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How many times has a simple phone call, email or text message led to more business for you?  Communication is in the top 5 complaints consumers have with contractors.  I’m sure this accounts for works in progress.

But, it doesn’t have to be 1) a complaint if the smart contractor simply communicates with the client. 2) Doesn’t have to be when projects are ongoing.

A great way to trim your marketing costs and gain a loyal client base is with Follow-up marketing.

Let’s look at five reasons to have a follow-up marketing plan and execute the plan.

  1. By doing a follow-up call, email or simply a text message with 7 days of completing a project, it shows you 1) stand behind your work 2) care if the client is happy with your service.
  2. It allows you to ask for a review.  Which is what every contractor should get with each and every job they do.  No matter how big or how small.  It offers you a feedback on how to improve your company and also if done online gives you some credit to online viewers (AKA) customers looking for your service whom you don’t even know about yet.
  3. A follow-up gives an opportunity for a referral.  A happy, well nurtured customer is one who would have no problem referring you to a friend, coworker or family member.  AKA an influencer, even on a small-scale.
  4. By having a follow-up marketing plan in place, you can up sell to a service you already provided or sell a new product or service to a customer who you have already won business with.  You can time these customer touch points with slow times in your business season.  Example Idea:  A remodeling contractor could offer closet organizing after the holidays for a storage space upgrade or a painter could offer a pre holiday trim touch or room spruce up.
  5. Branding!  All the marketing buzz these days is about branding.  Many of us think of the big name brands when we think of branding, like Ford, GM or Coke.  But, on a local, micro scale with the proper follow-up marketing plan, your business could be the local brand people think of when it comes to what your business does for your marketing area.

Now the ugly side of follow-up marketing.

  1. Time Consuming:  After working a long day in the contracting business, who has the time to do all the follow that doesn’t directly impact you at the moment.  Or the time to touch base with a client from a month or a year ago.
  2. Expense:  Of course, there is programing software out there that do auto responding email mails or direct mail services.  But they want to do volume (expensive) or customized (expensive) programs for you.  You may only have 50-100 customers on your list.
  3.  Tracking:  As with all things marketing you should be monitoring your results to see what works and what doesn’t work.  To track feedback to see trends or opportunities for your business.  Example: HVAC contractors sending out tune-ups ads, when energy system audits are what the customers are really wanting.
  4.  Message:  What message at what time do you want to get out there?  This is mostly overlooked by many contractors.  Nothing to feel bad about.  You are in the contracting business, not the marketing or copywriting business.  Nonetheless, your message needs to be on point, if you want to get the results for your time and money you have invested in doing a follow-up marketing program.  Example: In your November follow-up plan, you don’t want to be asking for referrals.  Instead, you should be saying Happy Holidays from our family to yours.  The right message, at the right time.

This Post Take Away

I hope that this post raised some interest in making and executing a follow-up marketing plan for your business.  By changing the way you think about following up and how to monetize this tactic for your business.

Remember, little and often make much.

If you have any questions or plans on starting a follow-up marketing plan, please by all means get in touch.

My follow-up marketing systems plans start at $50 per month.  As with all my products or services, a 100% money back guarantee is offered.

Fill out the below form to get started today!




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