshadows the homes, driveways and other valuable property.  It also shows those property line trees. 

Ok, so now I have some images saved to a folder and want more intel.  What I am looking for now is demographic data.  I use several databases that are paid, but to do it on the cheap, our first stop is USPS.  Yep, the Post Office website. 

What I am looking for is three things.  The above 35+ years old percentage, the average people per home and the average income.  This helps me tailor the EDDM postcard, website landing page, Facebook targeted ads and the Google ads we will run in this campaign.

local lead generation mapping

I know the mailing size is 1033 homes and one business in this mail group.  I like to aim for 1000+/- homes for these local marketing campaigns.  You can see the cost of mailing these 1034 postcards is under $200.00. 

Always look at what the problem is you are trying to solve for your campaign.  In this case it is trees that need trimmed or possibly removed.  But, for this campaign, we are going with trimming only. 

Why do people trim their trees?

  • Safety:  They don’t want limbs hitting the house, causing damage.
  • Sight:  Curb Appeal
  • Chores:  Picking up branches or cleaning out gutters.

This is how we make our postcard, focused on the age group, the problem and offering a solution.

Every Door Direct Mail Marketing.  Marking postcards for contractors.  Direct mail for contractors.
Every Door Direct Mail EDDM Postcard Marketing

Here is another tip to having a great response rate to your postcard.  Make the people in the images represent the type of people in the area you will be targeting.  I am not going politically correct with ethnics, races or ages.  But, in my years of experience “match the hatch” so to speak is the right way to do it.  I call it decoying. People look at, flock to or are attracted to people of like kind.  I did several test on this years ago, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Ok, so we have the area, the offer and the postcard.  So, now what?

You see the website at the bottom of the postcard?  We need to make that landing page on your website.  We create that page to look as close to the postcard as possible.  This lets them know they came to the right place. 

You can do an area specific landing page, if you really want to drive home the location specifics of your offer.  Your landing page URL would look like this:


This also helps with local search engine optimization (SEO).  It can help get your website ranking higher when someone search for tree trimming in that area. This adds long term value to the campaign. A year later, people will still find this webpage and offer.

Now that our landing page is complete, let’s move on to the next task on our marketing campaign to-do list.  Making the ads.

Facebook Ads

Local Target Ads, for Lead Generation

Facebook has a lot of targeting features, along with several different types of ads you can run.  From the customer messaging you directly on Facebook to having them leave Facebook and going to your website landing page, plus several other ad types.

For our campaign, I run two types of ads.  Messenger ads and Website visits for Facebook ad types.  Plus, on the clients Facebook Business page, I make posts that align with the offer, about the time the postcards are mailed. This increases organic results. Another way to boost your location target lead generation campaigns, return on investment.

Everything we do has to work together as best we can.  It increases the pull of the campaign and revenue generated from it. 

Facebook Ad with Website Visit as the Goal

The reason we want people from our mailing to look us up on Facebook or see our ad is the Facebook Pixel.  I won’t go into a long description of what it is, but here is the short of it.  Someone goes to your website and they get a tracking code stuck to them (digitally of course). Now when they are on Facebook or any Facebook property (Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) the see ads that you run.

They don’t have to go to your website from Facebook either.  They could read your postcard, go to your website and BAM.  The pixel is attached. Now when they go to Facebook, your ads start to appear in their newsfeed or any other place that is owned by Facebook. 

Facebook Ads with Messenger as the Goal

This is where the second ad comes into play.  We now run the Facebook ad, with Messenger as the goal.  People today are lazy and introverted in general, that is why Amazon is so big.  You can order a piano without ever leaving you sofa.

The Messenger ad is a no friction, easy way to reach out to you.  No need to call and talk on the phone.  Time of day isn’t important as I have woken up to have several messages come in after I have fell asleep. 

We get back to them in a timely manner, people understand they messaged late and will see your reply.  Don’t think Facebook messages are age bound either.  Many 70+ years old have messaged my customers.

Ok, back to the ads.  As I have said before, you want your ads to match up with this SPECIFIC offer.  Don’t think you are losing business by not making it a generic ad.  You want to call out the area by name.  Be clear in what you are offering.  In this example, tree trimming only.  You will still get removals too.  Again, clarity in your offer is important.

For targeting geographic wise you want to type in a centrally located address of your area a pick a one-mile radius.  You know the age group 35-75 and you can if you wanted target income above $50K according to the data we seen on USPS mapping tool

That’s it!  Phase 2 is complete.

Let’s move on to Phase 3 the Google ads.

Google Ads

For location targeted lead generation

Unlike our Facebook ads which target the campaign prospects by demographic and geographic, Google ads target people not only by those two, but by search intent.

Search intent means what the person searches for.  In our example, the person who sees our postcard may search for tree trimming or tree pruning.  They may even add, “Near Me”.  No worries, even if your business is a hundred miles away.  You are targeting your ads to their location not yours.  Unlike, the Map Pack or organic search

Here the prospect can see other businesses that offer tree trimming. With ads, yours is at the top.  Just like the Facebook Pixel, your website has a Google Pixel as well.  So, if they visited your website from the postcard, they now will be shown your ads on any Google Property, even in their Gmail accounts. 

With the Google Ad, we want to again make this ad campaign as specific as possible.  You want to call out the area/location/community by name in the headline, plus put exactly what your postcard had as the offer.

Location target lead generation with EDDM from the postal service.
Example Google Ad for a Tree Service Company

Your ad should look like this. 

Let’s look at the ad from your prospects search stand point. 

They had to of put tree trimming, tree pruning or some other select keywords (that you or your marketer should know) in the search bar to begin the search.  You can see from the example ad above.  It is almost a perfect match.  It has the search term, the area specifically.  In this case we used “In Your Community” but you’d put the name of the community, such as Golden Acres Estates, etc.

The body of the ad addresses what you do again, tell them benefits, entices them with FREE estimate and has authority to their buying points, stop cleaning gutters, picking up branches.

The ad extensions at the bottom are addition links they can click on your website if the what to go to your contact page, instead of the land page at the top of the ad.  Or maybe they want to check out the “About Us” or look at your reviews page (which is on your website as well.)

Note about ads.  I see way too many businesses waste tons of Google real estate telling things that are not relevant to the searchers.  Keep it direct, and clear about who you are, what you do and how to get in touch.

Google Marketing Report
Get your Google Audit Report for 2020

Google Ad Geotargeting

For this ad, we would do an address in this community and radius it for a mile or a couple thousand feet.  Quite simple.

Now Phase 3 is complete and we are ready to mail off those postcards to get the ball rolling.

This is the basics of all advertising.  You make the prospects aware of you, you have marketing assets so the can consider you and calls to actions when they are ready to make a decision.

Hey you? Here is what I have? What do you think?

This type of ad campaign pulls a conservative 3%.  That is 30 leads. Your sales closing rates will dictate the amounts of projects you land. 

The indirect benefits of doing these location specific ads are:

  • Route density:  All your work is close together, so you are time efficient.
  • Top of Mind:  Your logo’s will be in the area.  Increase the pull you get from the campaign.
  • Referrals:  Neighbors talk.
  • Trust:  It builds community trust, that you are the local go to company.

Get in touch with us, if you want to start your location, domination marketing campaigns this year.  You’ll be glad you did. 

Call or Text 856-812-3180

Email: RJCooper@ContractorMarketingNetwork.com

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