5 Tips for Your Website “Services Page”

Break the Ice

Give a brief overview of the services you offer.  Then follow up with a more detailed description of your services. To gain an edge, you should also highlight the benefits customers can experience after using your company’s services. Appeal directly to your ideal customers by addressing their problems or pain points and how your services can solve them.

Explain Who Your Ideal Client Is

Discuss who your ideal client is and give examples of the types of people who generally use your services. You can also highlight specific clients you have served in the past, after obtaining their permission to be featured. Include a section titled “This is for you if…” so your website visitors can skim the content and see if your services are right for their needs.

Dazzle with Testimonials

Reserve a section of the services page for testimonials. Past clients that are happy with what you did for them can really sell the value of your services. Nothing is more assuring and confidence-inspiring than for prospects to hear success stories from real people that have worked with your business.

After reading your testimonials, potential clients will know exactly what to expect and will feel like they can trust that your business can deliver what they need.  You could include a link to a separate testimonials page on your website.

Be Transparent With Your Prices

Often potential customers will leave a website if they can’t find pricing information, so make sure to include the prices of your services.  You can mention a price range of various services or a starting price point if your service prices can vary. This will help you avoid wasting time with potential customers who cannot afford your services.

Include a Call to Action

Now that you have highlighted your services and the benefits clients can expect from them, the very last section should include a call to action. You should provide information for prospective customers on how to proceed if they want more information or want to work with you. Place a button or link that clearly says “Get a quote” or “Call now” so you can get potential customers’ contact information and speak with them further about their needs.


Key Take Aways

The more you tailor your services page to appeal to your ideal client or target market niche, the more likely you will be able to attract the kind of people who need your services and that you want to work with. A clear yet descriptive services page with a prices, testimonials, and a call to action should help you create a professional and informative services page that will make your business stand out from others in your niche.


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