5 ways Heatmaps Help your Website

WordPress powers over 33% of the web, making it the world’s most popular content management system (CMS).  This is why all websites Contractor Marketing Network creates, we use WordPress.

Not because it is popular, but for what we can do, when we build a website for contractors.  The plug-ins are amazing, with what your website can do, in terms of converting more visitors into customers.  One of the plug-ins we use it HotJar.

HotJar Heat Maps on Contractor Websites

The official Hotjar WordPress plugin makes it simple to install Hotjar’s tracking code on any WordPress website.

Simply install the plugin and copy your site ID from the Hotjar dashboard to start using heat maps, session recordings, surveys, and more behavior and feedback tools on your WordPress site.

Benefits of using Hotjar on your WordPress site

  • Find out where users click with heat maps
  • Get feedback from your users with Polls (on-page surveys)
  • See how people interact with your WordPress website
  • Spot (and fix) WordPress bugs
  • Increase conversions

What do your Website Users do on yours?

Heat maps show you where people are clicking, scrolling, and moving around your website pages. Check heat maps data from all the clicks (and taps on mobile) on a certain page, and display them in the form of ‘hotspots’ from blue (less popular) to red (very popular). Scroll maps show you how far down the page people go: the redder the section, the larger the percentage of site visitors who saw it.

You can track clicks on different pages and see if users are clicking key calls-to-action (CTAs) or failing to see important page elements; you can also use scroll maps to see how much of your content (think blog articles, service pages, etc.) people are seeing.

With this data in hand, you’ll be equipped to make page changes to focus clicks on the elements you want users to interact with.

Get feedback from users with polls and on page surveys.

A little feedback goes a long way toward helping you make improvements that allow you to grow your website visitors and revenue: letting users express their opinions and experiences in their own words can reveal UX optimizations you’ve never considered.

Practical example: Contractor Marketing Network (also a WordPress site) used a simple Hotjar Poll on a painting contractor’s website to ask: “What information is missing?” The overwhelmingly popular response was a request for more photos on the Gallery or Portfolio page.

So, we started putting updated photos on the Gallery webpage and sure enough, people started spending more time on our Gallery page and started calling for estimates, based on work they seen on the Gallery page.

Without the poll, we would have never known.  We can directly attribute 4-6 leads a month coming in from this simple knowledge.

Heat Map on a service business website.

How people interact with your website?

Session recordings (also known as user or session replays) show you the actions visitors take as they browse your website. Unlike heat maps, each session replay is unique to a single visitor and can capture each page visited in a browsing session.

By viewing user recordings, you can get insight into how real people experience your website as a whole, and spot areas for improvement along the way.

This is really cool, because we not only know from the heat maps, a scroll data, what they click on and where they scroll to. But, now know how much time the spend on certain parts of your webpage and what the clicked or did after reading that part of the page.

We have seen where a website visitor is reading the few reviews placed on the webpage, then going straight up to click the Call Now button. 

This telling us the reviews, were a trigger to contact my client.  After learning this data, we moved the reviews part of the webpage, up a little in the page.  Where our scroll data told us, more people viewed. 

Website Scroll Data for a Service Business.

HotJar keeps your website up to date.

WordPress (and its themes and plugins) gets frequent security and feature updates, which, as you probably have experienced, can cause bugs and errors on your site.

Hotjar’s heat map and recording features help make it easier to stay on top of website updates and spot any problems before they have a negative impact on your business. Hotjar captures desktop, mobile, and tablet sessions, so you can find and fix problems on any device.

We found a contact us button that was not working, with Hotjar data.  This bug, we figure cost us 8 leads, based on the sessions data. 

Can you image paying for SEO services and your website is ranking and getting viewers.  Those viewers are filling out your contact now form and its bugging out.  You are not getting the messages from customers?  SEO money down the drain.

55% of Visitors Spend Fewer Than 15 Seconds on Your Website. Should You Care?


Turn visitors into Customers

Conversions are the lifeforce of so many websites. Whether your conversion metric focuses on sales, sign-ups, or referrals, you can gather the insights you need to increase them with Hotjar.

For example: analyzing your conversion funnel will reveal the critical pages where users drop off, allowing you to put heat maps, session recordings, and surveys to work to identify why. Once you have a better understanding of why users behave the way they do, you’ll be able to optimize the user journey to funnel more conversions where you need them.

Wrapping it up.

Who ever runs your website should be using heatmaps to increase business for your business.  There is no reason to not use heatmaps.  They go on every website we build.  It helps us get better results for our clients. 

Wouldn’t you like to know what your website visitors are doing on your website?  If so, give us a call 856-812-3180. 

We would love to help you get better results from your website.

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