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So, it’s 2018.

You have been using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter for some time now.  As fun as it is, it takes up quite a bit of time and you really aren’t seeing the results, all the hype is about.

Well, here is the 6 things holding you back.

  1. No Plan or Goal
  2. No Content
  3. No Consistency
  4. No Following
  5. No Engagement
  6. No Return on Investment (ROI of time and money)



How much better your social media would benefit your business if these problems were solved.  Take a minute to think of what would change in your business and life if.

If you had a strategy that got more people and customers following your social media. A plan to bring awareness that you exist to your local marketing area.  What if that goal of 5-10 customers a month came from your Facebook or Instagram page was met.

If your posts were done for you. Posts that offered more than what you are putting on there now. If video ads, picture ads and text posts were made for you.

What if your posts were done for you on a constant schedule and when your customers are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can post when it is convenient for you, but are your customers seeing it?  Timing is everything.

What if your followers and fans grew daily and kept growing. More people would see you right?  You’d have more opportunity to serve people, more chances of word of mouth about what you offer.  Not just followers, but the right followers.  People that are potential customers or past/future customers.

What if those followers actually commented on your before and after posts? What if they asked you questions or wanted to know how much you charge or when you are available.

How would it affect your business if you actually made money from your social media, instead of it taking your time and money?



You have three choices to make.

  1. Do nothing and get nothing in return.
  2. Do it yourself (But, you’ve been doing that with little to no results)
  3. Hire it out to a professional social media marketer.



If you decide to do nothing, stop reading now.

If you want to do it yourself and want to know how, then email me at and put Social Guides in the subject line and I will send you all three guides.

SOCIAL MEDIA RESOURCE GUIDE FROM A TO Z (Work Book)    Social Media Tool Kit (Workbook)Social Media Success Formula (Ebook)




But, if you want the most bang for your buck and time, then choose one of the following options.

Email: any time and put Social Media Help in the subject line.



  856-812-3180  Simply text Social Media Help.



  800-771-9671 (9 am to 5 pm Monday -Friday)


  • $150 gets you a full 30 days of Social Media Management on three platforms of your choice. (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn) You pick which three.
  • No Contracts, so no long-term commitment. Try it out for 30 days see the results and decide if this service fits into your business marketing.
  • Sign up today and get $50 worth of free advertising.
  • Money Back Guarantee of 10X return on service investment.

(Case Studies of what $20-30 of ads can generate.)

Case Study #1

Tree Service Ad.  It ran for 7 days.  The sales funnel was to a landing page on the website.  In those 7 days we averaged 11 sales page views per day.  Our conversion was 9%.  This ad was targeted to a specific market in one town.  The ad had a direct ROI (Return On Investment) of $4,300 in work.  All for a $30 ad spend.  You do not need to spend a fortune, but you do need to know who, what, where, when and how to get these results.  We run them once a month as an added marketing campaign to other marketing tactics.

1 Brennans Tree Service Inc

Case Study #2

Tree Service Ad.  This promotion was for local brand awareness.  Ran for 3 days and netted 9 small jobs totalling $6,300.  Again, one area and one target audience.  Little and often make much with small company marketing efforts.  Would you trade $15 for $6,300?

2 Brennans Tree Service Inc


Case Study #3

Remodeling Service Ad. This ad ran for 7 days and was age, income and location based.  The direct results were 3 estimates, one sale for $8,800.  Would you trade $18.23 for a $8,800 project?

4 RMC llc

The above case studies are not cherry picked.  They are average ads, that show, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get results. But, the ads have to be done right.

All your social media and digital marketing should work together to meet your goals.  Not by chance, by designed plans.


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