Top Apps for Painting Contractors

This list of painting contractor apps is sure to make your life easier, safer and save you money. That is a bold statement! Let’s read on to see what painting Apps, you can use.

Mobile Technology

The construction industry is not what it used to be. Mobile technology has greatly changed the way professionals in the construction industry manage jobs both on- and off-site. Gone are the days of taking notes, typing them up and emailing them out from a computer. Today, notes and plans are made on tablets and mobile phones.

As mobile technology advances, more painting contractors are taking advantage of apps that help them do their job quickly and easily. These are some of the best apps for contractors that can help you work smarter, not harder.

Before we get into the cool contracot0r Apps and see what they can do to save contractors time and money.  I would like to give you this free App which can save a LIFE.

Red Cross First Aid App

Red Cross First Aid is one of the best apps used for safety. From the moment that you download this app, you’ll have access to a first-responder at your fingertips. Each of its step-by-step videos provides instructions for broken bones, strains, sprains, among other problems.

Contractors are aware of the importance of safety. And it’s imperative to maintain this form of safety on the job. This interactive app includes a combination of quizzes, step-by-step instructions, and videos, which tell you how to handle unexpected emergencies with ease.

It even has a Spanish language tool for Spanish speakers.

Get it here: Google Play or Apple

DeWalt Pro App

My very first construction App., that I every used and still use today. The CALCULATION & REFERENCE Tool for CONSTRUCTION PROS.

What you get.

  • Fully functional construction calculator ($20 value)          
  • Integrated reference materials — help, examples, illustrations and more
  • 9 free add-on calculations ($10 value)    
  • Access to hundreds of additional calculations as add-ons

You can get it here at the Dewalt App Download Center.

GasBuddy App

Simple but effective, GasBuddy helps builders find the cheapest gas nearby. The GasBuddy community regularly adds information on stations, prices and distance so you and your team can find the least expensive station wherever you happen to be. This is incredibly useful, especially since you probably burn through gas more than you’d like.

There are also automatic updates on gas prices, reviews of gas stations and challenges that help you win free gas. It’s available for both Android and iPhone.

Get it here.

Route4Me Route Planner App

When you have multiple jobs waiting for you at different locations, Route4Me Route Planner picks out the most efficient route based on multiple address inputs. No more doubling back, which wastes your gas and your valuable time! It can also help you coordinate more easily with other obligations and jobs that need to get done on the way. As a bonus, Route4Me is available for iOS and Android devices and is completely free.

Get it at Google or Apple

Timeero App

In a booming market, remodeling contractors must manage their time effectively to succeed. Timeero is a GPS enabled time tracking app that allows you to record clock in and clock out times for employees working on location. The features allow you to keep tabs on your employees at all times. This helps you ensure that your hours are correct and that employees are paid accurately. Timeero will eliminate the dreaded “Where are you?” calls from customers. Timeero can make a difference when it comes to your bottom line as well, as it guarantees employers will save 2-8% on payroll costs by eliminating time theft.

Timeero is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Photo Measures App

If you have ever lost the small sheet on which you scribbled those vital measurements you know how gut wrenching the feeling can be. With the Photo Measures app, you can forget about this issue completely. The innovative app allows you to record, save, and share measurements and dimensions by directly snapping and annotating your own photos.

Also, you can add text to any image and export your dimensions by email (in different formats) or to a photo gallery. Its features include:

• Zoom (in and out) feature for greater precision.

• Allows you to edit measurements and include comments.

• Lets you export high-resolution images to your photo gallery or email.

• Organize photos right from the app.

Get Photo Measures app on Google Play and iTunes.

TSheets App

TSheets, a cloud-based time tracking, and scheduling app is a dream-come-true for many construction professionals. This app is an alternative to a paper timesheet or punch cards. It integrates with different payroll and accounting platforms such as Xero, QuickBooks, Square, and Gusto among others to enable businesses to track, manage, and report time.

Features such as GPS and Who’s Working view enable administrators to know where crew members are in real time. Its features include:

• Receive alerts when employees don’t clock into a job as planned.

• Save up to 8% on gross payroll costs and do away with manual time recording.

• Offer effective mobile management options for employees on the go or at different job locations.

• Improve worker accountability and accuracy of hours.

The app is on Google Play and iTunes.

ColorSnap App by Sherwin-Williams

Take a picture of anything around you and the app will match up to 8 colors in the picture with the corresponding Sherwin-Williams colors. To do this, you can upload a photo from your smartphone photo library, Pinterest account, or take your own picture inside the app. Once you take or upload a photo, you can click on a color, and it will give you its details, and allow you to save it, email it to clients, or share it on your social media.

Additionally, ColorSnap will give you color options that coordinate well with the selected color, along with the color strip, and similar colors. The app is perfect for painting contractors because it will show how the paint color works in a room setting, allowing you to visualize what it would look like in your client’s home. You can also search and browse for colors, which includes Sherwin-Williams Historic colors and Timeless color options.

If you have a color card from a Sherwin-Williams store, you can scan the number to view all of its details as well. And lastly, the app will help you can find a Sherwin-Williams store nearby when it’s time to stock up on paint.

Get ColorSnap App.

Paint Tester App

Paint Tester is great for painting contractors because it takes the visualization of a paint color in a room one step further than ColorSnap. Paint Tester allows you to take or upload a picture of a room and “paint” the falls of the house (in the app). It features a brush tool, or a fill color tool which allows for users to paint specific objects in the picture.

To find the desired color, you have the ability to select from a palette or type in the color number, along with tools to adjust brightness and erase mistakes. Once you complete your painted picture, you can email it to clients, share it on social media and more.

Get Paint Tester App

Drywall Apps

Drywall contractors know how much work goes into a single job and how detailed they must be to ensure they aren’t making costly mistakes. From making sure measurements are accurate and keeping track of the number of materials used to creating time-consuming invoices, drywall contractors have a demanding job.

Fortunately, there are several Android apps available that will make their job much easier. Whether you are looking to run your small drywall business more efficiently, improve your performance, or just want to take some of the stress out of tasks, these apps are worth checking out.

Drywall Calculator

Drywall contractors of any experience level can utilize this app to increase their efficiency. The Drywall Calculator helps estimate the amount of labor and materials needed to complete a drywall job including tape, screws, mud and boards. Conveniently, this calculator includes conversions, supports metric and imperial units, and allows various lengths of measurement to be used from millimeters to yards.

By being able to enter multiple areas at once and save an unlimited amount of jobs, you will quickly be able to get the numbers you need while limiting your chances of costly mistakes.


  • Ability to calculate nearly any shape and size
  • Values will be saved when exiting the app
  • Create complex objects by entering multiple areas at once
  • Save various materials including board thickness, sizes and waste

The Drywall Calculator App is available on Google Play.

Construction Calc App

This construction app is said to be the easiest construction app to use on the market. Construction Calc includes 82 different tools allowing contractors to find measurements, angles, quantities and more. Although this is a general construction app, its drywall capabilities are not lacking.

By just including the width, height, and length of both the room and panel you will receive all of the information you need to complete the job. This app calculates the area, materials, joint compounds, setting type and more so you can do your job quicker and more accurately.

This app includes other useful features:

  • 15 measurement calculators and 32 material estimators
  • Accurate estimates for materials to save money

Construction Calc app is available on Google Play.

Drywall Calc Pro Select

Designed specifically with drywall contractors in mind, you will surely be able to increase the efficiency of your business. Avoid wasting time and materials with the Drywall Calc Pro Select app that accurately provides all of the information you need to get started on a job. Input the room width, length, height and panel size to receive the exact amount of panels, fasteners, joint compounds, adhesives and primers that are needed.

This app also allows you to instantly share your results by copying them to the clipboard or email which can be useful to keep everyone productive and on track.

Check out these features:

  • Supports feet, inches, fractions of an inch, meters, and centimeters
  • One of the only drywall specific apps on the market
  • Easily save results for your records

Get Drywall Calc Pro Select on Google Play.

Bonus App for Painters

Go Canvas

The Painting Estimate app with Quick Checklist provides a simple way to total up the estimated cost for customer invoices before and after an interior or exterior painting job has been completed.

Painting companies can customize the estimate template form to include the square footage of the areas to be painted, a list of services to be performed by the painting contractors, estimated gallons of paint to be used, specialty materials needed, labor and other details for the customer. The business can also add more specific details about the job as needed, including paint colors to be used and the number of coats to be applied.

Designed specifically for employees in the painting industry, anyone can provide free estimates for residential painting services, power washing, commercial painting and all other types of interior and exterior painting jobs directly from the job site with this professional estimate template.

You can get GoCanvas here.

We hope these Apps, make your life easier, safer and save you money!

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