The 3 R’s of Good Advertising

The 3 R’s of Good Advertising

What writing can you do to make your offer, your ads, your campaigns stand out?

Is it a clever headline?  Compelling video/visual chart?  Catchy tagline?  It needs to be all that, plus a whole lot more.  You need to know your audience.  You need to know how they live, what they do for a living.  What they value. Where to reach them.  How to engage them.

You need to see them as flesh and bone, not a stat or data.

If I asked you to describe your neighbor, you don’t think millennial, generation X or baby boomer.  You don’t say how much they make or anything about their education.  You think about how you see them.

Do they have a boat, kids, motorcycle, RV or a pool?  Do they keep their yard and home in good order?  Are they extroverts or introverts?

You get to know them as they live, what they do and how they act.  You see them pyscho-graphically (Lifestyle) Not just as a demography (Age/Income/Education) or geography (Location).

You need to see your audience in 3-D.  You need to know and understand what is important to them.  That is how you craft your message so that it makes evident the three R’s.

Relevant: appropriate, to the purpose, fitting (Not: inappropriate, unimportant, unrelated)

Example: You are writing to a 30-45 years-old homeowner and selling roofing.  You would write or have a visual of a new roof install fast, fair priced and easy to work with. (this age group is impatience, may not have a lot of money for capital expenses and don’t like drama/hassles) Benefit is fast, fair and easy.

Resonate: echo, ring and be thought over in their mind.

Example: Same age group.  Write or do a visual to sell/install a 40 or 50-year warrantied roof material.  Sell the, it can be a once in a lifetime expense they have to do. (This age group doesn’t think of the cost of roofing, so the expense is something they don’t want to have to do twice in a lifetime.)  Benefit: One time ordeal.

Remembered: thought of, brought to mind, recalled, retained

Example: Same age group.  Tell them you even help with the warranty paper work, so they can get the warranty of the manufacture. (This age group looks for protection in purchases) Benefit: Helping and giving certainty that the warranty is taking care of.

RJ’s Take Away

If I was running this campaign, I would research and collect the data on 30-45 years old, homeowners.  Whose homes were built 20-25 years prior and within my marketing area.  I would push the long warranty roofing as the catch (hook) and have a down sell (25 or 30-year warranty roof) if price was an issue.

I would use three or four marketing tools; social, website funnel to email, direct mail and canvassing.

I would set my budget/goal at $100 per lead with a 1 in 3 closing. Roughly $300 per roof in marketing expenses.

Hope this is helpful to you and writing your next marketing ad.

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