3 R's of Good Advertising

What good advertising techniques, can you do to make your offers, your ads, and your campaigns stand out? Is it a clever headline?  Compelling video/visual chart?  Catchy tagline?  Good advertising techniques needs to be all that, plus a whole lot more.  For your advertising to be good, you need to use the “3 R’s” of advertising.

When your Google Ads and Facebook ads are Relevant, Resonate, Rememberable. Your advertising results are better, much better.

Let’s take a look at good advertising and how to do that.

In order for your advertising to be effective, you need to know your audience, by making a buyer persona.

  • You need to know how they live?
  • What they do for a living.?
  • What they value?
  • Where do you reach them?
  • How do you engage them?

You need to see them as flesh and bone, not a stat or data.

If I asked you to describe your neighbor, you don’t think millennial, generation X or baby boomer.  You don’t say how much they make or anything about their education. 


You think about how you see them.


Do they have a boat, kids, motorcycle, RV or a pool?  Do they keep their yard and home in good order?  Are they extroverts or introverts? You get to know them as they live, what they do and how they act. 


You see them psych-graphically (Lifestyle).

Not just as a demography (Age/Income/Education) or geography (Location).

You need to see your audience in 3-D.  You need to know and understand what is important to them. 

Advertising Gif

Advertising Relevancy

Relevant meaning:

appropriate, to the purpose, fitting, suitable, related, connected.


Relevancy is so important that Google has a relevancy score within the Google Ads platform.  If you run Facebook Ads, they have a relevancy score as well.  All about Facebook Relevancy.


Relevant ads can earn more clicks, show in higher positions, and bring advertisers like you more success compared to showing irrelevant messages to the wrong audience. They can also lower cost-per-click, saving you money with each click. Not only do irrelevant ads tend to earn fewer clicks — but they might not even show up at all.

How to make your ads more relevant.

You mirror you customers end goal.  The End Goal: what people want to accomplish with the help of your product or service. What is their final goal?


If you are running plumbing ads, you don’t want to write an ad that’s headline says, “Pipe Leaking?”


Of course, the pipe is leaking, the keywords you chose for the ads is what someone who had leaking pipes would find.


Think of the end results the visitor wants, “Pipe Leaks Fixed Fast!”


Don’t give up very precious headline space for something you and the visitor already know. Instead, give visitors that end solution they’re looking for.

Making your Ads Local Relevant

Make your ads local focused. A lot of contractors target more than just one city or town when creating their Google Ads campaigns. Many even advertise county wide or statewide.

Even if you offer services state wide or in multiple states, you want to be greeting your potential customers and show them that you are in their area.

You may already have an 800 number or another number that you use for all your Google Ads call extensions and landing pages. But did you know that having phone numbers with location proximity to the visitor can double your conversion rates?


Have you ever received a call and answered just because it was local, even though you did not recognize it?

You want your ads viewer to say, “This is for me!”

Use local phone numbers to get better results.

Get more leads and customers from your ads. Get started for $99.00

Does your Advertising Resonate with Prospects?

Resonate meaning:

echo, ring and be thought over in their mind.

You want your message to “Boom” in the readers mind. Think about it, you have about 3 seconds for your ad to connect with the person reading it.

A roofing ad for single moms might look totally different than an ad for the same roofing ad being marketed to people interested in a more expensive lifetime roof. Consider adjusting your message for different audiences, even if you’re selling them the same product.

To reach their different audiences, a roofing contractor should create two different ad campaigns in this case above.

Tips to make your ads resonate more.

  • Target your contacts and lookalikes
  • Try targeting new people who are similar to your contacts.
  • Use high-quality images of people who look like your intended audience.
  • Work with video for better conversions. Either in your ads or on the landing page.

This article on advertising to different age groups may help.

How to Make your Advertising Rememberable.

Remembered meaning:

thought of, brought to mind, recalled, retained, remind, recollect


Everywhere you turn you see another advertisement vying for your attention. It seems as though the onslaught of brands and businesses telling you to look here, do this and believe that is nonstop.


If you are among the thousands of contractors trying to compete in the mass media market like Facebook or Google, you can only make an impact by creating an advertising campaign that is relevant, relatable and memorable to your target audience.

We covered the first two above.


Now let’s make your ad rememberable.

Make an advertising statement

Your competitors are out there shouting from the roof tops and you should be too. A bold campaign is a memorable campaign. Keep in mind that bold doesn’t necessarily need to be flashy or over-the-top, it just needs to make a profound statement.

New Roof in One Day.

Guaranteed Service Schedule or it’s Free

Bathroom Renovations in less than 7 days! Guaranteed in Writing.


NOTE: Only make claims you can keep.


Think of your customers and their concerns and objections. Many customers worry about contractors not showing up or working effectively to get the job done on time.


Address these concerns in your ads.

Tell your advertising story in one sentence

  • So easy a caveman can do it.
  • Crisp and Clean…No Caffeine

If you can’t tell your story, hire a copywriter to give you some help.

Keep your advertising message consistent

Look at ours.

  • We do the marketing tasks, you know you need, to succeed.

For a painting contractor client of ours.

  • Creating one masterpiece at a time.

For a tree service.

  • We leave your yard cleaner than your floor.

A critical piece of making your advertising campaign memorable is making sure the right people see it at the right time. Meet your audience where they are! Learn their habits and where they go at what hours. Place your digital ads and sponsored social media posts in these right locations.

Don’t over complicate your advertising message

To hit this goal, you must keep things simple. Don’t overly complicate your message by trying to explain every detail to your audience in one ad. It simply won’t happen. Rather focus on saying enough to make them want to learn more.


People remember lines from songs, not every words. Think about that with your ads.

RJ’s Take Away

Don’t be in a hurry to get your ads published.

Put some thought in to who you are making the ad for. What that person wants as an end result. Do they want it inexpensive or do they want it to last a lifetime? Do the research, tap into your existing customers and make ads based on relevancy.


A bad ad fast is an expensive ad. You don’t want irrelevant ads being clicked on. Those clicks cost money, your money.


A good ad, is a great way to screen or vet who clicks them, which in turn, has a better conversion rate for those ads.

Use the above information to get better results from your digital and traditional advertising.

My offer.

If you are running paid ads, give me a shot at making them better.

If you aren’t running ads, but want to let’s talk.

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