4 Reasons Why Newsletters Are Great for Contractors

Personalized, Targeted Communication

Campaign emails are sometimes hard to personalize. But, with a client newsletter, you can tailor it to include local events that your clients might enjoy, highlight holidays and include news that they care about. A newsletter can include very specific and personalized information that can also include service and product information that isn’t too pushy or sales-y.

Newsletters are for Everyone

You may not send your campaign emails to everyone in your email database, but everyone can enjoy your newsletter. Your product and service highlights within your newsletter may attract potential clients or referrals. Including collateral such as a “Product” eBooks and Reports are also a great way to pull in new clients. The information you gather in your newsletter can attract and persuade people to really listen to you and want to stay up to date with your company. This creates a connection that makes people look forward to hearing from your company.

Wider Reach

Electronic newsletters allow you to reach people across the street, in another state or around the globe. The power of email allows clients everywhere to get their news, events and learn about your company’s personality with the click of a link or a button all with your newsletter. This can expand your client base and help your company grow as a whole. Your newsletter will not only show off who you are as a company and your culture, but you are also providing value to people, all with content from other sources.

Showcase Your Knowledge

By including blogs and news links from outside sources, you are showing clients that it’s not always about your company. You are showing them that you care more about their wants than you do about pushing your product or service on them. By including relevant news and blogs, you are showcasing your knowledge of the industry and giving exposure to those outside sources, who may one day do the same for you!

22 Reasons Newsletters are good for your contracting business.

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