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How to Use Instagram for Local Contractors

So Why Use Instagram?


First, there are over 600 million users.  To put that into perspective, the Super Bowl got 111 million viewers and we all know how expensive one of those advertising spots cost.  That and it is only for 4 hours of exposure.  Instagram is free and has 5X the viewers and available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Over half (51.5%) of them are over 30 and in the demography of a homeowner.  Almost 60% are women and we know who really makes the decisions about what gets done or bought for the house.  Plus, the fact many successful women are single.  So this is a market segment you don’t want to miss out on.

Now about the income range.  74% have an annual income to be considered homeowners.

It’s a visual site.  People remember 10% of what they read, but 65% of what they see.  So your visual ads on Instagram are 6X better than your text only ads.

16 Ways to Boost your Instagram

  1. Your profile:  Pick a name that you use on all platforms your Facebook name and Instagram should be the same. It helps people find you.  Mention your services. Include your website and add an emoji to draw the eyes of viewers.
  2. Consistency:  Post at least once a day.  But not too much.  You want to be seen, but not overwhelm the viewers feed.  A simple post or two a day is fine.  But not more than 5.  
  3. #Hashtags:  Instagram gives you 30.  Use them.  Check out how to use them here
  4. Location:  You are a local business so hashtag or put in your location before posting.  When someone else local sees the post they are now aware of you. As a potential customer.  Also, tag local people.  Sometimes their viewers see your post too, gaining local reach.
  5. Images:  Use images that tell a story…your story.  Before & After shots.  Bad things, Good things.  Images of what you see.  A pretty view from a roof, bad mold damage in a basement, an ugly bathroom to a beautiful bathroom.  Images tell and sell.
  6. Theme:  If you post Before & Afters run with that.  If you want to show potential customers what’s hiding behind that wall or crawl space, do that.  Keep it consistent.  Mine is the headline and headline images.
  7. Audience:  Use relevant images they can relate to or would like to see.  Landscapers should hashtag, pathways, retaining walls, flowers, gardens, etc.  Images that relates to your hashtags and service.  Along with the local tags, this narrows down prospects in your area, that are looking at what you do.
  8. Stories:  Use Instagram stories to tell yours.  In the moment videos get attention.  Show your power washing skills, how you put up crown molding, your view from the excavator seat.  Don’t worry about it being pro quality, go for the instant.
  9. Community:  This is your tribe, your group or whatever you want to call it. Tag your vendors, friends, customers and workers.  Visit their feed and engage with them.  Likes, comments and interaction is what social media is for.
  10. Niche:  Make your feed stay on one topic.  Don’t put vacation pictures on business account.  Keep it on topic, your niche.
  11. Description:  Who, what, where, when, why and how.  Have a call to action in your description.
  12. Goal:  Each post should have a goal.  To get an action from the viewer.  I have a tree service client that we would show storm damage video, the day before a severe thunderstorm was to blow threw.  This went out instantly and calls came in within hours.  Have a goal and a plan for your posts. 
    Case Study Tree Service
  13. Ask:  Ask questions to get your viewers to engage.  Now that your image got their attention, communicate.  Open up a conversation with your viewers.  Don’t be shy. 
    Marketing is-Getting AttentionCommunication&Compensation
  14. Competition:  Follow them, learn from them.  Find out how you can make your posts better.
  15. Respond:  You have to respond to any engagement.  It opens doors to future business.
  16. Proactive:  You need to look for and follow potential clients.  Follow, engage with them.  But make sure it’s genuine.

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