Digital Marketing Results for Painting Contractors

Digital Marketing Results

for Painting Contractors

Are you new to digital marketing?  Have you gotten little results for your efforts?

FB Blog ad for Painting
30 cents per click.  Google Ads cost $7.00 for a click.  If your ads are on the low end and get 3% conversion, you’d have 3 new customers for $28.74.

So, you built a website, you have a Facebook Business Page, you do the blog thing.  You see others doing Instagram, so you give it a try.   You spend a few hours a week on the social platforms, you write a blog article or two, then you sit back and wait for the cash to roll in.

Well, I got news for you.  It doesn’t work like that.  If it was everyone would be rich.

Here is the biggest hurdle I have as a marketing consultant talking to contractors.   You have to spend or should I say invest in your marketing. You need EYEBALLS on what you offer.  Not just, I am a painter, but what makes you different than every other swinging paint brush with a van and a Graco sprayer.

You need a process, research and knowledge of how platforms or marketing tools work and work for you in your favor.  I have talked to hundreds of contractors, from various trades, say Facebook doesn’t work, my website doesn’t get me results, it was a waste of money.  Instagram has only had other painters like my posts.

I have news for you, it is hard work, smart work and it is not a waste, you have been using it wrong, that is all.  And it is not your fault.  Marketing is not a light switch you turn on and the calls come in.  The post you make may get a few likes or a share every now and then.

There is a formula, a process and it takes time to build and take effect.

Paid Traffic vs No SEO WordPress com
When you website is new, SEO and web traffic is low.  So you need to buy traffic for as low, yet as targeted as you can get.  Do you get 10-15 targeted page views a day?  How about 25 or more?

But, it doesn’t have to break the bank until it does take hold and start working for you.  The cool thing is, if done right, it pays for itself as it takes hold.  You should not be dropping “Big Ben” (Hundred dollar bills) until you get some money back.

You should be working a plan, a plan that has ALL your marketing tools work to reach your goals.  I see way too many contractors run Facebook ads and get nothing.  They put in their effort, their money spent on Facebook ads and forget they have a website.  They forget they have an Instagram, a Google My Business, a Google+, not to mention they forget they have a FREE email marketing system available to them.  “Stupid” I say.  No wonder you are going broke trying to get some marketing traction.

All your stuff needs to work together.  Right now Facebook is the cheapest way you can get eyes on your marketing.  Right now, ALL my clients are reaching targeted and just outside the target market for a damn penny a person or less.

You tell me how can you reach a person that is most likely to need or buy your service for a penny?  A yard sign in the neighborhood?  At $5.00 a sign, do you think 500 people see it before it blows over, is stolen or you forget about it?  Are those 500 people in the market for what you offer?

Every house is not your customer!

If it was, you’d be wearing out pencils left and right doing estimates.  It doesn’t work that way.

All these tools are pieces to a big puzzle, and that puzzle is your businesses marketing.  Take social media for instance.  It is called SOCIAL for a reason.  You post stuff that is not inviting, yet to get people to interact.  I see far too many, “Here is my awesomeness, that I just finished.”


Your social media needs to do three things.  Get their attention, get them involved in the post and get them OFF the social media and onto your ONLY piece of digital real estate, which is your website, before the next shiny object get the attention you have.

That is it!

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You got their attention now what?

Ok, so now you got their attention, you get them involved (They click like your page, they commented, etc.) now what?  You need to guide the attention you just made onto your website or landing page.  How do you do that?

With a link, don’t expect them to go off on your social page looking for your website. You may not want them going to your home page, maybe a landing page in Mail Chimp or another page on your site.

What you need to do is get them in the desire stage and your web page or landing page is where to do it..  You need to put bait on a hook and get that person to bite on your content.  That content needs to be something THEY want, not you, not an offer, but information.  Do they want to know the best paint, the best prep, the latest trend in interior colors?  You need to get them wanting to know more.

That is the job of social media to get attention and involvement.  Once you have their attention, they are INVOLVED, they move to the next step.  They move in the direction of your message, your ad, your bait… that you pull away until they do something.

Think of fishing.

That fish sees the bait, it moves closer. Right when it is going to the bait, it either takes the bait or turn its head never to return, you pull the bait in the direction you want.

“YOU want it fish?” (customer), well you can’t have it until you do what I want.  SO, you pull it away like it is escaping.  With social, you don’t pull it away, you guide them to the next step.  They want to find out about that NEW TREND in kitchen cabinet colors?  That new exterior paint with a manufactures lifetime warranty?  That is the bait, you pull it away and to your website or landing sales page.  Now they are off the social platform and on your website.

They see the bait, they taste the bait (read it), now since they are on your digital real estate they are looking around.  They see your gallery page (Nice work, I’d like my house to look like that).  On your gallery page is a CTA (Call to Action) your phone number, your email or another tidbit of bait to get them deeper hooked, deeper hooked on YOU and YOUR site.   NOW they have the bait and you have a prospect and soon to be customer.

You need at minimum these tools working for you to go from the top of the funnel (Attention) to the bottom (Action)

These tools for theses stages of the sales funnel.


Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn (Plus ads on these platforms to get EYEBALLS on your stuff.  Not 10 or 100, but thousands)


Website pages, Blog posts titles, landing page titles and email subject lines.


The content on the interest stages pages.  This is where copywriting comes into play.


Every page you send the reader to should have several calls to action (CTA).  You should have you phone number above the fold (the part of the page before they scroll down).  You should have a contact form about mid-way after they read something enticing.  At the very bottom, should they get that far, you should have all contact methods so they can choose how they wish to proceed.  You want to make it as easy as possible to contact you.

NOTE: Don’t send them back to Facebook Messenger or the like.  Send them to something you own.  A phone number, text number or email.

Answer these questions.

  • How much business are you getting from your social media efforts?
  • How much time are you spending to get those results?
  • How many website visits do you get a month?
  • How many calls come from your website?
  • What are you going to do to improve, with as little time and as much bang for the buck as you can get?
  • When are you going to start?

Until our trails cross,

RJ Cooper

Master Marketing Misfit

856-812-3180  Call or Text


Is your Google My Business updated with all the new features?

How about your email marketing game?  You do have a list of email’s don’t you?  You do use them every month too, right?

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