How to Use Mobile Marketing for Contractors

Mobile Marketing for Contractors

How important is mobile for your marketing as a contractor?  Well, most of you are probably reading this on a mobile device.  I know several people who don’t even use their tablet, laptop or desktop, but once in a blue moon.

I have been keeping tabs on the explosion in mobile marketing over the last few years, so todays blog is going to go over some stats, trends and how you can take advantage of mobile for your contracting business.

U.S. mobile-ad spend will exceed $40 billion — and the industry can expect that number to pass $65 billion by 2020

I read a report that 75% of all content is read on a mobile device.  That is 3 out of 4 people. If that is where people are spending their time, that is where your marketing should be.  It’s hard enough these days to get peoples attention so why miss out on 3 out of 4 chance to get your ad read.

The Construction Marketing Association has some great insight that you will find information into the mobile marketing scene.

You also need to think mobile and social in a combo effort.  How many of you use Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat?  You post updates to your feeds of jobs in progress, before and after images, plus the goings on of your daily life. Your followers and fans most likely see this on their mobile devices.

Nearly 60 percent of Google?s ad revenues came from mobile ads this year.
In fact, eMarketer expects mobile advertising spend to overtake total television ad spend as soon as 2020, a staggering fact when you think of how long and dominant TV has been in brand advertising budgets.

Think of how you use your smart phone.  For most of the day, it is within arms reach if I am in the office.  As soon as I go mobile it’s Otter boxed to my hip.  In the truck it is on the Blue Tooth and at night its charged on the night stand.  Kind of sad when I think about it, but it is the way of life now.

Text messages?  How many text messages do you get a day?  I get a bunch, everything from personal to business related.  Images, links, downloads and advertising all sent through SMS.

Think about how you can use SMS (Text messages) to market your business without spamming.  Facebook messenger although very spammy, is a useful tool if done right and with permission from the receiver.

Even with social media being such a large marketing platform, more people use a messaging app than all social combined.  That tech will evolve more in the future, you can bet on it.

How many, of you contractors use mobile apps for your business?  I have a couple dozen on my phone.  How many of you collect payments via your smart phone, through services like SquareUp, Joist, and Paypal?

How about research?  One of the biggest things I use my phone for when I am away from my desk is research.  Everything from where to eat, to directions.  How many of your customers are at Home Depot, pull out their phone and look for a contractor to install or to get an estimate on doing whatever it is they are shopping for?

Over a 3 month period whenever I was at Home Depot or Lowes picking something up and saw a person using their phone, I would ask a few questions.  Over one-third were looking for a contractor or installer.

As you can see mobile is a very big thing in our everyday lives.  How can you use mobile to boost your business?

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