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Local SEO Tips for Contractors

Everywhere online, businesses are worried about how their website does for SEO.  It should.  After doing several audits a week for clients, I found that misinformation and no directory listing to be the simplest, yet often missing items for a business.

So I have put together these 21 tips to help you do-it-yourselfers, get better results for websites.  Simple yet often overlooked things you need to do.

Local SEO is invaluable to your business if it relies on local patrons.  You don’t want your customers to need a treasure map to find you.  It’s not hiding and seek.  Because you are hidden, they are seeking, but won’t look too far past your competitor.

  1. Get listed in directories, apps and search engines.  Google, Bing and Yahoo are a must.  For apps, think Waze, MyTown, etc.
  2. Your phone number must be solely for business and should be a local area code.
  3. Use physical addresses, not PO Box.
  4. Use images that show what you do.  Name them after what it is.  Even though no one sees the name Google does.
  5. Have social media links on your site leading to your business, not a personal account.
  6. Make sure your website is mobile friendly.  Pull your site up on your phone.
  7. Spell your name the same everywhere.  Have the same phone #, email and address too.
  8. Get reviews, the more the better off you are.
  9. Use keyword rich headlines.  Test your headlines here.
  10. When listing your business categories, only list two or three of your core services.
  11. Have a great “About” page.  Find out how here.
  12. Have a well thought out “Service” page.  Here is how.
  13. Use your keywords in the first paragraph.
  14. Use Google Page Speed Insights, so your page loads faster.
  15. Add links in your text.
  16. Be active on social media.
  17. Ask visitors to like or share.
  18. Avoid shady tactics.
  19. Don’t spam.
  20. Have a gallery, add or change it often.
  21. Be patient.


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