Landscapers Marketing Program



Spring is almost here…are you ready?


In 6 weeks, maybe sooner, all hell is going to break loose with landscaping projects.  Are you ready to get your share?

Are you worried that the phone won’t ring? Or ring enough?  Are you unsure of how to market your business on your budget?

I understand your problems, you are overwhelmed, with all the choices there are to market and advertise your business.  Websites, post cards, truck wraps, shirts, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and so, so much more.

It can be very frustrating to know what will work, what won’t.  The time is ticking down.  You don’t want to miss out on getting customers.  You hate to drive through town and see a competitor working on an awesome landscape project, you could be doing and right in your backyard.



Good things come to those who wait, but only the things

left by those who hustle. 




But hey, you are a small company with a small budget.  You can’t afford to spend money that doesn’t make you money.  You need the cash flow, as fast as possible.  You know you need to do something, but what?


First thing, Stop!  Stop overwhelming yourself.




What you need is help and help comes in many forms.  Help is also known as opportunity.


I would like to help you and here is the offer, the opportunity.



Jump Start

Marketing Program


This is what you will learn and get with the Jump Start Program


Your Foundation:

Identify who you are in your local market.  Who your customers are.  Analysis of your competition.  Produce true goals.  Develop a strategic plan to reach those goals.

The Framework:

You will learn how-to make your business a local brand.  Design your website to really do its job.  You will learn basic SEO and how to list in search directories without screwing things up.

You will learn how to use Social Media (Including Facebook ads).  Establish a budget and learn what a customer costs you to acquire.  Learn how to use traditional marketing (Post Cards, Flyers and Sales Letters) to compliment your digital marketing.

You will learn how to use the “Lifetime Value” of your customers and passively up-sell your services.  During the class you will develop a “Sales Funnel” so you have a steady stream of customers.

You’ll also learn how to conduct market research, a key to successful marketing.

Abe Lincoln once said,

If you gave me six hours to chop down a tree, I would use the first four sharpening my ax.” 

That ax sharpening is the market research.

The Finishing Tools and Tactics:

This is the working pieces of the program:

Sales Pages, this is where you send those customers from your Facebook and Google ads. (The number one reason your ads don’t convert)

Call Systems,  how to use your phone, email and text messages to automate your inbound and outbound sales process.

Lead Magnets, to attract customers and nurture them from a website view or a social media friend, follower or fan to a customer.

Content Marketing, giving your potential customers the information they actually look for when they look for your service.

Email Marketing, how to stay in contact, nurtures and win more customers.

Copy Writing, you will learn the basics on how to format, structure and write a message that makes the customers call you.

Images, this will show you what images to upload to your website and social media.  For more views, SEO and to invoke an emotion.

Video, you will learn how to use short videos to position you as the local expert.

Review/Referrals,  you will learn how to get more reviews automated and passively get referrals without asking for them.


You will learn how to maintain your website, automating your social channels and how to read your data/insights to fine tune your marketing.


Don’t be the business who arrives at the party late.  Get in on this program today, so you can get your marketing right, right from the start and the phone ringing.


Does this sound like you could use this program?

The Jump Start Program starts February 3rd and last 14 days.

Read to the bottom for more details.



Who am I and why should you care.

I have been in the construction trade since 1986, I have seen many businesses fail and many succeed.

The last 9 years of my career have been in sales and marketing.  I remember contractors marketing their businesses, when a business card and a yellow page ad (In a real book) was all they had.  Up to the technology we have today and how fast it is changing.

Now I am not saying, I walked uphill both ways to school in the snow, but I am old enough to say I walked a crossed 12’ of carpet to change the channel on the TV, all 8 of the those channels.  😊

In my career, I have worked on over 3 billion dollars, worth of construction projects, and now work exclusively with small contracting and service businesses that combined do 10’s of millions in revenue annually.


Who this program is for?


The little landscaping companies, the ones being taken advantage of by Home Advisor, Angie’s List, Yellow Pages, Thumbtack and the Guru’s.

The companies doing Facebook ads that don’t connect, the businesses posting to Instagram without engagement from customers, the businesses whose websites are ranked on page two (Great place to hide a dead body, nobody searches page two) or those who have websites that don’t get them any business.

This program is for landscape companies that don’t understand marketing and think advertising is marketing.  For small companies, who want to get off on the right path, fast or need direction and guidance to reach their goals.

This program is for those, who come this December,  want to look back and say,


“Damn, this was a great year for business.”



I screen who is allowed in this program.

My services are NOT for those looking to get rich quick, don’t care about their customers or want the “Magic Pill”.

This is not the lottery, your marketing is all about the customers and the “Magic Pill” is a myth, a unicorn.


Some recent testimonials

“I can’t believe that a $30 ad (Facebook) sold a $8,000 job in less than a day.  I have spent hundreds and didn’t make a dime.”  G.J.  A small one man hardscapes business with one part-time helper.  Was flat out of work, with nothing on the book, right before the holidays.   (Facebook Ad Service)


“That ad and blog post got me 22 calls this week and we are averaging 10+ calls a week now.” E.B. A three-man landscaping contractor in a specialty niche.  His normal weekly incoming new business calls were 4 calls on average per week.  (Facebook Ad, Website and Blog Content Writing Service)


“The sales letter and list, is working great.”  T.G., a two-man landscape company with no budget.  I found a small niche in his market through research and made a sales letter for him.  $120 was his cost and made him $2,000 in recurring monthly income.  (Sales Letter and Marketing Audit)


“My website is ranked #3 now.”  E.B.  A three-man specialty landscape contractor. He was ranked #47 3 months earlier and is now getting calls from nearby towns he has never had calls from before.  (SEO and web redesign service.)  


Time waits for no man.

Time is running out, as Spring is

fast approaching.

The Landscaping Jump Start Program Schedule

(All times are Eastern Standard Time)

Sign up deadline is January 31st, no exceptions.

February 1st

You will get the 1st class workbooks via email with video meeting class passcode.

February 3rd.

We will hold our first video class via video meeting.  This is not a webinar, it is an interactive meeting.  We will be discussing what you are doing now in your business and how this program is going to change your marketing, get and keep the customers calling your business.

February 5th  

Building the Foundation Class

February 7th

Construct the Framework Class

February 10th    

Construct the Framework Class

February 12th

Make the Finishing Tools and Tactics

February 15th

Wrap up the Finishing Touches

February 17th

How to Maintain Your Marketing


Weekday classes are from 8pm to 10 pm (EST)

Saturday class time is by choice either (9 am to 11 am) or (6 pm to 8 pm)

Again, these are interactive classes both online and off line.    There is ample time in between classes to do the workbooks and imply it to your marketing.

I will be available via email and for a call each day, excluding Sunday.





After you finish the program, I won’t leave your side.  I will coach and consult you for 30 days, to make sure you are using the program correctly and effectively.

Upon completion of the program, I will give you three custom made lead magnets for your sales funnel.


If you haven’t made the programs cost back upon finishing the program, I will refund your money, no questions asked.  That is how certain and confident I am in my program.  The system and program is proven.



How much does it cost?

I am going to be a little sarcastic, while being brutally honest.  It costs less than your weed-whacker, weed whip, string trimmer, whatever, “YOU” call it, but can make you 1000X the cost of that weed-whacker,  “If” you use what I will be teaching.

How do I start?

There is only one simple way to start this program.  Fill out the contact form and you will be contacted by email on what the next steps are.  Don’t worry, we won’t call and bother you like the other marketing services, because I am not anything like those services.

Fill out the form.


Here is to a great 2018 and I look forward to teaching, coaching and helping you reach your goals.

RJCooper,  Contractor Marketing Group.

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