11 Ways to Bring Old Marketing Back to Life.

11 Ways to Bring Old Marketing Back to Life

Reviving old marketing campaigns is a delicate balance.

Done with subtlety and finesse, they can spark positive memories that inspire people to purchase.

Dust off nostalgic campaigns first.

Audiences are more receptive to concepts they know or have previously seen. Building upon proven ideas can help you replicate past success. Start with the old campaigns that drove the best results, and emphasize the elements that once echoed with your audience.
Get personal. People can develop strong attachments to campaigns, conscious or not. To avoid confusing or angering loyalists, explain yourself. The human brain is hard-wired to process stories better than dry facts and figures. Package the “why” behind your decision to reuse a past campaign as a compelling narrative, and your audience will be more accepting of it.

Give the duds a makeover.

Whether you had a beautiful campaign with weak messaging or cringeworthy creative with a killer message, small changes such as tweaking the title, message, or graphics lead to impressive results for a cheap price tag.
Tie an irresistible incentive to old campaigns. No word motivates audiences more than “free.” Pair a past campaign with a freebie, and you can drum up huge interest…and revenue.

Segment several old campaigns.

The best campaigns speak truthfully and boldly to a very targeted audience. Take a deep dive into your audience personas, and try slicing a past campaign into a few different ones optimized for these narrowly defined audiences.
While some campaigns deserve a second life, others are best left to gather dust on the shelves.

The key is tapping into your modern audience personas and optimizing old campaigns to speak to today’s consumer.

By understanding your unique audience segments, pursuing the old campaigns that evoke emotional responses, breathing new life into proven campaigns, or giving weak campaigns a facelift, you can remind audiences why they love your business.

Pick Out the Best Parts and Share

Don’t let the hours you put into writing your articles go to waste. There are some relevant and helpful pieces of advice and research in them. Use social media to share quotes or stats from those old posts. Pick out the best parts and share them on your social channels, linking to your post. This will help generate new interest in older content.

Update Your Branding on Older Posts

Has your business changed since you first launched your website? Chances are your site has evolved. Did your older content get a facelift too? If not, it’s time to make sure your original content gets its fair share of attention. Add a few updates that will make it consistent with the new you.

Spruce Up Your Images

Take a look at the images you used in your older posts. Will they grab readers’ attention? Are they optimized with alt tags? Are they the right size to share on the social channels you are using? If not, create better images and optimize them. Then share on your social channels.

Add Visual Content

Maybe older marketing does not contain any visual components. Consider adding visuals like videos, a SlideShare deck, or infographics. Visual content will extend the reach of your content.

Add Keywords

If your marketing was well-written and on-point for your target audience but didn’t get any traction when it was initially posted, it could be because it wasn’t optimized for search engines. Go back through it and edit the title and body of the article to include long tail keywords.

Target the Right Audience

When you first started your business, you may not have defined your target niche. Perhaps your marketing was generalized to suit a wide audience. As your business has developed, you will have narrowed your audience and rewritten your buyer personas as you learned who was searching for your solutions and who seemed to be connecting with your message. Focusing on addressing your newly defined target audience and their stage in the buyer’s journey

Create a “Best Of” List

If you have enough completed projects on a particular topic, create a “best of” list of related articles. Add in some reasons why those projects made your Top 10 list.

Recycle Old Ads

If your marketing is still relevant or it’s been updated, it will get additional exposure when you re-share it on your social channels periodically. Add it into your content rotation. We know that posts on social media can have a short shelf-life. When you post it again you will potentially reach additional viewers that didn’t see it the first time you shared it.

We know how hard it is creating fresh marketing. But don’t neglect those ads that you invested time creating when you first started your business. Use these tactics to breathe new life into your stale website or ads and keep them out of the marketing graveyard.

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