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For those of you who don’t know what engagement is, is basically communication between you and a follower on one of your social media platforms. IE Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.


Think about why you have a membership profile to these platforms for your business.  Is it because everybody else is doing it? To show off your work? Or to waste your valuable time?


If you are using the membership profile for business, then use it to its fullest potential.

Let’s say you are a plumbing contractor and you post a picture of a new faucet you installed.  You get one comment reply that says something like (Cool, Nice or Like it). Now the ball is in your court and what you do with that comment is up to you.


Most people just reply with a thank you.  But, a smart business person would use it as open dialog to start a conversation.  A non-sales pitch but a reply from you like one of these.

“Thanks, it is a nice and really looks good in the homeowners’ kitchen.”

“Thank you, [add one of the features here] the pull-out faucet head makes it easy on the homeowner”


You get the point.  Start a conversation other than a dialog ending thank you.  You want the follower to keep the replies going. It could lead up to they want one or they know someone who does.   Who knows they may have other plumbing issues or plans, so don’t kill the chance to engage and communicate with the follower.  Maybe, that is why they followed you in the first place.


It is social media, so be social.  You don’t have to be a salesman in your reply, just inform, explain or tell a brief story about the install.  Does the faucet come with a lifetime warranty? Was the install quick? Was it funny you got stuck under the cabinet?


Let the follower sell themselves.  All your reply is to do inform, explain or tell a story about the post. Engagement in its simplest form.


Now go post an image of today’s project, wait for a comment then engage.


Good Luck,

RJ Cooper, Contractor Marketing Consultant & Copywriter

Contractor Marketing Network

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