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Understanding Facebook Business Page Insights

Understanding your Facebook business pages insights are very important to your marketing and success of your page to get you customers.

When I view a new clients Facebook business page, I look and see how many viewers, fans and followers they have.  Out of the last hundred I looked at the average was 120.

I think we can rule out about 25% not being customers or potential customers so that leaves you with 75% potential or past customers.   So you have about 90 people.

The next thing I do is look at the population of their area.  Again, I added up those same 100 businesses and came up with an average of 80,000 people (Not everyone is in a city or large metro area.

That data shows 70% of the world’s population has a Facebook.  So 70% of those 80,000 people have Facebook.  56,000 on average and you have 120.  See my point!?!

You need to like other business pages in your area, you need to friend a few business owners.  That is why they call it social media, be social in your area.  One a day (how hard is that) new likes, followers or friends just on work days would add 250 to your reach in one year.

Everyone wants to be a body builder, not everyone wants to lift the weights.  That is why some succeed and most do not.

Now, lets get into analyzing a page I start managing a month back.

The insights the day I started

Facebook Insights 8-8-17 (2).png

The insights after my first week.

FB insights 8-14-17 (2).png


Let’s compare the two.

Starting with the total page views.  (This customer had 187 fans/followers at the start, now 380+ five weeks later).

Began with 5 a week later 33.


This is page views, not just seeing a post in the persons news feed.  This is people who went to the page and looked around.  These same 33 people could be sent to your website to check out more of what you do, about your services, etc.  NOTE: That kind of traffic, google notices and ranks your site higher.

You do have a website, right?

Contractors, How Important Is Your Website To You?


Began with 4 a week later 2

The next thing is page previews.  This is where, when you hover your cursor or mouse over the person’s picture or post to see who or what they are, without going to their page.

The data shows less than the week before, but if you notice the page views were higher by a large margin, so this means people are not just hovering and say “NOT interested” they are clicking to check you out.

This is done with good valuable posts.

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Began with 1 had 5 a week later.  (Remember add one per business day)

This is where someone comes and likes your page.  This is how you grow your reach.  When someone likes your page, it shows in their news feed.  If you do a good job of getting them to notice your posts, they share, like and engage with you.  Which is what you want and NEED to happen for your page to be successful in your neck of the woods.

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Started with 139, a week later 636.  (Almost a 4x increase)

Reach is what you are looking for.  It is the amount of people who saw your offer. Remember, this customer only had 187 likes/follows.  This is important.  Either 636 people saw it or 187 people saw it 3X.  (On average a person has to see your business in some form 6-7 times before they will do business with you)

The Numbers Game of Marketing



Began with 24, a week later 270. (How’s that for 10X engagement)

Engagement is very important.  It means people are noticing your stuff, liking it, sharing it and commenting on it.  (Remember, it’s social media)

There isn’t any data to show how many people do business with you from Facebook with out asking and keeping your own data.  But as far as Facebook business page goes, I feel this is an important one that gets your phone to ring.

Social Media Engagement



Began with 3 views, a week later 134.  (You need GOOD videos)

Video marketing is going to be a big thing.  Many platforms are all visual (Instagram/SnapChat) and big marketing is following that direction.  You notice all the live broadcasts and videos others are doing.  Make yours meaningful and it will pay off.

I am working now to incorporate video and a podcast to Contractor Marketing Network.

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Lastly, is the followers.


Began with 1 per week, after one week 5.

Remember above where I said, adding just one a day can drastically improve your page? Well, we followed that model here.  But, what happened was this, as we added a consistent post schedule, with valuable content, not just promo stuff, we gained the 5 per week, plus.  In the 5 weeks of tracking this account, we went from 187 to 380+.  Friends of followers, started following because of likes, shares and comments.  Going by these ratios, in one years time we could take this account from 187 to over 3,000.  3,000 of the 80,000 people in this locations market share is a hell of a lot better than 187.


Wrap up

Social Media marketing is not a sprint race, it is a marathon.  You need to invest time, have a plan, produce good posts of value to your followers/fans.


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