Yo Dick! Stop Hiding From Your Customers!

 Is your business is one of the 73% that consumers lose trust in because the listings are incomplete or inaccurate?



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Ok, here is the way I have found it to be.  Check and see if it fits into what you have done.  Companies hear from everyone, get a website and your business will grow or you need a website these days.

So what happens is the business owner does one of three things.  One, they build a website with Godaddy, Foursquare, WordPress or another cheap web hosting, building site.  Two, they get a friend or relative to build them a cheap website or they hire out their website build to a web designer.  Great you have an electronic brochure up and the world can see it.

Too bad it doesn’t work like that.  Just like your business, you need to promote the website.  There are several ways to do that, SEO, Social Media, printed on all advertising, etc.

But, what I have found is that most businesses, even if they hire out the websites build, lack one of the most important things, which is, listing in directories.

Whenever I get a new client, the first thing I do is to research them.  Where are they, where aren’t they more importantly.  For the record, 9 out of 10 have a rating of 65% or higher of mistakes, missing information or are just not present in the listings.

Google, being the biggest search engine, I find 4 in 10 haven’t even listed their business with Google Local Listings.  I’m going to say this, “How F’ing Dumb!”  I can forgive the guys who aren’t too techy, but I see it for businesses that PAID a professional to do their site.  No excuse for that at all.  I have come behind PRO’s who do all the keyword stuff and the latest SEO tricks, but fail at getting the businesses local listings, listed.

You ever searched for something and when you type in your computer or phone one of the choices is “Such and Such Near Me”?  Well, if you are not listed, you don’t get seen.

So, how many times have you lost business when you shouldn’t have?

How many of you are listed in Waze?  Very popular app.  How about Mytown?   There are over 200 places you should be listed in to max out your website and business.

If you are paying for SEO, which costs anywhere from a couple hundred to thousands a month, what do you think getting your listings in directories would do for your SEO?  I have found most businesses are only listed in about 4.  So when someone searches Google and Google wants to give their customers the best information for their search and they see a website/business listed in 4 directories compared to the business listed in 20, which one do you think Google is going to show their customers?

Yext Listings   Update Local Listings   Get Found Everywhere   Yext.png

2 Yext Listings Update Local Listings Get Found Everywhere Yext


3 Yext Listings   Update Local Listings   Get Found Everywhere   Yext.png


For my customers I do no less than 50 directories.  Now you can do this on your own.  It will take you about 10 hours to do the 50 that I do.  But, it’s well worth it.  Yext is a company that will do it for you, they charge $500 to do the 50 listings.  So that is an option.  I charge $299 for the service, but is part of my 6 figure solo program.

Most small businesses are overwhelmed and confused by even basic online marketing. This is reflected in some of the seemingly contradictory findings of the survey:

  • 50 percent of SMBs has seen listings for their business that are not accurate
  • 70 percent of SMBs say they don’t have the time to manage listings on all of the sites that consumers use
  • Only 23 percent of SMBs have a good sense of how listings, drive traffic to their business


Here is a good read from Search Engine Land.  Another one from Inc. and a great one from Forbes.

I read a lot and what I see on Facebook and contractor forums on a daily basis, is small businesses hungry for more business.  What they need to do is step away from the hammer, the weed eater or paint brush and work on their business, not in it.  You can’t make $100,000 doing the work you can pay someone $60,000 to do.

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Get listed guys, it will help you more than you know.














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