Instagram marketing for contractors

Instagram Quick Tips For Contractors

Instagram Quick Tips For Contractors

Instagram Marketing For Contractors
Instagram Marketing For Contractors




We all know Instagram is growing, but it’s not only for Katy Perry and big brands. Use Instagram for business the right way and you’ll discover it’s a great place to not only increase your business presence, but actually get your ideal customers to call you for an estimate.


We talk a lot about how social networks have their own vibe, and Instagram is no different. It’s more than Pinterest or an extension of Facebook. Instagram is a more playful environment, encouraging you to post what’s on your mind at that moment.


Just like you put a different emphasis on a Facebook Live vs. a blog post, you need to understand how best to maximize your efforts on Instagram for leveraged results.

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10 ways to drive traffic to your website for FREE⠀ 1. Share pages or blog posts to ALL of your social media channels (You do have a website and a blog right?)⠀ 2. Create, Plan and Post daily to your Facebook Page (If you don’t have one, get one. They are great if used right.)⠀ 3. Add links from your social media channels to your website. ⠀ 4. Appear on a local podcast. Yep, their out, there search for local podcasts. (ITunes and Stitcher Searches are great.)⠀ 5. Make a YouTube Channel and use it locally. (Use the 2nd largest search engine to your advantage.)⠀ 6. Start and post to a Google+ account. (Great for google SEO)⠀ 7. Share to Google+ community. (Find your local groups, just search Google+)⠀ 8. Start an Instagram Account and share your day. (Hashtag your location and towns in your marketing area.)⠀ 9. Post in local Facebook Community Groups. (Good way to gain local exposure)⠀ 10. Add your website URL in your email signature. (Every email you send should have your website URL)

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Here are some ways to use Instagram for business and position your company in the best possible light.


  1. Make the most of your bio. Choose a user name that is part of your business. You want to keep the same image across social networks if you can. And, while you want to make sure that followers know how to find you via multiple channels, take care not to frequently cross post the same content. People follow you on multiple channels to get multiple experiences.


  1. Use a mix of images. Of course you want to post images that relate to your business, but this is your opportunity to be more of what I call… “strategically spontaneous.” It also allows you to literally put a face on your business. And people buy from other people, not businesses. Your best differentiator from competitors is WHO you are. Have a clean jobsite on Friday? Share it with a #TGIF or #Jobsite hashtag. Monday, share a photo of you starting work, with a #BacktoWork hashtag. Mix in quotes, anecdotes, holiday or seasonal messages, offers, etc. Keep it fresh.  But be strategic with what you show in your feed. There’s a difference between what you want to share that you consider private vs. sharing 5-6 more personal sides of you and your business that align with your audience and its values.


  1. Use filters on your photos. Instagram comes with a bunch of fun filters to add personality to your images. Use a variety of them to add a vibe to your feed. It’s easy to get carried away, so remember that just because you CAN alter a photo doesn’t mean you should. Use it when it adds something of interest — and not on every one. There’s been a #nofilter trend for awhile so be judicious with your filters and make sure they integrate with the feel and tone of your business.


  1. Make use of fun hashtags. When there’s something going on like #FF or TBT, make sure your business participates. It’s another great way to show your personality and be part of the bigger Instagram community. You can also be a player in business-related conversations by making use of industry-related hashtags. #TreeServiceLife #RoofLife, etc.




Even though there really aren’t a lot of creative limitations, yet, on Instagram, remember that the basic rules of ANY social network still apply, especially for business. Here are the top three:


  1. Stay social. Follow, comment, and interact on EVERY interaction. The same rules apply as on other social media. The best way to build a following is to engage and work on developing relationships and community. Speaking of community, you’re a local business use local hashtags in your posts.  Explore where those local #hashtags take you.  Follow some of the people on those posts.  You may know people that follow those hashtags.


  1. Keep SEO in mind. Make sure that your business description includes your key words, and your website. Don’t forget that hashtags are another form of SEO.


  1. Time your posts. This means not only choosing the time when your customer is most active, but having a regular, consistent strategy for when you post.


Sounds simple? It is. But simple isn’t always easy. Just because you know the “how” doesn’t mean you know the “why” or “who” to make it worthwhile.  It comes down to knowing who your ideal customer is, and the best techniques to attract and convert them.




Contractor Marketing Network Facebook Study Group
Contractor Marketing Network Facebook Study Group


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Let’s chat for 5-10 minutes to see how I can help you grow your business on Instagram and create your own Instagram Client Attraction magnet tailored to your specific business. Call me today at 856-812-3180 or email me at to set up a time to chat that will work best with your schedule.


With the right strategy, now may be the perfect time for you to leverage Instagram take your business to new heights. Don’t miss this window of opportunity to power up your profits.


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